With somewhere around 200 apps on my phone at any given time, it can be a pain to scroll through all of them to find what I'm looking for. Categorizing apps into handy folders can also be time-consuming. Fazik Logic takes the concept of sorting your apps one step further however with LiveSorter, a new app that automatically sorts installed applications into appropriate categories.

Adding to the list of LiveSorter's benefits, it has relatively no resource drain as it only wakes when a new app is installed and needs to be sorted. At the moment the app only recognizes apps from the Android Market.

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The app is free but there is also a "full version" which adds more icons and better fine-tuning options for automated sorting. The full version is available for the special opening price of $1.00 in the Market. If you've got more apps than you have patience for sorting, this app is definitely worth a spin.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • bit

    Nice! The free is too limited... But I think I'll pick it up for a dollar.

  • Sean

    Maybe I am still half asleep, and didn't read this properly...
    But folder does this for market and non market apps...
    When you install something you get a notification too see if you want to label it a game or app

    • gm

      +1 for Folder Organizer

  • scorpus

    Wait,What? You mean people are too lazy to create folders on their own and then putting incoming apps into the relevant folders!?! Please...

    • Jim

      you'd be surprised =P

    • ZRod

      There is also the issue of having to reset your phone for some odd reason or if you change your phone.
      Saves a lot of time.

  • huz

    Odd, can't download it from the market :/

    no download button appears....(using SG2).

  • http://sites.google.com/site/faziklogic Fazik Logic

    Wow, thank you for a great review :)

    This is a new applications (1 week) so many new features are on the way (and defiantly more icons..., I'm more than open to suggestions!)

    • Jon

      I like it, thanks for the review!

  • http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/ Hrw

    Not compatible with Nexus S :(

  • Incin

    Looks nice, I'll give it a try.

  • Dan

    I wish finding an app was my problem
    With a Nexus1 I have such little app storage space that even with everything moved to SD card (Apps2SD) the small amount of app data still makes the 192mb vanish quickly.

    I have not had much luck with roms that use SD-EXT parts either. They work for a while then something happens and everything dies (forcing a full wipe before I can resume). I am going to finally chuck in the towel and get a phone with more app space soon because I cant deal with it anymore. Hopefully I can hold out till the NexusPrime.

  • Barry

    Really, Folder Organizer. Does all this and much more.

    • http://sites.google.com/site/faziklogic Fazik Logic

      Folder Organizer is great, but I hate doing things manually

      Everyone can find the applications that suits his need, LiveSorter has advantages and other applications (like Folder Organizer) have their.
      You can check the application to see if it's useful for you, it's free (part of it)

  • Bootup

    Autoapporganizer has been doing this and more since last year and the free version is not limited (its just has an ads banner).

    • http://sites.google.com/site/faziklogic Fazik Logic

      Auto app organizer doesn't use the Android Market as the category info.
      Also, new applications are doesn't have a category until the developer (or other people) set the category manually, where LiveSorter always uses the Android Market and will have the most recent info

      Also, LiveSorter does NOT run in the background, does NOT uses ANY resource (no battery, CPU or memory usage)
      and you desktop will run at top speed no matter how many folders you have (it's not widget, basically it just an icon there that only do a query once you open it)

  • Sleepin in CA

    Lame. Lame. Lame.

  • zhopudey

    I just use google search and start typing the app's name. It works just like the start menu in win 7 :)