Businesses across the globe turn to Citrix products for their remote access needs every day, and now the company has brought its popular GoToMeeting software to Android devices. GoToMeeting allows you to join meetings and conferences from basically anywhere there is a connection, be it 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

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You can easily join meetings with a single tap, view presentations and reports, pinch-to-zoon content, see attendance lists, and interact with the presenters through the mic and speakers on your device, though a headset is recommended. The app is completely free, and it allows you to join meetings on Android 2.2+ devices -- if you want to host meetings, however, you'll need to have the desktop software.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Unwired

    This is great to see, finally. I've been using the WebEx android app almost daily since Cisco released it, and it completely changes the mobile virtual meeting experience. Looking forward to trying out the Citrix app soon.

  • Kev

    Dude, where's GoToMyPC for Android?

  • http://android.3xforum.ro Bogdan

    This is great to see ... looking forward to trying out the citrix app

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    I agree completely with your analysis here, some good reporting.

  • Allan roger

    Wow!!! Gotomeeting on Android. That’s wonderful. I use gotomeeting quite often in addition to RHUB`s web conferencing appliance for conducting business meetings. And now with gotomeeting on Android it’s even much easier.