For those still wondering whether Android's first Ice Cream Sandwich device will be made by Samsung, there may finally be a definitive answer. A file recently spotted on Sammy's website called "nexusprime.xml" tells us that the answer is yes.


The XML file contains the User Agent Profile for what we are assuming is the Nexus Prime, but there are a few shocking revelations buried within. The first thing that stands out is the screen resolution, which is listed as 480x800. This goes against just about every Nexus Prime rumor we've seen that have indicated a 720p resolution.

Additionally, the file lists an ARM11 processor, and the model number GT-I9250 - a number that we've seen before. This Is My Next speculates that this could point to a dual release, where the SCH-i515 will be the Droid Prime for Verizon, and the phone revealed in the XML file will be the Nexus Prime for other carriers.

Personally, I'm taking this file's claims with a grain of salt, as it is highly probable that they are either not final, or accidental. Either way, we'll be here with more details if and when they become available.

via This Is My Next

Liam Spradlin
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  • Tkun

    I hope its resolution is higher than 480x800. I wouldn't want it to be like the Nexus S, which although was a good device, it still had outdated specs for its time.

    • aj

      Yeah, especially if the 4.5in screen rumors are true. There's no way in hell they'd go with a resolution that small.

  • Lincoln

    NO WAY the Nexus Prime has lesser specs than the Sammy Note or 7.7"!! 800x480 is 1st gen Nexus kind of spec and as per Eric Schmidt the Nexus product is supposed to push the hardware boundaries.

    As a matter of fact, now that Sammy outed the Note and 7.7" Galaxy...What's the hold-up on outing the Prime?!

    • Tkun

      They're probably waiting for the iPhone 5 to be announced, so that they can try to steal some of its thunder by announcing the Prime. Versus announcing it earlier and having it potentially be overshadowed by the forthcoming iPhone 5 announcement.

      • monkespit

        Hope Apple doesn't succeed in getting in the way and botch the Nexus release. Apple, unfortunately, seems to be successful enough so far in other countries with blocking Sammy's devices from sale. That trend better not start over here too.

  • wes

    it also says that its gprs.

  • Elias

    800x480? MUST be kiddin me.

  • Pb

    Honestly, all the new phones are described with xml files named by their code name (GT-XXX) and suddenly Nexus Prime is called by name? Bleh, it's Sammy worker's joke IMO

  • Usman

    Relax people.. It's just placeholder information!

  • Noel

    In my view the Samsung GT-I9250= Nexus Prime and SCH-i515= Droid Prime. Release to be simultaneous. That is if we don't get a surprise and HTC comes out to be the Nexus OEM...nothing is set in stone.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    If anything, I hope it'll tempt someone at Samsung or Google to spill some beans. We're taunting you! Come out and tell us something!!

  • Sunny

    It may be worth noting that the UAprofile has been pulled down by Samsung. Created quite a buzz, while it lasted! http://bit.ly/nT4S5I