We've seen a few big things come out of the IFA conference already, but none quite so awesome as the SpiderPad from Korean Telecom. This thing is an absolute beast, but not because of its hardware specs (which are quite good), but because of its accessories.

From a hardware standpoint, it is pretty impressive, rocking a 4.5-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core proccessor, 1GB RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, along with microHDMI and microUSB ports. What really makes this little beauty amazing, though, is the fact that it can basically become a tablet, gaming system, and laptop using accessories. Have a look:

This is exactly what Android users have been asking for since the Motorola Atrix was first announced -- a device that can literally do it all.

The SpiderPad should hit Japan later this year, but no word on pricing or other availability has been announced at this time.

[via Svet Androida; Thanks, xxxx]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Eggo

    Am I hearing right, does that thing have a 1280x800 display? Nice. This phone is amazing. I can haz?

    • http://fujibayashi.jp Gasai Yuno

      I doubt. We don't use regular US-like CDMA or EU-like GSM in Japan. If this phone is targeted towards DoCoMo and the likes, and not Softbank, it probably won't even have W-CDMA.

      And KT itself only uses W-CDMA and no GSM, I think.

      • Robert

        Oh, I doubt there would be any problem selling this worldwide :D

  • mskks64

    why on earth does the phone stick out on the laptop

    • Peter

      So far as I can tell, it's so the touchscreen can be utilized as a touchpad.

      • fonseca898

        That's a nice idea IMO, use it as a touchpad, and perhaps it can be a secondary display if you choose to use a mouse.

    • bobertCRO

      same question here. also, docking the tablet on an "keyboard" could act as an laptop, this way you dont have 2 big screens.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Finally, a phone with the screen up when plugged in. And did I hear it right that it can be used as a mousepad then?

  • Robert

    This is probably the only thing that would make me abandon my Galaxy S.

    Well, not abandon. Supplement is a better word. :)

  • Peter

    There's only one problem with this device, there's no mention of operating systems. When ICS comes out, a device like this will make perfect sense, and the OS should be out by the time this product hits the market, but there's no indication that it will be updating to it anytime soon.

    Gingerbread tablets aren't anything too special (this coming from a nook color owner), and there's no indication of what OS the laptop would be running. If this could all get tied together through ICS, it'd be brilliant though.

  • Dan

    Where is the share via G+ button on the bottom of your page....

    What gives with that? Facebook, twitter -even Buzz Lol.

    I have heaps of friends I wanted to tell about this

  • http://creativezane.sg Zane

    I don't understand why they continue to pursue something like this.. It's pointless. Furthermore, that thing is running on Gingerbread, isn't it? So why the heck would I want a Gingerbread tablet? And, if I wanted a laptop or a tablet, I would buy a laptop or a tablet. Having all the dummy kits doesn't reduce the things I have to carry! I'd rather carry a MBA.

    The only thing that's really useful to pursue now from what I see is actually bigger screens for mobile phones and better battery life and perhaps a full fledged USB host. Either a USB OTG (bundle the goddamn cable in the phone box) or consider a full size USB port. Either that, or come up with a superdock of sort that serves as a media hub for USB ports, as well as extended battery pack.

    The one thing I didn't like about the Atrix's superdock is that it is essentially a home product (requires power supply) and if you were to use it as an actual media player or a crippled "laptop".. you lose the ability to use the phone for calls (yeah you can 'undock' the phone for calls, but still..). Hence when I'm at home, I like to use separate electronics for separate things. I wouldn't want to walk to the TV to disconnect the phone and answer a call when I'm watching a movie for sure. I'd just want to pause the movie (in a real media player) and answer the call immediately with the phone beside me.

    Hence, I think phone manufacturers should actually look into making the phone bigger and boosting the battery life. Making a superdock that serves as an external battery pack as well as a powered USB hub (at least 4 ports) would be awesome. This way, I can dock my say 5" phone onto the dock and have a mouse, keyboard, thumbdrives and portable HDDs connected to it for productivity.

    Sure the screen is a little small, but heck, it's a portable device. If I wanted a bigger screen, I would bring a full-fledged laptop, or netbook, isn't it? Why would I want a dummy screen w/ keyboard? Stupid concept.

    • http://creativezane.sg Zane

      Following in the footsteps of Motorola Atrix's geeky-but-not-practical concept isn't going to help make them succeed.

      Although, I applaud them for the gamepad concept. It is quite a well polished concept as we all know touchscreen just can't compare to smashing buttons for games! Precisely the reason why products like Phonejoy exists! (http://www.phonejoy.net)

      I would scrape the idea of the tablet and the laptop dock, and focus on producing the portable gamepad accessory.. ;)

    • PacoBell

      You actually put the phone to your ear to answer calls? Ever heard of bluetooth o_O?

      • http://creativezane.sg Zane

        Well, yes I do unless the manufacturers start bundling good bluetooth earpieces with their phones.

        But honestly, even if I'm using a bluetooth headset to answer the call.. It still doesn't make it alright for the 'TV' to start ringing while I'm watching a movie. For all you know, I could be watching a really exciting part of the movie and the call just suddenly comes in. You could be watching a horror flick and the call just comes in unexpectedly, shocking you. I like my media player to just be a media player and not a phone, tyvm.

        • Chris

          No one says that when this product is released, you are going to be forced to purchase it. If you want everything separate, then keep it that way. If others want it all in one device, then let them have it.

          If I've got a movie file on my tablet but I want to watch it on my TV or Laptop, I've got to transfer it over there. This concept keeps everything on one device and helps keep it all in one place.

          The major annoying thing I see is that you can only use one at a time. If I had individual devices, I'd probably use them together, watching movies on one and playing games or browsing the internet on the other or what have you.

          But this is definitely a cheaper solution for people who don't want to buy 4 different devices. I'll bet you anything that the cost of this phone and all it's accessories is going to be marginal compared to buying a laptop, tablet, PSP-like gaming device, and a smartphone. And if it helps you save some money, people will buy it.

        • fonseca898

          Manufacturers will not be bundling "good" bluetooth earpieces with phones any time soon. How often do you even see "good" earbuds bundled? Chances are the stock earbuds are absolute crap, and like earbuds, you are better off investing $75-125 in a high quality bluetooth headset that will last for years and outlast several phones.

          I personally love the idea of dockable tablets and laptops, and if there was a product available for my GSII I would absolutely buy it. And why not? It should keep the cost down, and my phone has more than enough processing power to handle anything I would do on a tablet.

    • jon

      looks like honeycomb in the video.

  • James

    Wait, what? Did he just say its 1280x800 res on the phone? At 4.5 inches? Hell that's even more dense than the Galaxy Note! Im impressed

    • Mark

      It's an impressive phone. Fast, thin, beautiful display, many accessories.

  • ABT Benjamins

    Why is it that when it comes to Android OS, our commubity is always holding out for the next best thing?

    • Paul

      Because the next best thing is always right around the corner. So many companies with so many ideas. But I do find that if we're always waiting for the next best thing we'll be waiting forever. Once in a while you just have to take the plunge and hope for the best. My G2 is over a year old and there's so many new and great phones (like this one above) coming out but I haven't 'felt' the need to upgrade just yet, it still easily holds its own and can run anything I throw at it. What I love about this is that by the time I feel my G2 isn't cutting it anymore, I'll grab the very best phone there is at that time and hopefully it should last me for a while. I'm thinking Galaxy SII but I'm disappointed it's specs are no different than the 3-4 month already-released European/Asia models. If the SGSII was released 3-4 months ago in the U.S like in Asia/Europe it would have dominated all, but there are now real contenders just around the corner, so the SGSII won't be the 'baddest phone on the market' when it hits U.S shelves and that's just sad, a big screw up on Samsung/AT&T/Sprint/Verizon's part.

  • http://www.myschoolbinder.com Roderick

    If I could dock my Samsung Infuse into a 8" or 10" tablet that I could purchase for less than another Android tablet I would purchase one.

    The total cost of having both items is reduced. So is the headache of syncing files and games.

  • Rock

    Nice Implementation:
    Can the phone act as the touch trackpad when connected to the laptop dock? I hope it does.

    I see that when the phone is connected to the tablet dock, it shows Honeycomb UI. How is that possible. Any ideas?

  • @toofly504

    4g? Vanilla Android? Constant Updates? Sd card Slot?

  • Mark

    Unofficial. Yes there is a CDMA-LTE version coming out soon, as well as an HSPA+ model. This will cover AT&T and T-Mobile and Verizon. No WiMax version planned, sorry. It runs a stock version of Gingerbread and will also run a stock/vanilla version of Ice Cream Sandwich as soon as it is released. Updates will be very frequent thanks to being vanilla except for the necessary modifications to work with the Laptop/Controller/Tablet accessories. There is a MicroSD card slot in the phone (as well as USB Host, MicroUSB and MiniHDMI). All the accessories include their own battery so they will actually charge the phone while it's docked. The status display area will display 2 battery icons when docked, one showing the phones battery level and one showing the accessories battery level. Yes the phone is used as a multi-touch touchpad when docked in the laptop accessory. Actually the display turns on and it could be used to display additional information (stock ticker, weather, etc.) while using the laptop, like a dual display, but most people will stick with the default square/track-pad-looking display since most people don't look down at their trackpad for additional information.

  • rivas541

    OK! This is it! This is the ATRIX/ Transformer one up! It must be running ICS! when the phone is in phone mode, it looks like gingerbread, when he docks it, it looks like Honeycomb! ICS is a combination of the two, and it makes sense that GB look for 4.5inch screen and HC for the bigger screens. I have a Asus Transformer that I absolutely love, and the keyboard accessory rocks! If this company could make a Transformer type tablet dock as well, instead of a separate laptop dock and tablet it would be a winner! Also a quadcore processor why not!

  • http://www.y8mini.com Y8

    I thought ASUS PadFone was good, but KT Spider is even better. It's almost an all in one Android device.

    But the most important thing is still the battery life? Any idea how long it can last?

    • Eduard Gotwig

      WHY is it better, just becouse the joy pad, come on o.0?