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No, that isn't a typo in the title - Samsung has indeed just unveiled a 5.3-inch phone, the 'Galaxy Note', at IFA 2011 to join the rest of its growing Galaxy family. The insanely big device doesn't just stop there, though, as Samsung has paired it with one of its Super AMOLED displays at a resolution of 1280 x 800. That happens to be the same resolution as my 13-inch laptop, so you get an idea of just how sharp this thing is, with a pixel density of 285ppi.

Running the show from behind the scenes, there is a dual-core 1.4GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. The rear facing camera can take shots at 8-megapixels, and the front facing camera can shoot a surprisingly good 2-megapixels.

samsung galaxy note

Samsung has also decided to ship a dedicated stylus, known as 'S Pen', with the device so that you can take notes on the go without having to use a virtual keyboard. Not that it would be particularly difficult to use a virtual keyboard on a device that's over 5-inches big.

The Note is currently running Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread), although this could change between now and the phone's release. You will be able to purchase the phone with either 16GB or 32GB of built in storage, although there's no word on a potential release date just yet.

It will be interesting to see just how usable a device as big as the Note can be. The Dell Streak, another phone with a similar sized screen to the Note, never fared too well on the market and seemed to have an identity crisis between being a phone and a tablet. Hopefully, Samsung's latest and greatest will have a better time in the wild once it's released.

Source: Samsung

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  • CFG9000

    So did I just watch a pitch for a smartphone or an Asian woman?

  • Fabulas

    Worst commercial ever!!! We didn't even get to see the device in her hands! Anyway, I'm SOOOO excited!

  • Jim McP

    People laugh at the larger screens! LOL People like me...a Baby Boomer, that are getting older like a larger screen! Easier to read!! LOL

    • Pedro

      Didnt know boomers used 'lol'

  • dethduck

    So, is that what the T-Mobile Hercules is going to be?

  • lucho

    I have a Dell Streak and the only drawback it has ever had was Dell itself. If this had been released by Samsung or HTC, I bet it would have done gangbusters in sales. Mostly because it probably would have shipped with froyo out the gate instead of 1.6 and also would have had commercials and advertising.

  • http://simonbrettellphotography.co.uk/ Simon

    It will be interesting to see how something of this size takes off. As Lucho points out the main problem with the previous Android device of this size was that it was by Dell! I like the larger screen devices but I think that this may be just a touch too big for carrying around all the while.

    • Mrbrooks418

      they can achieve that size without changing the foot priont of the phone. my thunderbolt has plenty of surface area to have a larger screen. just lose the carriers logo and the captivate buttons........

  • DanCandy

    Which carrier(s) will be supporting this device?

  • Santa Claus


  • http://www.weblogku.com Azam

    That's HUGE! I like it... hehehe :)

  • Yoyo ma

    If they are managing 1280x800 Super AMOLED+ into 5.3 inches, I'd say the rumor of a 720p AMOLED on the upcoming Nexus phone sounds pretty plausible. Awesome.

    • TexasToasted

      This is not Super AMOLED+. It is the older technology pentile Super AMOLED.

      • maedox

        Seriously? Why would they do that? Pentile sucks balls after using SAMOLED+. It might not be visible at 1280x800, but it's not really 1280x800 then, is it. More marketing bullshit!

        • TexasToasted

          I found this site that explains the differences in the AMOLED screens.


          From that site-
          "The increase in pixel size for Real-Stripe is due to the manufacturing technology Samsung is using to produce their screens. Samsung currently employs Fine-Metal-Mask (FMM) technology to manufacture Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus. This is a fine method, but it is expensive and has a printing accuracy of about 15μm (micrometers). Using this technique, Samsung can only make screen with pixel densities of about 200ppi. That's right in line with a 4.3-inch WVGA screen.

          Samsung expects to soon switch over to laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI). As you may expect, this is a cheaper and more accurate method of producing AMOLED panels. LITI has accuracy of about accuracy of about 2.5μm. As a result, Samsung expects to be able to produce panels over 300ppi."

  • Lincoln

    Something weird is going on here... This 5.3" HSPA+ device is "huge" or "insanely big"...But the new 7.7" HSPA+ device (that Samsung also just announced) gets referred to as the little brother to the 10" or "slim"??

    Samsung just made my life 10x harder because I fully intended to upgrade from my Nexus One to the Nexus Prime...But now this new "Note" has my absolute attention!

    ...Damned shame with that awful commercial though. No product demonstration and subtitled monologue only??!! That's HORRIBLE!

  • edd

    THIS. is my next phone

  • http://iandroid.co.il AndroidAddicted

    What The Hell?

    This Handset is so mine!

    Samsung I LUV You!

    Amazing Spec! "Samsung Incredible"


  • Fabulas

    I'd be able to sell my Thunderbolt and Xoom; and carry one device. This has totally made me forget about the HTC Vigor.....unless HTC has a 5.3" screen in the making!

    • Mike Brooks

      HTC with 5"+ screen= :-)

  • L boogie

    Running 2.3.5, 5.3 inch screen, super amoled plus screen etc, sweet pie in the sky if this is running exynos as the dual core processor and the battery is at least 2100mah not to mention, updated frequently (can hope, right?) then I'm sold because I'm not interested in who carries this super beast though unlocked would be the extra sweets on the pie

    • TexasToasted

      It does not have a Super AMOLED Plus screen. It has the older Super AMOLED screen. Samsung does not yet have the production capability to manufacture a Plus screen this small with such high resolution.

  • Doug Fiedor

    So far that's the only phone I've seen that could get me to give up my EVO.

    It's true, the videos were not really great. The phone looks really nice, though.

    • superpiff420

      Are you running a custom ROM on your EVO if so which one are you using

  • http://phandroid PIE

    I would think the first one was the commercial and the woman talking was an interview of sorts. U guys r killing me. Maybe i'm in an icrap site lol jk

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    I have to applaud Samsung for the innovative technology solutions they always provide there customers it's them and Htc pushing innovation for the industry and it's us as consumers benefiting. I can promise you that the next EVO BRAND in 2012 will definitely have a 4.7 to 5.0 screen. 2012 is going to be a BIG YEAR for HTC and SAMSUNG and trust me SAMSUNG would have to come VERY STRONG for me to give up my evo family of devices. HTC rules android...

    • Pachi

      Sorry but HTC cannot beat Samsung at all..here is why
      1. HTC phones don't come with 16gb internal Storage...they are horrible 2gb storage..
      2. Sense slows down the phone..
      3. HTC cameras don't compare vs Samsung cameras.
      4. HTC uses LCD vs Super AMOLED Plus...Samsung wins..
      5. Samsung kills HTC with their fast SOC...Qualcomm chips can't compare to Exynos....or Even the Hummingbird used on SG S.

      • Rich

        1. There hasn't been a problem with the amount of internal memory on an HTC phone yet, 16gb is great, 2gb has proven adequate on every other phone out there. ADVANTAGE: SAMSUNG

        2. One word: TouchWiz. Frequently referred to as the worst UI ever put on a phone. Sense has never slowed the phone down, other makers copy its features, and it has been heralded time and time again as a great UI. ADVANTAGE: HTC

        3. I suggest you read up on your claims. A quick google revealed three tests of HTV vs Samsung on phonearena.com, and HTC won 2 of 3 including beating out the SGS2. The only HTC phone that lost was the Evo 4G, which admittedly left much to be desired. ADVANTAGE: HTC

        4. AMOLED+ has a slight lead over SLCD in contrast and viewing angle, but I'm not viewing my phone from a 175 degree angle so that means little. Also you can start calling it better when Samsung ups the resolution. The new SGS2 for Sprint has a pathetic 200ppi; compared to the EVO 3D, which has over 50ppi advantage on the SGS2. This makes the SGS2 look like it has the resolution of a litebrite in comparison. ADVANTAGE: HTC

        5. If Samsung's processor is so good, and according to you their phones. Why do they constantly get beat by every other maker out there? Just google "best android phones" I stopped looking after 10 different sites each listing numerous HTC phones above Samsungs latest and greatest. The best placement I saw was for a SGS2 in 4th place. Not even a podium finish. That's just sad... ADVANTAGE: HTC

        Winner: HTC in a 4 to 1 dominating victory.

        I suggest you read and quit being such a little fanboy. You might learn something.

        • Edd

          Rich: I was pretty much with you right up until your last sentence

        • Rafael

          Lol dude? I agree that TOUCHWHIZ IS sucks.

          By AMOLED is so far the best screen I've seen,so u better check ur claims mate.

          If you guys compering the best android Handsets so far the winner is definitely SAMSUNG HANDSET, HTC were close.

        • superpiff420

          I agree with you for the most part but sense does slow down the phone a tad in comparison to android without sense.but not so much that I prefer stock android over sense.sense is a great UI and everything else looks boring in comparison to it. I'm glad I read your response to pachi I was about to respond but you pretty much summed it up

        • superpiff420

          I agree with you for the most part but sense does slow down the phone a tad in comparison to android without sense.but not so much that I prefer stock android over sense.sense is a great UI and everything else looks boring in comparison to it. I'm glad I read your response to pachi I was about to respond but you pretty much summed it up.

  • Pachi

    "You will be able to purchase the phone with either 16GB or 32GB of built in storage, although there's no word on a potential release date just yet" Thats what they said about GS2 32gb model and it never showed up...

  • Maniac

    wow.. it's a phone.. i mean a tablet..I dunno.. people need to relax. In the nicest way possible. :)

  • HeavyD

    I see that it hase some streched Iphone shape :D?

  • http://tipsneeded.com Bimal Roy

    A 5.3 inch tablet. That's something new from them.

  • http://soundsourcecity.com Avaryj


  • Cap

    I own a Dell Streak gizmo too. Again the only problem with it is Dell. That, and the fact you need to use headphones to use the phone option. Heat from your cheek messes with the unit.

  • Feragola

    I wonder why there is no mention of NFC, if it has it or not. It would be a near perfect device for me if it does.

    • Feragola

      NVM: just read the source article and it states that NFC is "Optional".
      This could be my next device.