Yesterday we saw a video of an HP TouchPad with full multitouch capabilities, and today Team CyanogenMod dropped a video not only showing off multitouch (which was apparently their work in the first place, but we'll stay out of that drama for now), but accurate color reproduction and full GPU acceleration as well.

ohai, creepy doll!

The rate of progress being made on the TouchPad is truly astounding. It won't be long now before we have a fully working version for all of you who took advantage of the firesale.

[via Reddit]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tim

    Wow. If only there was this much excitement and effort for the Thunderbolt and Nook Color...

  • Moon

    Based on the forum posts and logs, it does look like member of TouchDroid stole the original multi-touch code from CyanogenMod Team. They make some additional add-ons, released it yesterday, and claim they made it first. How petty and low can TouchDroid (rhcp[linux]) get? It's disgusting.

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      But isn't the whole point of Open Source stealing code and making it better?

  • kevin

    Holy shit is that Borat doing the video?

    • Basti

      You're such an intolerant person.

      • Flippy125

        He didn't say it was bad. I was actually going to post this on the last video from him and expected the same response so I held back

  • GoPadge

    While I find all this progress amazing, I'm still holding out for an Dalvik VM for WebOS. I've grown strangely fond of the OS over the past week or so.

    • sgtguthrie

      Not me... WebOS is "half baked" in my opinion. If they'd worked on it for another 6 months or so before release, maybe it would be different. I don't even want to dual boot! I just want my CyanogenMod!

      Edit: you may be waiting a while too. It's likely much easier said than done, or the webOS community would have probably already done it!

  • Larry Mao

    Did you guys check out the Rootzwiki link in that reddit post?

    It shows irc chat logs for Team TouchDroid, and how they talked about stealing the multi-touch code from Cyanogen Mod, and how they would deny it if anyone called them on it and claim to have done all of the work.


    • sgtguthrie

      Wow, that's the real deal! I don't think we'll be seeing much of rhcp anymore. Can you say EXPOSED!

    • Flippy125

      This is what happens when devs get greedy. What happened to deving for fun and sharing with the community because you want to help?

      • sgtguthrie

        TouchDroid are a bunch of kids from what I've seen, and are certainly acting like it!

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


  • Terry

    Would love to see more development on devices that are actually attainable. Wish I could pay CM developers to do what I want. ;>

    • sgtguthrie

      You can, just donate when they release something you like :-)

      They don't do It for the money though...

  • Hunter

    Touchdroid is now claiming that they got the code from a "guest" in a chat log. I'm posting this here to make sure they don't get away with that lie:

    [09/06/2011 -:- 03:57:31 AM] rhcp[linux]: i hope it works
    [09/06/2011 -:- 03:57:35 AM] rhcp[linux]: so we can get a video up
    [09/06/2011 -:- 03:57:39 AM] rhcp[linux]: and ****ing pwn cm

    Ummm, the point isn't to "pwn" anyone. You tried to make us think this was only to get android on tablets. The more I read, the more I hate the guy. Can we get an official word from someone from Rootz? They mention something in here about rootz being on their side, which I highly doubt is the case after this.

    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:07 AM] rhcp[linux]: btw
    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:13 AM] rhcp[linux]: I got a friend in webos-internals
    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:15 AM] rhcp[linux]: working on wifi
    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:30 AM] rhcp[linux]: his best friend ka60x or however you spell his nick. works with him at work
    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:31 AM] Pulser: :)
    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:33 AM] rhcp[linux]: and hes part CM
    [09/06/2011 -:- 05:58:38 AM] rhcp[linux]: hes willing to share info :)

    Whoever this "internal" person is should be pulled if this is the case.

    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:25:39 AM] rhcp[linux]: https://twitter.com/#!/HPTouchDroid/...52330144772096
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:25:41 AM] rhcp[linux]: heheh
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:27:41 AM] Flemmard: needs some rewriting not to look like this code
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:27:42 AM] Flemmard: lol
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:11 AM] rhcp[linux]: get it :)
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:14 AM] rhcp[linux]: when i wake up multi
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:15 AM] rhcp[linux]: :)
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:20 AM] rhcp[linux]: lets ****ing KICK cm's ass
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:22 AM] rhcp[linux]: :P
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:25 AM] rhcp[linux]: with their own code
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:26 AM] rhcp[linux]: LOL
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:35 AM] Flemmard: XD
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:28:37 AM] Flemmard: yea
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:29:01 AM] rhcp[linux]: in theory if tmzt didnt say shit
    [09/06/2011 -:- 06:29:06 AM] rhcp[linux]: we could claim they stole it from us

    Wow... Just wow. I am not snipping out ALL the good parts, but umm, if this isn't enough evidence that they need to be shunned, I don't know what is.

    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:20 PM] rhcp[linux]: Flemmard, tbh, I wouldnt give them shit
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:26 PM] rhcp[linux]: they were stupid enough to pastebin it public
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:27 PM] rhcp[linux]: :P
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:35 PM] rhcp[linux]: they never gave us anthing
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:39 PM] fnj00: seriously tho Flemmard, GOOD ****ING JOB
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:40 PM] hazy|work: rhcp, they still own it
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:42 PM] rhcp[linux]: but BS backtalk
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:44 PM] Flemmard: :)
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:50 PM] fnj00: that shit was fluid and tracked all 10 fingers no issues
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:53 PM] hazy|work: copyright on IP is applied at the time of writing
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:56 PM] rhcp[linux]: hazy|work, they own nothing without a Lic
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:40:57 PM] rhcp[linux]: :)
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:07 PM] rhcp[linux]: and try to prove it was used
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:09 PM] rhcp[linux]: what a chatlog?
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:11 PM] rhcp[linux]: lol
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:18 PM] hazy|work: rhcp, yes they do own it without a licence
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:27 PM] rhcp[linux]: maybe they do. but what can they do
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:28 PM] rhcp[linux]: 0
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:51 PM] rhcp[linux]: anon pastebin
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:52 PM] rhcp[linux]: no names
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:41:57 PM] rhcp[linux]: i can say i wrote it
    [09/06/2011 -:- 01:42:00 PM] rhcp[linux]: prove me wrong