HTC has an above-average track record with software updates, but they appear to have misstepped with the most recent PRL version for the EVO 3D. For some unfathomable reason, said PRL (version number 50580) seems to be blocking Sprint's 3G network for a lot of users; as a result, they are left with no choice but to rely on the considerably slower 1xRTT technology (2G) for data.


Fortunately, there's still hope for those who unknowingly applied PRL 50580 - simply revert to the previous PRL (21081) using the instructions at Good and EVO. Note, however, that your device will need to be rooted, and an official fix probably isn't too far down the road.

Nevertheless, if you can't wait to reclaim those snappy passable 3G speeds, hit up the source link below.

Source: Good and EVO

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Chris Bailey

    does that update effect 4G?

  • Simon Belmont

    I am pretty sure Sprint updates the PRL and not HTC. Sprint will probably issue an updated PRL in short order as mentioned in the post.

    Thankfully, I usually wait a bit before taking a new PRL. Worked out pretty well this time.

    • Donato

      You are correct sir. All of the smartphones get the same p r l's

  • cameron

    prl stands for preffered roaming list and yes sprInt updates that not HTC

    • Simon Belmont

      Indeed it does. I have been notifying people of PRL updates in the Sprint HTC Hero and now the Sprint HTC EVO 3D forums for a long time now, so I knew that.

      I have seen screwed up PRLs before. They usually fix them in a day or two.

  • BORIKUA1977

    still waiting for a solution SPRINT, HTC???????

  • Paul Nagy

    I looked up mine and has the same PRL number, but in the Network Type is shows EvDo rev.A,

    No problems with speed on 3 or 4 g.