Update: It looks like Sprint decided to extend the Open Enrollment for another month, so if you missed it last month, you get another chance!

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Thanks, Captain Anonymous and Raj!

In light of Sprint offering protection plans on all notebooks, netbooks, and tablets, the Now Network has also decided to allow all customers to enroll in a protection plan during the month of August, if they so choose.

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In the past, users could only enroll in a protection plan within the first thirty days after purchasing a new device, but from August 1st thru August 31st, you'll be able to snag an insurance policy on an applicable device (though we're not sure how they're defining "applicable" here), regardless of how long you've had it.

To add this service, all you'll need to do is login to My Sprint after August 1st, select the device that you want to cover, choose "change service or add a line," accept the terms of service, and click save, and boom -- all done.

Here are the details of the service:

  • Same or like model delivered next day if ordered by 10 p.m. Central time (compared to 2-3 days previously)
  • Phone arrives activated (no need to call Care)
  • Ability to manage contacts through Web backup
  • Additional security features include device locator, data back-up, lock, and wipe.

The plan will set you back $8 more per month, but at least you'll be covered if something unexpected happens.

[Thanks, Captain Anonymous!]

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  • http://www.wix.com/ligginsmedia/me#! Dmac250

    sprints insurance is a joke...only reason they are offering this is because ppl are prob. like me and cancelin' the security service thru them. I got my last phone at best buy and thats where my insurance comes from now...thusfar everything is fine. But 100$ or more for a refurb device is not worth it..run from sprints insurance it sucks..and ive been a customer with them for years and prob. wont ever leave but after years of having it and never using it once i actually had to they said i needed to pay the 100$...garbage.

    • ZRod

      The big 4 carriers all use the same insurance plan with the same deductibles. Through Asurion. Blame them.

    • fooflam

      After the bs Bestbuy put me through trying to get my phone repaired/replaced (took them a month and a half after numerous calls and visits), I'd rather deal with Sprint. Sprint also will replace a stolen phone for that $100, where as Bestbuy will not.

    • Jaz

      It actually doesn't suck. It just offers something different other than best buy. Best buy insurance costs over $10/month with no deductible. Sprint is $8/month with a $100 deductible for loss,stolen or damage beyond repair. All other repairs don't cost a thing. So in the end the question is, are you most likely to loose your phone or damage it? So stop saying that sprints insurance sucks, it doesn't, its just different features.

  • Chris