Last Updated: September 26th, 2011

Update: It looks like in order to fix one thing, you have to break something else. Reports are pouring in that this update breaks Wi-Fi and USB-tethering. Stay tuned for more details.

Owners of the Nexus S  have been plagued by a notorious bug that activates Voice Search at random times, causing some serious interference when trying to accomplish even the most simple of tasks. Fortunately, El Goog has stepped up to the plate and addressed the issue, as an OTA update is currently rolling out that will put a stop to this annoying quirk.

The fix should be hitting devices all over the US and Canada, so keep an eye out for it to land on your device shortly.

[Phandroid via Android Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Craig Rachel

    I know "Voice Search" problem has been parroted in the blogosphere ecochamber, but that isn't correct. Voice Search, the app, works perfectly fine. The issue at hand is that the hardware search button event fires randomly in low 3G signal areas. So, if you're in the browser, maybe the "Search or type URL" pops up with the keyboard over and over and over... Sometimes a long press would occur and Voice Search or Compose New Text Message or whatever else was tied to long press search button event would pop up. It doesn't have anything to do with Voice Search other than voice search is tied to a long-press hardware search button event which was firing randomly. Uninstall Voice Search completely and the bug still exists.

    I can also say that myself and at least 2 other people in the Google forums can confirm that the bug is NOT fixed. I have a low signal 3G area that I am still unable to use the phone in.

  • Gabriel

    And for Brazil ? How does OTA works for devices in other countries ?

    Thank you !

  • http://www.podoco.net zach

    i wonder if any other phones have this bug?

    • blah

      I had this issue on my Samsung Captivate. I thought it was a defective button, but somewhere in updating it, it is now fixed. I don't use my Captivate much anymore, but when I do voice search is not randomly popping up like it used to. At its peak it was bad enough that pretty much anytime I used my phone the voice search would pop up.

  • RJ

    Rogers Toronto Nexus S owner.

    "Voice Search" bug is still an issue after updating to 2.3.6!

    In addition, tethering is now disabled as well.

    This "update" has now my made my phone even worse than it was before.

    • R.D.

      Thanks. Roger to let us know, what is going on with this new update. We want an update that improve the device, not an update that kills the device and part of the service like the tethering that I use a lot.

  • scotto

    Looks pretty clear to me...I won't be installing this update. Luckily, I don't have this bug apparently. Unfortunately, I STILL have the random reboot issues from earlier this year. It comes and goes. :(

  • Owen

    hmm. im using the i9023 (Super-LCD) version of Nexus S and I never had that voice search bug.

    is the bug only present in the Super Amoled versions of Nexus S? (i know the screen has nothing to do with the bug, I just don't know the model number of the other Nexus S versions so Im using the screen as identifier)

    I still don't have the 2.3.6 and probably I won't be needing that, unless it will also solve the compass problem of Nexus S

  • 4beaches

    I have updated (Koodo) and the search button problem is worse than before. It used to stop after about 30 seconds. Now it does not stop at all. I have to restart the phone and turn off 3G to use it. It only happens in times of low signal strength. It does not matter what app is running at the time as well....

  • modplan

    Hey Google, it's called regression tests, run some.

  • Pace

    I updated to 2.3.6 and lost tethering/Wifi Hotspot. Whenever I turn either on, the phone seems to just disconnect from data connection.
    Brutal, I actually use the tethering alot, so this really sucks.

  • James

    Here it is, Oct 11, and Google hasn't so much as even acknowledged the issues with wifi being broken by 2.3.6

    This is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen a company do, besides Microsoft. Google now I think is worse than Microsoft for putting out an inferior product.

    • Pace

      They started pushing out a new update on approx. Sept 28th 2011 in Canada.
      Build number: GRK39F

      They fixed all the tethering and wifi hotspot issues that the previous build had caused. Ever since the update, my Nexus seems to be a little smoother and I'm no longer having any issues.

      Are you up to the most recent build? If not, try forcing the update by following the procedure outlined in the following link: http://jeftek.com/622/how-to-force-checking-for-updates-on-android-devices/