Last week, Moto and VZW started pushing the Gingerbread update to the original Droid 2, and now its global counterpart is getting the same treatment. The update officially started rolling out in phases earlier today, bringing many new features along with it:

  • New download manager
  • App and power management details
  • Multi-touch key-chording
  • Improved word selection and copy functionality
  • New UI and color scheme (read: new Blur)
  • Updated dock icons
  • App grouping
  • Increased device and SD card security
  • Updated calendar
  • Improved email and messaging
  • New ActiveSync email policy

2011-09-06 13h08_04 2011-09-06 13h08_31

You can also expect improved stability, battery life, and connectivity, as well as new bundles apps (bloatware) like Google Books, Accuweather, Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, and Flash Player 10.2.

Head into Settings > About Phone > Software Updates to manually check for the update.

[via Moto forums; VZW Support]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Scott

    Got it last week.. I Was part of the soak. Definitely nice update

  • tarman

    the leaked version differs from the final release version. i have the leaked version and love it. doubt they will release a subtle update to this. i have noticed battery life is greatly improved and i no longer get the random reboots

  • mikelh

    finally gingerbread for the d2g love it

  • Ese Aztek

    I just bought a Global for sixty dollars, two days old from an older lady. Not bad to have both my Droid 2 & Droid 2 Global updates. :)

    • rickie

      there is no update on my d2g? I went to settings about phone and it didn't work.

  • Jeff D

    every since the update my battery is only lasting about 5 hours when i use to get 12 to 16 hours out of it. I have noticed nothing different in performance just graphics. I wish i could go back to the other version

    • Jeff M

      You can just sbf back using RSD lite 4.9, but you have to have the file for the 2.4.330 to flash back to stock froyo. Of course RSD lite is a Windows program, if you r using linux then you can flash using sbf_flash. You can google both and there are plenty of helpful resources on the net to assist you.
      Let me google that for you, click on the link

    • Rajesh

      Well, I was able to get the GB update after a long time early this month and was very happy.
      I was using a Fission custom rom which had better features and believe me was very stable. It had all the features that GB offers on other phones.

      Whereas the update provided on D2G is full of bugs, the display behaves unevenly, icons will disappear and would come after some time no matter what you do. Probably using huge system resources. While receiving the calls the speakerphone gets on and off automatically.

      I don't find any changes in the launcher or in any other application's functionality. Just few days back the Market got updated with new look that's it. The dialer remains the same, no choice to choose the 2G/3G data connection.
      What I believe that they have changed the version info only along with putting some real resource intensive bugs.

  • carm

    got the gb update...

  • Asphyx

    In case anyone is interested in Root, the Droid3 one click root will root the D2G as well!

  • AceDeuce

    I'm loving it so far. The "new" MotoBlur is a little bit like HTC Sense now :-)

    • http://isradroid.wordpress.com susuFOX

      Is that the same Blur that found in the Droid 3? or the Atrix?
      (because I like the Droid 3 Version better)

      • AceDeuce

        I've heard that it's still a little different than the Droid 3. That will probably be my next phone, I've had the Droid, Droid X and Droid 2G so far and they've all been pretty good to me (I had to go back to a physical keyboard for my games on my emulators, lol).
        I don't know how different it is, wish I had a chance to play with a Droid 3.

  • mike

    Un rooted my d2g so I could update. System says firmware is up to date but I am still on 2.2. Could anyone help?

  • jagfan

    help, i disconnected my verizon service. Was using my phones for apps and wifi. verizon zapped our phones so we couldnt receive wifi,so i hard reset my d2g. Now i cant open my phone without a verizon account. is there a way to root or unlock in this state? ty

  • Vinny

    I have the mono Droid 2 global and can't get the gingerbread update. How do I do this please

  • Devin

    There is no update I called Verizon and they told me its not out yet..

    • AceDeuce

      They told you that because Verizon halted the update until they fix some issues :-\
      Some people (like myself) got the update the first time, but we can't sync things like our calender until we get the new update. Trust me though, you will love Gingerbread once you get it.

  • Autumn

    Okay I researched my butt off looking for when the update would really come out and apparently its gonna be October 15th-16th. When I heard about the gingerbread update I was really excited but I missed the soak test. If anyone can tell me if my info is correct that would be amazing. Thank you :D

  • kenny

    @autumn about 2 weeks ago i called verizon not knowing the update was removed and went through technical support and finally someone told me that it was pulled and i should check back the 15th. Do you have a source?

  • chris

    Well.... its the 16th and I'm not even sure if the update is even out. Has anyone received it since yesterday (oct 15)?

  • kenny

    @chris the update is out but you will only recieve the update if you are already on .607 you can manually flash it .607 if you dont already have then it will be pushed to you

  • b-rock

    Verizon pushed the update to my phone this morning.

  • Mick

    I have lost the ability to forward texts to multiple people just by touching the icon in the top bar, does anybody know how to do that with the new update?