We've been hearing rumors of the upcoming Samsung Stratosphere for Verizon Wireless for a little while now, and some press shots for the device have now fallen into the hands of PocketNow.

Early rumors suggested that this device could be VZW's reason for not getting the GSII, but more recently,it was compared it to Sprint's Epic 4G. After seeing the pictures, I would say that the latter is pretty dead-on, as it looks nearly identical to the Epic.


While there isn't a whole lot of info on the spec front at this time, it is clear that this will be an LTE device -- and considering it's most likely a mid-ranger, I expect it to be the first affordable 4G device to hit Big Red.

It's reportedly running Android 2.3.4, and could be hitting the streets as early as this week.

[via PocketNow]

Cameron Summerson
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  • @toofly504

    Im heard (Not to make rumors) that this is gonna have a 4.3 (Wich I dont believe), tegra 2 dual-core, if so, I will dump my Thunderbolt cause all I want is a slide-out wit a front cam and top specs

    • cw

      If so, it's my next phone.

  • Deltaechoe

    I'm still going to hold out for the nexus prime

  • KnightCrusader

    It will be a refresh of the Epic 4G but with LTE instead of WiMax, and a 1.4Ghz Hummingbird instead of the normal 1Ghz that all the other GS phones came with. 512MB of RAM as well.

    Sure, its not the fastest phone in the stable, but compared to my Thunderbolt, or the Charge or Revolution, I believe it will be the best one out there. Some people need keyboards before they need a second core, and I am one of those people.

  • Kevin

    If this has dual-core, it's way better than the Bionic just because of the physical keyboard. If not, it's probably dead in the water.