Geodog GmbH are the developers of Geodog Mobile, a new application for Android that helps the user track their lost dog via GPS by connecting with a separately-sold tracking collar. The app will track location, display topographical maps, and even provide street directions to reach your wandering pet. Another interesting feature is the ability to save maps for offline viewing, meaning no data connection is required if your dog is lost within a map that you've already saved.

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The catch here however is the price- a GPS-enabled collar will cost about $425, while the app itself is nearly $100 (about $140 for the Pro app, which can track multiple dogs in the same manner). Additionally Geodog only ships within the EU. For those not ready to purchase the full app, Geodog offers a 14 day trial for free.


The pricing is bewilderingly steep, but if you live in Europe, are prone to losing your pet, and have an extra pile of cash lying around, this seems like a promising concept that will be interesting to watch as it develops further.

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