The unstoppable GO dev team keeps pumping out amazingly polished products seemingly almost every week - they've already won me over on the launcher side with the GO Launcher EX (and its gorgeous Calendar widget), and yesterday they've added Switch GOWidget to their arsenal.

This toggle widget is compact and only occupies one row on the homescreen, showing 4 primary toggles you've configured, but with a single press of the "..." button, it opens up a full page's worth of other toggles along with the phone and media volume sliders. Pressing the Edit button lets you re-order all the items to your liking.

Overall, the Switch GOWidget offers a clean, yet powerful interface for a cool price of free. CyanogenMod already offers a really nice power control widget, built right into the notification bar, so I probably won't need to use Switch GOWidget, but if you don't use CM, I strongly advise you to check it out.

Note: The widget needs the latest version of GO Launcher EX (also free) installed to function.

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  • zeriux

    That looks as if they pulled it out of MIUI. Looks great but if you already use MIUI you wont be needing this.

    • Jon Garrett

      Do you know if this serves the same purpose as SBSettings on iOS?

  • Joey

    Too bad this requires GO Launcher. ADW EX has way more options and is smoother.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I went from LPP to ADW EX to GO EX in that order. I don't see any missing features in GO EX that are present in ADW or LPP, and the GO calendar widget sealed the deal for me - it's second to none.

      • Eric

        I would have kept GO Launcher, but it handles low memory far worse than ADW EX. For some reason, it would constantly reload itself, it wouldn't even finish loading everything in. I'll probably go back when I get my next phone.

        • Duffin

          Yes, I completely agree. It seemed every time I would open the app drawer, it would have to reload every single app into the drawer again. That's obviously really annoying, since you can't do anything until they all load. My battery also dies twice as fast on GO Launcher PRO as it does on ADW EX, so unfortunately, I have to stick with ADW even though I love how GO gets updated on a regular basis.

  • Sean

    I love the Go Team, but their widgets need to have some more tranparacy

    • stamatis

      you can us a transparent skin on them....

  • stamatis

    Miui copy, but stll very beautifull and an access to the Miui beuty to other roms. I wonder if you can long click for more settings. For examble in Miui you can long click the bluetoothe togle to go to the bluetooth options etc...

  • J Rush

    I am a heavy GO user; I use Go Launcher Ex, Go SMS Pro, Go Contacts, and Go Calender. In fact, I have invested more money in the GO franchise than any other developer. Now to add this to my list!

  • SYO

    I've made the switch to Go Launcher EX as well. I was a huge LPP fan before it..even paid for full. Too bad it hasn't seen any updates despite dev's promise.

    • jason

      This. As a paid LPP supporter I recently had to switch to Go Launcher EX as LPP was having no updates and to many FC's for me lately. Only thing I miss is the FRIENDS widget that combined Facebook and Twitter into one scrolling feed.

  • Aatif

    That's freakishly similar to the GS2's Power Widget, with minor differences.

    • Duffin

      Not really. As much as I really like GO products, they do tend to be near exact rip offs of current products. GO Launcher EX is basically a copy of Launcher Pro. Granted, they have added a bunch more features and Launcher Pro has been left behind, but when it came out, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between Launcher Pro and GO Launcher.

  • Jeton

    This is a really nice widget, but please make it work with other launchers also!

  • http://xikexike.blogspot.com Osni

    This widget would be perfect for me if I could squeeze more than 4 buttons in the compact form.

    I use Extended Controls PRO at the moment, it's a really nice power control widget.

    I also have CM, but I don't like (or I'm not used to) the built-in power control widget.

  • anoush

    heloo i am iranian and my name is anoush . i very like it