Shopping lists. If you're in charge of food for a house with a lot of people, or just like to cook, they are a necessary evil.

How much do I need? Do I have some of that chicken left in the freezer? Is there enough cayenne left in that bottle for this recipe? You get the idea. Out of Milk aims to solve these problems and more - it's an app devoted (almost) solely to the organization of your food purchases and pantry stock.

Lists, Lists, Lists

OK, so just how much better can you make organizing a shopping list? I've always gone the route of copying/pasting ingredients from recipes into an e-mail, so I know just how much I need and know that my list is complete. But when you start planning out a major shopping trip, a list like this can quickly get unwieldy, and maybe there's some things on it that you'll have to go to a specialty shop for, or maybe you're not quite sure if you already have some turmeric stuffed into the recesses of your spice cupboard.

Out of Milk starts with two simple categories: Shopping List and Pantry List. You might have guessed what they're for. The categories are further broken down into lists, as you can see:

snap20110903_095707 snap20110903_095601 snap20110903_100638

This means you can organize your shopping trip by meal, recipe, or store. All you have to do is make a new list and name it, then go in and start adding items. You can specify quantity and price per unit - this includes metric and all sorts of other measurements, including liquids. The great thing is that you don't have to specify a price or unit - they're just optional fields - but if you do, you can enter the price per pound of whatever you're buying, and it'll calculate the total based on that rate. Sweet.

It gets better. If you do a long press on an item in the list, the item will be removed from the "Remaining" total, crossed out, and moved to the bottom. From there, you can do something amazing - tap the item, and press "Move", which will open up a list of your lists (yo dawg...), allowing you to move the item from your shopping list into your pantry. The only way this could be better is if the long press automatically put the item in the pantry in some sort of general list for later sorting, but that could always be changed.

Also, as you can see on the third screenshot above, Out of Milk totals up your list's cost with sales tax computed, which you can manually specify in the settings menu. You'll also find various sync, UI, and other tweaks for Out of Milk, allowing you to customize the app considerably (we like this).

snap20110903_100558 snap20110903_095714

Yay California!

But what about actually adding items to your shopping lists, sounds a little tedious, right? Well, I tend to agree, but out Out of Milk has an ace up its sleeve to make the shopping list building process a little easier: barcode scanning.


If you look at the third screenshot on the right near the top of the post, you'll see "Stella Rosa / $7.99." Stella Rosa is what came up after I scanned the barcode on the bottle. You have to enter the price manually, but it's not a required field. You can do this with any product, and Out of Milk is surprisingly good about retrieving the names of relatively popular foodstuffs (Spice Islands spices, for example, all work).

Finally, there's the pantry. The pantry has a couple of great features for speeding up the process of entering your food stock into Out of Milk, and for managing just how much of a particular item you have left. There are two pre-set food lists: Spice Rack and Essentials. Spice rack, obviously, contains a list of numerous spices. Essentials lists out common cooking ingredients. This makes organization a lot quicker (with a lot less typing). You can specify how much of an ingredient you have left with a slider bar, or by exact quantity, which is great for things like spices and olive oil.

 snap20110903_100808 snap20110903_100920

Really, I've just provided an introduction to Out of Milk. The app contains a number of other great features, too. There's "To-Do List," which lets you set basic reminder-based tasks (sort of like another dairy-based organization service). List sending (via e-mail, text, FB, Twitter, etc), list sharing (you can add friends with Out of Milk accounts by e-mail or account nickname), and a full-fledged web interface for managing your lists on the big screen. Check it out at www.outofmilkapp.com. The app itself costs only $5 for the premium version, but we've got a whole pile of licenses to hand out. See the details below.


Want to win a free lifetime license of Out of Milk? So would we. That's why we're giving away 25 of them. How do you get one? You have two options.

  1. Leave a comment on our Google+ post of this review explaining why you really need Out of Milk for organizing your food-related tasks (link here).
  2. If you don't have Google+, leave a comment here on the page explaining why you really need Out of Milk for organizing your food-related tasks.

We do ask for only one entry per person on each method, please!

From all of the entries, we're going to pick our favorites (most creative, compelling, or funny) - and you have 3 days to enter (contest ends September 6th at 11:59PM PST). The top three responses will also be featured in a post announcing the winners - so get on it!

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  • Amar

    Out Of Milk Shopping List will help me stay Out Of Divorce Court because I won't forget what to buy!

    • Geez…

      Lol, this comment was funny as hell :)

  • Patty Bianco

    I'm a woman! I can't do anything without lists! Please help me!

  • Nate

    my wife yells at me all the time because i forget stuff. i literally went to the grocery store 5 times in a day.

    • Geez…

      I thought I was the only one...

  • Kareem

    4 kids and a job. Would go along way to remind me what to buy at the shop.

    Love the idea of barcode scanning. The amount of moaning one person can make because you bought the wrong type of beans is amazing!

  • Sean

    Holy s***, the competition ends on my birthday! Well.. that oughta finally persuade me to get off my ass and get to the supermarket to get stuff and stock up the fridge, for once :p

  • Ingo

    We're Out of Milk right now! How can it do a body good if it's sitting on a store shelf instead of being in my glass??

  • gracee

    My husband has worked for a grocery store since 1977. He STILL won't bring home those incidental items that we seem to always run out of... but he WILL scan them into this app. .. I guess *some* help is better than no help ;) lol gotta luv 'em

  • http://creativezane.sg Zane

    I always crave for a good serving of scrambled eggs whenever I'm hungry while reading Android Police articles in the night (I stay in Singapore, so the timezone is flipped).

    But, whenever I want to make myself some scrambled eggs.. I always find myself OUT OF MILK!!! Hence, this app is definitely the app for my shopping needs! (:

  • http://www.mdknight.net Ish

    I could use it because the chances of me remembering when to get something for the pantry is slim to none. Just yesterday, I...was out of milk.

  • Oldsailor

    We live on an island off the coast of Maine and it is a fairly expensive ferry ride to get the mainland to go shopping so we do not go very often. In addition we are old and forgetful so shopping lists are doubly important to us. If we forget the depends.....well I don't want to go there.

  • Mike

    I love to cook and getting stuff at store is pretty much a must. I get really tired of throwing away little pieces of paper though that clutter my dresser.

  • http://www.neok.org Ric Brown

    As an AD/HD sufferer, I'm prone to simple mistakes like mixing up the red pepper with the cinnamon when making cinnamon toast. While that mistake got me perma-banned from the kitchen, it didn't get me out of doing the grocery shopping. Unfortunately, red pepper looks as much like cinnamon on the grocery store shelf as it does in the pantry. While my wife is patient and forgiving, the end of her patience might come someday and the bar code scanner in this app could save my marriage and even my life.

  • Tim

    Its quite simple for the reason of needing an app like this. I'm a dolt who always forgets then gets sent back for what I forgot and plus the other apps like this sucked.

  • David

    I hate my impulse purchases. With this, I can plan what I need throughout the week and then go to the grocery store to get exactly what I need and save money.

  • Mary

    The pantry is brilliant! I buy food but then it gets lost in the freezer - this app would eliminate that problem.

  • Samy B

    I always forget something when grocery shopping mostly because I have one paper list... can't prioritize. This will save me.

  • http://www.noicon.biz neko

    me too please I really need it !

  • Bob Castillo

    I need this app because in the past I used HandyShopper on PalmOS and I've never been able to find a comparable shopping list app on Android. Until now.

  • Amy Clayville

    I have 2 autistic children and this will help out since I hardly have time to even sit and take time to myself ....gotta love android!


  • greg

    Hmmmmm eggs,Bacon,cereal.....don't panic ........oh yea we're all out of coffee ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need this bad!!!!!!

  • carla

    I definitely could use this app! With my two boys plus my boyfriend's son, I can't think straight and remember everyrhing. If you give me this app I'll definitely make four hungry-all-the-time boys happy!

  • connie falatko

    I need Out of Milk cuz I'm always wandering aimlessly thru grocery store cuz the list in my head got lost

  • devilishangel201

    me - honey do we need anything from the store?

    hunny - no we are good.

    next day after the shopping trip to the store....

    me - why is there an empty butter tub in the fridge and i cant find the paper towels???

    hubby - oh yea, i meant to tell you we needed those.

    this scenario goes on in my house once a week....Please Save Me!!!!!

  • Ben Szilagyi

    My wife and I love using this app (the lite version) to make our shopping lists. It really helps to keep us in our budget!

  • jayb

    As the primary shopper and confessed foodie I need this to keep me straight. I shop at three different stores and a farmer's market and I need this to keep me straight.

  • jayb

    As the primary shopper and confessed foodie I need this to keep me straight. I shop at three different stores and a farmer's market and I need this to keep me together!

  • http://teachergeek.co.nz Epsilon

    need out of milk because out of cash

  • Franko

    My wife is an extreme coupon person, and this app will greatly help in her day to day shopping (she tends to need large amounts of every item). This would be an great time saver for her also.

  • Kalpana Janardan

    I am from india,OUT OF MILK! We just give milk bath to Lord Ganesha as The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is on. It share the magic with some Giveaway to rejoice with the choicest to blessed by the God.

  • nicolef

    I've been to the grocery store twice this weekend already and I keep forgetting what I need. With two small children in tow, my paper lists always seem to get lost! I've tried the lite version and would love to get the full version to inventory the pantry and spices. We're foodies and have 100 spices in the pantry as well as various foods. It's very hard to keep track in my head and I usually end up buying duplicates of everything.

  • Sandra G

    Out of Milk would be fantastic for me. We live out of town, and it is extremely frustrating to get to the supermarket, to find that the shopping list has been left at home. Would stop me buying duplicates (triplicates sometimes) of food already in my pantry, and help me save money. Thanks for opportunity to win great app, that looks extremely useful

  • Reina

    I need a list manager please I am a mom and need to manage myself! Thank you :]

  • Lance Johnson

    I just really like it because it just really works well and such. I just hope they can make more apps that can simplify other parts of my life. How about a work at home app that will make me rich?

  • Jim Ferrell

    I spent a couple of hours scanning items in out (2) yes two pantrys. My wife is an extreme couponer, and this app is going to be totally invaluable! We're wondering if my scans are shareable with the same app on my wife's droid if I purchase a second one for her.

  • Christian Collet

    Why do I need this app?
    My gf recently moved in with me, and her birthday is next Sunday. She will be gone the whole weekend and she will be busy as school starts tomorrow: I will be doing the shopping for the week and weeks to come. This will help me a lot.

  • abbey

    Every person without milk needs out of milk so that person with milk is never go out of milk

  • Zebov

    Because life is hard enough.

  • http://none Keith Waugh

    I hope that my starving family can benefit from such a splendid application. We are all waiting for the food to arrive hoping against hope that the correct ingredients are purchased.....

  • Mike

    Why do I want a license for Out of Milk? So that the next time a hurricane rolls around, I'll remember the essentials -- "milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper, beer" -- faster than the 200 others who are panic-stricken at the grocery store with me.

  • MSClark

    I work 168+ hours every 2 weeks as a Fire Medic / Critical Care Medic. I eat at work, or out allot! As such I throw away more food than I eat because it spoils... I need a better way to get this under control, save some cash, lose some weight... I've a firehouse list / pantry and a home list / pantry... It boggles the mind sometimes... Help!

  • brittany

    with this app i feel like i can become one of those crazy ladies on TLC's extreme couponing!

  • Aaron

    I need this so I'll never forget that key ingredient in my instant noodles!

  • granny

    I have a memory problem and this would help me deal with everyday life. I like the out of milk app

  • ai

    Because I had this version on iPhone and it was genius, now I switched to android and I want to have one...

  • Steven

    I'm forever alone man with goldfish memory! If I don't have this I'll waste so much precious time wandering around aimlessly at the grocery store!

  • Marvin

    This app looks like just what my family needs! We are four people on a seriously fixed income. We already make menu plans a month at a time and go shopping once a month to cut down on impulse purchases. This app would really help us make the most of our EXTREMELY limited income.

  • Rob Sharkey

    My wife gets mad at me because i don't use her list when I go shopping. If it is not hi tech, it's not for me. Plus keeping track of groceries in a household of 7 (me, wife, 4 kids and father in law) is next to impossible. This would help A Lot. I have been very interested in this product, but no so much the price tag, with funds being tight (see household numbers. HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP Please

  • Elizabeth

    As a single techie gal with ADD, I love my lists, have versions of them across all my devices, and yet can easily forget them anywhere.
    Keeping good eating habits is also a challenge when you have three containers of peanut butter, bring home a fourth, and yet still have no bread... Three full jars of cinnamon but not the one jar of cumin you needed for that recipe....
    Synchronizing with another user would let me recruit some external nutritional help and monitoring/accountability from my trainer who's almost had it with me, as well!
    Please! Help a girl out who needs all the help she can find!!!

  • Brad

    Because Sept 6 is my birthday and i love the app == perfect gift

  • Lisa

    I really need this app with two growing boys and working full time it makes it really hard to remember what I need from the store or what I have left in my house plus we have a boat and I'm always forgetting what I need to get for the boat too. Having a to do list, shopping list and the pantry list all in the same place makes multi tasking much faster. I have the free app and love it :-)

  • tonixtonix

    Tired of my husband always bragging about his iphone apps. Would love to show him that my Droid Pro is actually useful and does more than make fart noises or be a fake light saber!

  • ian

    This app... would save a LOT of trees and stress. My wife gives me post-it notes all the time for lists of things to do and groceries to buy! Yes, please I'd love to win this!

  • Kenny

    out of work, outta cash but don't let me out of milk

  • mel

    I will add this note in Out of Milk: "How to escape a grizzly". Next time i can relaxed put out my mobile and dont need to search in panik the internet for a way to escape!

  • nicki

    Single mom who stresses without lists. The pro version is right up my alley! I am also an extreme couponer who tries to save where ever i can, especially in todays economy.

  • Philip Marcosa

    With my CRS I need this app more than anyone, please send ASAP, BEFORE I forget anything else.

  • Shaun

    "What's that? There are three games on right now going down to the wire, and possibly overtime? I'm still gonna need you to go to the store and get those potatoes you forgot earlier so I can finish preparing dinner."

    --every Sunday during football season since I've been married

    So yeah, I need this app. I'd like to see the end of the 3:00 pm games this season.

  • Leo

    I hate the paper lists my wife gives me to buy stuff on the supermarket. This app will change my life.

  • Klaus with a “K”

    “Honey? We're out of milk. – again!”

    When milk is what you need
    and shopping warnings were not heed
    Then You, my friend, are out of luck
    and in the doghouse surely stuck

    You need to shop with care
    and plan your trip with flair

    Can’t decipher illegible doodles
    will end you up buying noodles

    Don’t bring home salami
    knowing everyone eats pastrami

    And when all that’s needed is a bit of oats
    you better not come rolling home with goats

    No listed item should be carelessly omitted
    or for sure you will be deemed nit-witted.

    You need to shop with some assist
    so your homecoming will be kissed.

    Don’t let yourself be bilked -
    you need an app for Out of Milk.

    Ps: Is this app safe to use for the lactose intolerant? ;-)

  • John Phillips

    I need "Out Of Milk" because I am always forgetting what I need at the grocery store and have to make 2-3 trips, it never fails. But I always remember my Droid, so if I had my list in there then I would never forget what I need.

  • Vex

    I recently started using the free version and love it so far! My overflowing recipe box doesn't just collect dust anymore since I can add everything I need into Out of Milk for my next shopping trip.

    I would LOVE to get the Pro version so I can share shopping lists with my husband. While his intentions are good, sending him to the grocery store is like sending a kid into a candy store. Last time he came back with a big bag of chips and some cookie dough - I had to improvise for supper that night!

  • Cullen

    This is awesome - Out of Milk's barcode scanner recognizes most of my favorite beers! And what is beer, after all? Just as important to my overall health as milk!

    Plus, now I can just sync my list for the ultimate ease in beer runs!

    Wait, you can actually use this for milk? But why?

  • iara

    because i am a technopeasant who just gave in to the tablet thing and i can't figure out why i can't scan the barcodes. apparently i need the pro version to get any answers. i may just go back to my beloved pencils and paper. so there.

  • Chris

    This sounds like what I've been looking for! I'd also like to see it interface with the Internet recipes to give me suggestions on meals, based on what I have on hand. Thanks!

  • Ken

    Been using the free version for several months, and I loved it. Broke down today and bought it. My first app purchase. I had a problem, tech support fixed quickly it in a couple of emails. Great job! If you are looking for things to add, my wife is an expiration date watcher. I would like to be able to add a date to my milk... Thanks.

  • Brenda

    We are senior citizens on a fixed income, it would really help if we knew how much we could spend before we go to the store. It is embarrassing to have to remove items because we have gone over our budget.
    Thank you.

  • Kathy

    I have Celliac and this app will make keeping track of safe foods, where to buy and prices a dream. The spice list and essentials lists are to die for. With cooking at home almost a requirement this app will be great. I'm using the freebie and so far the test has just made me want more!

  • Fantasy-Isis

    How can I enter a dollar amount that I have to spend for each shopping list?