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Last Updated: September 11th, 2011

We're continuing our big giveaway-spree with another book giveaway from informIT. This time around, we've partnered up to award five copies of yet another book to help aspiring developers along their way.

Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours

This go-round we're giving away Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours (2nd ed.), written by Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder, published by Sams just over a month ago (the phrase "hot off the presses" seems to apply nicely).

The 512-page book is quite comprehensive:

Android is the world's #1 mobile development platform, and with the new Android 3.0, it's becoming as popular for tablets as it is for smartphones. If you are a beginner, in just 24 lessons of one hour or less, this friendly, full-color book will help you master modern Android development. You can build a fully-featured app from scratch, learning all the skills you'll need to create your own. Each lesson builds on prior chapters, providing a solid foundation for success. This edition is thoroughly updated for Android's newest features and development tools, while still supporting the popular Android 2.0. Coverage includes:

  • Using Eclipse to write apps quickly and efficiently
  • Understanding the application lifecycle
  • Building robust, friendly user interfaces
  • Retrieving, storing, and using data
  • Adding network, social, and location-based features
  • Supporting the camera and other hardware
  • Internationalizing, testing, and publishing apps

Revised and simplified step-by-step instructions with full-color screenshots walk you through key tasks... updated Q and As, Quizzes, and Exercises test your knowledge..."Did You Know?" tips offer insider advice..."Watch Out!" alerts help you avoid problems. By the time you're finished, you won't just understand core Android concepts: you'll be comfortable writing, testing, and publishing your own new apps.

You can check out and purchase the book on Amazon or informIT's website, but surely you're here to see if you can win a free copy.

How To Win

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them here.

As with the other book giveaways, entering the contest is fairly simple: leave a comment (reply) on this post - but be sure to include your email address in the "Mail" column so that we can contact you should you win! If you don't include your email, your submission will not count! The comment doesn't have to be anything special, as the winners will be chosen at random. The contest will run until September 8 at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be chosen shortly after.

Once again, this contest is open to everyone in the world!

Good luck!

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • ace ahmed

    where can i buy the book?

    i never win these things

  • Edwinek

    And it's not even christmas yet. So yes, I'd like one.

  • AJ34

    winning this book would be awesome! Please pick me!!!

  • elthrawno

    24 hours?! That's just the kind of learning curve I'm looking for!

  • Brian L

    Looking to expand my horizons, teaching myself how to develop Android apps would be a valuable tool in my arsenal.

  • http://www.frederic-mueller.de Frederic Müller

    I want to build android apps for phones and tablets so this would be very much appreciated

  • Justin

    want this book :)

  • Balkis

    Please count me in :)

  • Renata

    Would like to win this :)

  • Lissa

    I would love to win anything android is intriguing

  • bobertCRO

    *spinning the wheel of luck*

  • Paddy

    I'd love a copy of that book!

  • M.

    I'll have to check it out even if I won't win it.

  • Chris Banks

    Wouldn't mind a read

  • Andrea

    Well, I'd like to have one :-)

  • dael

    i'd like this.

  • Tampzarian

    hmm...learn how to make android apps? sounds cool to me...

  • Matthark

    I have an idea that involves beer... pick me.

  • L. Brown

    I never win anything, and I have no hope of winning this book.

  • Allan Mosher

    My first comment: "I want it!" was apparently a bit too short. how about this...

  • wpfn

    Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!

  • JF

    Must beat Google's own tutorial those are long winded!

    I could use this :)

  • Magomet

    I would like one

  • ping_of_death

    Faithful reader here! Hook a brother up!

  • http://stevenroose.be Steven Roose

    I started with the Android Dev guide from Google 2 times but always had to quit because I hadnt the time for it or it was to difficultly explained...
    Would really like this one!

  • Eric

    Love to be able to learn this!

  • Andrew

    This would give me reason to start developing.

  • Alex

    I would love to learn to make adroid apps!

  • Luis

    Send it to Portugal!!!!
    For me!!!!

  • John A.

    Looking expand into Android development and this looks like a great place to start.

  • GJ27

    The beauty of the written word!

  • Josh

    Nice. A great book on Android development.

  • http://technomixer.blogspot.com/ Sachin

    Trying programming android applications nowadays and still learning ,having this book will be a boon to my quest to learn android application development.So please count me in.

  • Me

    ooooh that would be nice.

  • Shawn

    Oh, that'd be awesome to win

  • elacu

    I hope I win so I can learn more about Android programming.

  • aaa

    I have an app idea that I have not seen in the Market yet...

  • Tomaco

    I want to create apps for Android!

  • Kaz

    c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.. let me win, let me win, let me win....

  • Warrick Wilson

    Frer dev books and tools are always great

  • Maak

    I doing the youtube tutorials now, this book would be awesome. Pick me, pick me. Thanks.

  • Adam

    Pick me. I never win anything. :(

  • Augustine Correa

    My next phone most definitely is going to be an Android...And I want to build myself a customized app for it.

  • DaveM

    Android Rules. Long live android.

  • Jesse

    Could be something beneficial to learn while I'm unemployed.

  • mikk

    Need this one badly

  • DarkMeister

    Would LOVE to read this!

  • Ramen

    I want to start developing apps as soon as I can and contribute to the Android Market :)

  • Feltron

    Please teach me how to create stuff for your entertainment.

  • Mostafa

    Seems like a great book.

  • http://www.guydonges.com thom jones

    Throwing my hat in the ring, too. Looks like a great book.

  • AK

    YO yo YO, we need get some brotha's some android help. Plzhlp! kthxbai!

  • Ryan

    Always looking for more good books on Android.

  • Gabriel

    I could use some help getting off the ground with development

  • J Rush

    I have actually discussed Android Development with Cameron (The Editor for Android Police), and being a real Android enthusiast, I could use this book to it's full potential. That is, if I win.

  • http://inspiredbyfiction.blogspot.com Megan

    We posted about your giveaway at Winning Readings

  • just gene

    great books for us true geeks

  • Ralph

    I bought an android phone just for the sake of want to make some apps. this book could help me, if and only if i win.

  • Bobs

    Free book! Me want free book.

  • Rabia

    I love to have it.

  • alex logvin

    I'd love a copy :)

  • Sean

    ohh.. this should help me adapt the nasa app to have a movable camera and all :p

  • txsrooster

    so with over 515 entries...I can see myself winning cause I like the odds.

  • http://plus.psylink.net Scott Psylink Rager

    I ate a frog leg today

  • affliction

    this is good timing because i am looking into developing on android

  • [nordis]

    Android dev FTW ;)

  • Yuri

    Want to win this :)

  • HeavyD

    Android4Life :)

  • Jim

    A little text is a good motivator in physical form.

  • MrManiacNF

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  • Raviteja


  • Force

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  • Rahul

    Thank You for the opportunity @ :)

  • ErOR

    I. Want. It.

    Thanks :D

  • Coco hime

    I wanna get MADE into a ANDROID DEV plz!

  • delarus

    I really love Androidpolice (It's one of my most viewed pages in Chrome :)
    I hope I'll win this so I can program my own student's app... the other one's till now suck (I'm Swiss and there's no good one for our system with the marks)

  • RichardA

    Worth a shot, right? Would be awesome to learn to create my own Android apps :)


  • http://www.meukinc.nl Patrick van Oostrom

    I'd love a book AP!

  • Brad

    I WANT one, been trying to get started for a while

  • Brad

    I've always wanted to learn...

  • Elite Supersonic User

    Android develpoment I like the sound.

  • Arunas

    i dont like to spamm in comments but THIS is right what i need!

  • Ladwinster

    Give me one. Please!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAH833

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  • Sanjeev

    i want to be a Android dev

  • Chris Welch

    I want one please!

  • http://www.geekswithguns.com Wil Dobson

    Wow! this is exactly what I need! I've been going through video tutorials; I've used App INventor, I've purchased 'beginning android', but I need something to get me moving FAST... I'm already a #C programmer for ASP.NET and I need a primer for the Android framework!

  • Ben

    Really want to get into Android development.

  • DriftDevil

    im a computer science major so i want to learn.

  • Vision77

    Yep....I could use this to step my game up....

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    i love android yeah yeah yeah.
    can i program them...no not yet!

  • RockinEvo

    I have what their havin

  • Brad

    This is something I have been wanting to learn...just haven't taken the time to sit down and figure it out. The book would definitely help!

  • Fuji

    Would like to learn more about Android basics, and this book would be a good start

  • suco

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  • http://www.gplus.to/mikewallace I_Artist

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  • Steve T

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  • John Armington

    Pick me please.

  • Dave

    I was just looking into learning about Android Development... I have been an apple Ipod/iphone/Ipad guy but a book like this could draw me away from apple and closer to android. I'm scheduled to get a new phone in December, will it be an iphone or an android phone. Guess time will tell.

  • Mike Kilar

    Work handed us EVO4Gs this past spring. As a remote field service engineer, i am looking into the possibility of developing some apps to help myself and my fellow coworkers do our jobs more efficiently.

  • Dan

    This book would get me started..

  • Liam Harper

    Awesome. Thanks, Android Police :)

  • derekuda

    Count me in pls.

  • Ryan O.

    I just wanna make apps! I need a book to do it!

  • JinRoh

    I'll give it a try :)

  • Naing Aung

    Nice !! The book would be very useful for college students .

  • MichaelPham

    Oh boy I can't wait to learnz!

  • mglj

    Never won in these contests...hope i get it this time!

  • techvudu

    What are we going to do today Brain? Same thing we do every day Pinky, code Android and take over the internets....muhahahha

  • jyklmj

    Hope to win...want to make some apps.

  • JoeDirt2217

    Me please!!!! Would love to learn.

  • mvaleriani

    Would appreciate!

  • Anders E. S. Pedersen

    I'd really appreciate it! You rock! :D

  • Jesse Clark

    I would appreciate the book. I'd tell it that it was special and buy it flowers.

  • Clayton

    Best of luck to everybody :)

  • Nirmit

    Give me one... :)

  • Tim

    I'd love to program me some Android!

  • Matt

    Learning Java in school and this would be a great supplement to it!

  • oscilloscopa

    Cool Giveaway :)

  • William Hughes

    This is an excellent giveaway. I am a programmer at heart and having this would make my dive into Android development that much better!

  • Bob

    who wouldn't want to win this contest and help take Android development to the next level

  • Tom

    My chances are currently 1:576. :-/

  • doroiodo

    I'd love to have this book, since I am unemployed and I have to create myself a new job. I am already studying Java now.

  • http://www.xoomout.com Jordan

    Gimme teh buuk. Tanx.

  • andrew – des moines

    24 hours? Sounds good to me...

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    I hope all my ideas can be transform into application by studying the book

  • Anjie Cai


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    Nice giveaways !

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  • Hector

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  • Doug

    I love to learn new things. It would be amazing if I was one of the lucky ones chosen for this great deal. I am a person who likes to think outside the box. Android is the future and to become a member of its technical community would be off the chain. Thank you for your consideration. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • http://creativezane.sg Zane

    Seems like a pretty nice book to own! Could help get me back into Android Dev since I stopped at Android 1.6.

  • Lars Lindqvist

    I usually never win, but this one would be fun to win.

  • Boky3000

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  • Spartan062

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    I'd love to get this book in hard copy. I've been trying to learn Adroid App development for a while and have learned several other languages from the Sam's series :)

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  • FuzzySheep

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  • Jennifer B

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    I would wanna own that book!~! Can't help but wonder how to develop apps on android platform when you start using it. feels weird with limited apps so wanna try to do my own but can't seem to learn it off google.

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