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Many a discussion has cropped up between AP writers about screen size. David's ideal screen size is about 3.7" - the same as what's on his Nexus One - although he could comfortably go up to 4". Artem, on the other hand, loves his 4.3" EVO and has no qualms with 4.5" screens. Personally, I'm more with David: the EVO already feels just a tad too big (width and height) in my pocket, and is about the limit of what fits comfortably in my hand. It's for this exact reason that I feel the coming crop of 4.5" phones - including the T-Mobile and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II variants, and what the Prime is rumored to have - are just too big.


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So now we want to find out what you think. Sound off in the poll below (the most common sizes are listed; if your phone is in between the listed sizes, round to the nearest), and discuss in the comments.

What Is Your Ideal Phone Screen Size?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://Www.justrootit.com Wrxtc714

    I couldn't imagine using anything bigger than my EVO 3D unless it's a tablet. Those big screens will be a big flop.
    I'm glad to see that most agree

    • trevmar

      I have to reach for my spectacles to work with my 3.2 inch screen. So a 5.3 inch sounds a really good idea. Only needs to be 720x480 resolution, though, can't see better than that...

      • muscularbanana

        I agree 5.3" would be perfect for me with or without a stylus. Higher resolution would be needed to avoid pixilation tho. Couple that with a beefy quad core processor, 2gb of RAM a 13meg back camera, 5meg front camera, 2000mah battery, and metal antibody construction by Motorola, and all of this filled with delicious vanilla ice cream and you would have my dream device right there...

  • Somberi

    4 inches is ideal. Manufactures should look at improving the screen resolution rather than making them bigger!

    • DevilDogVIKING

      That's not what she said!!! Sorry, had to do it lol

  • Mpciii

    I'm fine with 4.7-5". I rarely make calls on my phone anyway. I have 4.3" T bolt and could easily use .5-.75 more inches of real estate.

    • Chris

      I have a tbolt too and I totally agree. My roommate has an infuse with a 4.5 inch screen, and if the phone is as sleek as the infuse, I could easily do 5".

  • WackyIraqi

    As big as you can make it, and still include a microphone, I'll take it!

  • http://www.sndplace.com SNDplace

    Getting the GSIIE4GT and Want the Note... So 4.5+ for me Can always use a bluetooth

  • L boogie

    Been messing with 3.7" screen for some time now on my og incredible and played with various 4/4.3" screens on evo/ evo 3d, thunderbolt, charge, revolution, g2x, galaxy s, inspire etc and wanted to go a tad bigger to 4.5...... Though I agree with somberi that screen resolution as well as camera resolution (and I'll throw in battery management) should be improved upon

  • Mike

    I agree - the bigger the better, as long as the pixel resolution is very high. If I'm mobile with tablet, why should I also carry a phone. Doesn't anyone wear (large) fanny packs anymore?

  • STiK

    4" w/kbd 4.3" w/o

    • PB

      Pretty much. But it looks like pkb phones dont sell that well so I'll just be updating my Epic until something worth buying comes out

  • Jazam2010

    I'm fine with larger screens, as long as the phone itself doesn't get bigger. Edge to Edge 5 inch screen on an EVO 4G sized phone would be perfect.

  • Brian T

    I could go for a 4.65" screen,(Cant wait for the NEXUS PRIME!) if there were almost no bezel. its the bulk of the bezel that makes a lot of these phones unappealing to me. More screen, less bezel. My Nexus One could fit a 4.5" screen if the button and trackball space was used. And the LG phones look especially ugly because of their thick A$$ bezel... ijs

  • AeJae

    the more real estate the better, higher resolutions are irrelevant if the screen is to small to see the fine details that they bring. plus there's always wired and wireless headsets to go with those large screens if it to much to hold up to your ear

  • Spartan062

    I think 4.5" is a good size, but I kinda want that Note.

  • franco

    I do like the 4.3 screen since it a decent size too do most things but i find that browsing the web on phone needs a slight more size so think i would prefer the 4.5 but since i have not tried a 4.5 screen size i cant compare my thoughts.

    so will vote 4.5 since i feel it would be better.any bigger and it just wouldn be a phone.

  • EDD

    My next phone (currently HD2) will definitely be in the 4.3 - 5" range. I was even tempted to pick up the Dell Streak the other week, and I'm excited by what HTC or Samsung can do with this size.

  • http:/Google Derhunter23

    The HTC Eerie HD3 concept measure at 120mmX66mmX11 mm. It has a 4.7 in screen. But then it is only a concept. Want to buy the evo 3D but the screen is not big enough for me. Think i will go for the Holiday or Galaxy Note. Big screen....YES please.

  • NuLL.n.VoiD

    I'm going for the bigger screen. My OG Droid is great but to many people are squinting when I show them stuff on the screen. I see a lot of 4.3" screens on the subway and envy the extra screen real estate. Go big or go home!

  • Stocklone

    Apple fanboys will argue with me to the death that anything not 3.5" is a failure. It's nice to see so few people agree with them that 3.5" is ideal. They will of course instantly change their stance if iPhone 5 has a 4" screen.

    • Mrbrooks418

      That was Steve Jobs who engrained the with "nobody would want a phone with a screen larger than 3.5" " what a dumb @ss....

  • Kenn Sanchez

    I love the 3.7 inch screen on my HTC TMobile G2!

  • Mrbrooks418

    anyway for anyone whos complaining about the phone being to big or bigger, they can put a larger screen on the same footprint of our current phones. just lose the carrier logo and the captivate buttons. my thunderbolt could have a screen about an inch bigger easy. all you need is an earpiece, camera and notifacation led on the front. a power on top and volume rocker on side.

  • http://royblumenthal.com Roy Blumenthal

    When I had a Nokia E71, the screen was big enough for me.

    Then I got my HTC Desire. I literally couldn't BELIEVE how big the thing was. I thought I'd never get used to the vastness of both screen AND device.

    Needless to say, it's now just one of the things in my pocket. And I yearn for something bigger.

    I saw someone using a Samsung SII on a plane the other day. Couldn't believe how big it was. But boy, did it look RIGHT, or what?

    My immediate response? I WANT one. But then the 5.3" NOTE was announced. And now I WANT THAT! GIMMMMMME!!!

    On a related note, I saw a first generation GALAXY TAB in the wild being used as a cellphone. Business woman was holding it to her ear and crossing a road as she talked. Looked LUDICROUS. But... it's only ludicrous cos we're not used to it.

    I reckon most of the people participating in this survey will blush two years from now when they're yearning for that new 6.1" baby on the horizon.

    We like what we know, and what we're used to. So let's get to know massive screen devices. I think we'll grow to love them. After all... who the hell would ever even CONSIDER going back to something as tiny as an E71???

  • digitalexplr

    Loved my wife's captivate till I got my Infuse. I find the Infuse overall size just about ideal, and love the 4.5 screen size.

  • sean

    Agree with what others have said bigger the better 4.7" to 6 "would be ideal. And no I don't where skinny jeans so it will fit in my pockets just fine and comfortably

  • sean

    Bigger the better 4.8 to 5.5 would be ideal. And no I don't where skinny jeans so it will fit in my pockets just fine and comfortably

  • Scott

    I don't care how big the screen is, I care how big the phone is. If you removed the buttons and trackball from a Nexus One, and made the screen go right to the edges, you'd be at almost 5 inches for the screen, but the same physical size.

    The whole idea behind this poll is flawed.

  • rockl0bster

    It also depends on the bezel and thickness of the device...
    I'm currently very happy with SGS2 with a higher dpi setting of 180. I'm satisfied with this size until the res goes beyond 720p.

  • Devin

    I feel the 4" screen is a perfect size, fits nicely in a pocket, fits well in the hand, can use one handed.
    If only I could get qhd (non-pentile) that would be great.

    • mrbrooks418

      its all about the footprint of the phone. Jyou can have a 4" screen and a thick bezel and buttons. You can have the same size phone with a larger screen.

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    Currently own a N1, think its alright, but I can happily move to 4-4.3 depending on the bezel size (e.g SGS2 is ok)

  • Derek

    I have a 4.3" Samsung Galaxy S2. I would prefer a larger screen. 4.7" is good for my big fingers and pocket.

  • andrew

    Just add a phone feature to a 10" tab and i will be good.

    • mrbrooks418

      That would work. But you would either do speaker calls or bluetooth..... Imagine some walking down the road with a 10" tablet to their head. Lmfao.

  • Monte

    I have an atrix and it appears to be on the smaller side for phones these days but it's at the upper limit of what i want a phone size to be. My eyes aren't the greatest but 4" screen is plenty for me.

  • hkb

    mine 4inches becoz its just perfect to hold in your hand and can read anything.....
    but i had to buy the sgs2 4.27inches....well becoz of the processor....

  • andrew – des moines

    As big as it can while maintaining light weight and good pocket comfort. Samsung seems to be very good at making thin light weight phones with big screens -- so I think the Note has potential (this would not be the case if it were coming from HTC). I just with Sammy would put some bigger batteries in their high-end phones.

  • http:/Google Derhunter23

    I hope HTC see this poll. I m a fan of HTC. At the moment the results fair quite good for the 4.7in screen size.

  • dj

    I use my phone for work. Currently I have a 4" screen. I wear it on a belt clip (Yes, I'm that dorky), but it's a necessity. When using it for calls, texting, most work-related apps, the 4" screen is perfect. When I use it as a navigator in my car (drive a lot) or viewing web pages/docs/vids, I would enjoy a slightly bigger screen.

    I use my tablet most of the time for documents, etc. It's just easier...no matter how big these phones get. I don't want my phone to be too big cuz on the weekends I still carry it in my front pocket.

    I suppose if you're a gamer or someone who uses their phone for vids, etc...the bigger phone screen, the better. However, I think 4.3" is the biggest I would be willing to go. The Infuse, while beautiful, was just too bulky.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • GraveUypo

    anything between 3,7 and 4 is fine by me.

  • D.J.

    I think 4" is the biggest reasonable size for the biggest amount of people, but for me, the bigger the better. 4" is as small as I want to go, 4.3" is fine, I've had some short hands on time with 4.5" and that was fine too. I think the Galaxy Note is pushing it, but that isn't necessarily intended to be a phone.

    The biggest factor is how thin the phone is. If it is thin enough, you can get away with a larger diagonal screen size.

  • Carlos

    the question should not be what is ideal screen size, but what is maximum acceptable mobile device size. Then the question is what is the biggest screen we can get in there.

  • Me262

    Look at the results from last September.

    Only 10% wanted a phone under 4"even after the opening paragraph tried to push for the low end.

    1% wanted a 3.5" display like an iPhone 4S.

  • Succesor

    Since I have the Galaxy S2 (before Galaxy Ace (3.5")) I will never want to go back to a smaller screen! Whenever I got an iPhone in my hand a begin laughing :-)))