Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 seemed like a promising tablet when announced at IFA, despite the fact that it was evidently not headed for the U.S. Those hoping to get their hands on the device however will be interested to learn that the 7.7 has disappeared from IFA altogether. All that is left of the device's display is a drab curtain and velvet rope.


The latest news has come in the form of an official statement from Samsung, sent to thedroidguy indicating that the removal of the 7.7 from IFA did in fact have to do with a court decision made on September 2nd. Here's the full statement:

Samsung respects the court’s decision (The District Court in Dusseldorf) made on September 2 and therefore decided not to display any more the GALAXY Tab 7.7 in IFA.
However, we believe it severely limits consumer choice in Germany. Samsung will pursue all available measures, including legal options, to defend its intellectual property rights and ensure its innovative products remain available to German consumers.

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Whether the 7.7 will be seen again in Germany is an answer that has yet to materialize, but as new information becomes available, you can bet we'll be sharing it here.

Source: This Is My Next

Liam Spradlin
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  • appelflap

    Nooooo. Heard that there also aren't apples available in Germany anymore. Pears are still tolerated, but because of the resemblance the German court is still looking into this.

  • L boogie

    Word around the blog is that Samsung plans on bringing it to the u.s early next year, any truth to that?

    • L boogie

      Wrong product, it's the galaxy note coming next year not the tab, guess I answered my own question LOL... Despite the German injunction, what's gonna happen to the fate of this tablet?

      • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

        My guess is it will see a launch in other countries while Samsung attempts to clear up the German injunction such that it can see a German release as well. But that's just speculation- we'll have to wait and see.

  • Gogol

    You can buy it in The Netherlands.

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    Any idea on a possible release date?

  • http://www.vebsite.cz xxxx
  • http://twitter.com/vinterchaos Josh

    All tablets look like an LCD monitor without the stand, touch screen and a button or two or three added.... my HP monitor shrunk down, looks like a damn iPad. This crap is garbage.