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If the insanely high-res screens of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 have you drooling, you're certainly not alone. But if you live in the US, it's all too likely that you will never have the opportunity to see either of the devices in person.

At IFA 2011, the very same conference where the 7.7 and the Note were made official, a Samsung representative told GottaBeMobile that there are currently no plans to sell the gadgets in the US. For a moment or two there was a glimmer of hope - it wasn't clear whether the rep was referring to the seven-inch mini-tablet or the five-inch jumbo-phone - but after a brief bout of texting, it became obvious: neither of the devices are scheduled to cross the pond.

GottaBeMobile speculates that the decision is a result of Americans' propensity to purchase carrier-subsidized devices (that argument doesn't really apply to tablets, but that's a post for another day), though it is also possible, as they admit, that Sammy is merely staying mum about an existing US partnership.

Whatever the case may be, it's a sad day for American Samsung fans - of course, there's always the Nexus/DROID Prime to look forward to, but if a good ol' 5.3" smartphone is what you want, you may have to wait a while yet.

Source: GottaBeMobile

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Tkun

    Bad idea, Samsung. :(

  • IamBeast

    I'm sure they just don't want fucktards like Verizon and AT&T locking down and or taking features away from the phone and tablet like they did with the original 7" tablet from Samsung. It's understandable since they all have to get their claws and fingerprints all over a phone before they deem it acceptable for release.

    • L boogie

      Good point, u.s carriers have been the Bane of why its customers base can't get the latest gadgets, timely updates etc due to their need to add excessive, unnecessary garbage to bloat devices. Then again, Samsung also needs to work on getting their latest products on getting their latest here too or do we have to look at the galaxy s2 timeline again despite the legal tango?

  • UKAndroid

    Thank goodness that here in Europe there is still an excellent demand for "carrier free" phones that are plain vanilla as the manufacturer intended and can be used with any carrier. Pay to Go and Pay Monthly schemes are readily available to those who already have such a phone/tablet.

    Seems to me that the US carriers have too much of a stranglehold on the market. Mind you, you can't blame them totally if the US public don't want to pay "upfront" for a phone/tablet.

  • http://facebook.com/eusouotiago Tiago Miranda

    I can't believe Brazil will have the device and US won't! For the 1st time I'm bailout living Brazil!
    PS: I have my Galaxy S2 since July, carrier free!

  • wackadroid

    Can we just please boycott Samsung in the US?? Im sick of hearing about them. Dont release your crapware then, we dont want it anyways!

    • J Rush

      Yeah! Let's also boycott HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Microsoft, Foxconn, ZTE, Sony, Inventec, Huawei, Apple, and Barnes and Noble because they tell us about upcoming phones then say we can't have them for whatever reason! Sounds like the best idea ever made!

  • Rich

    Hey Samsung! Come to Sprint! They have declared that they aren't going to push the whole US carrier "mess with the phone" crap!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

    This is absolutely stupid. The 7.7 Tab is the perfect size for working in the field and the Note is great for getting things done when the Tab is a little too big. I like both those sizes and the devices look phenomenal. Boo Samsung!

  • 88

    why cant they just release a wifi only version so you dont have to worry about carriers?

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    I agree w/ "88". Wifi only would work just fine if we couldn't get a decent/fair carrier plan...

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    BTW, any idea of possible release date(s)? THX!

  • http://www.stansberryresearch.com/pro/1011PSIENDVD/PPSILC24/PR Anamnesia

    Perhaps the reason why Samsung is hesitant of releasing these items in the US, is due to the fear of the collapsing US economy...


  • http://n/a ABN6176

    still no word yet on a release date..?

  • Askar

    What the HELL!!! Man I'm PISSED!..c'mon Samsung!! Bring the 7.7 to the US!!!!!

  • drewsome

    i suppose canada is in the same boat as the us on this one...?
    i foolishly picked up a playbook and can't wait to loose this paperweight

  • Fyl


    Want one. Might even be able to afford one. And, hell, a) credit, b) holidays!

    So... why exactly NOT?!?!