Last week, a new vulnerability was discovered in the Droid 3 that finally allowed developers to achieve root access. Upon further investigation, it was concluded that this specific problem wasn't exclusive to the D3, but could most likely be exploited on all Moto phones running Gingerbread. Once this was verified, the next progression in thought that came to mind was 'what about the Droid Bionic?' As found out by MyDroidWorld, the Bionic is indeed susceptible to this particular exploit, so early adopters concerned with gaining root can stand in line on September 8th with confidence.


See the #? That verifies root access.

We'll have to wait for the device to land in the hands of developers to ensure the process is safe and stable, but either way the end result is the same: root access is a go.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Juggalotus

    Just a thought, but Isn't it a bad idea for the Rooting/Mod community to point an exploit for a device that hasn't been released? If the vendor is aware of said exploit they could easily patch and make everyone's life a real PITA.

    • Ruben

      It is so close to the release date, all they can do is an OTA to patch. These phones are packaged and on pallets to ship to retailers. Root access is not a good enough reason to delay this thing any more than it already has. Even if they did an OTA patch, do not install and root before the update. The dev community will keep you up to date better than any device manufacturer can. Also Google being the parent company here, I do not think they are that concerned with users rooting.

  • Hotmann

    Rooting for most devices (pretty much anything non-nexus) is an exploit and gets patched...that's why when updates are pushed a new root method is sometimes required.

  • Mesmorino

    If this is the kind of screenshot it takes to convince people that something's happened/possible, i'm surprised there aren't a lot more hoaxes.

    Seriously, a black background with the words

    "Last login Fri Sep 2 09:27:56
    ./adb shell

    means that you have root access? Come ON people! I could rustle up that entire image with a few minutes in MS PAINT! No mention of the device, no PICTURE of the device, this is it? Really? Sure, okay then.

  • Nocturnhabeo

    I laughed at the picture even before reading the whole article. YAY for #