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Last Updated: September 11th, 2011

We're continuing our big giveaway-spree with another book giveaway from informIT. This time around, we've partnered up to award five copies of yet another book to help aspiring developers along their way.

Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours

This go-round we're giving away Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours (2nd ed.), written by Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder, published by Sams just over a month ago (the phrase "hot off the presses" seems to apply nicely).

The 512-page book is quite comprehensive:

Android is the world's #1 mobile development platform, and with the new Android 3.0, it's becoming as popular for tablets as it is for smartphones. If you are a beginner, in just 24 lessons of one hour or less, this friendly, full-color book will help you master modern Android development. You can build a fully-featured app from scratch, learning all the skills you'll need to create your own. Each lesson builds on prior chapters, providing a solid foundation for success. This edition is thoroughly updated for Android's newest features and development tools, while still supporting the popular Android 2.0. Coverage includes:

  • Using Eclipse to write apps quickly and efficiently
  • Understanding the application lifecycle
  • Building robust, friendly user interfaces
  • Retrieving, storing, and using data
  • Adding network, social, and location-based features
  • Supporting the camera and other hardware
  • Internationalizing, testing, and publishing apps

Revised and simplified step-by-step instructions with full-color screenshots walk you through key tasks... updated Q and As, Quizzes, and Exercises test your knowledge..."Did You Know?" tips offer insider advice..."Watch Out!" alerts help you avoid problems. By the time you're finished, you won't just understand core Android concepts: you'll be comfortable writing, testing, and publishing your own new apps.

You can check out and purchase the book on Amazon or informIT's website, but surely you're here to see if you can win a free copy.

How To Win

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them here.

As with the other book giveaways, entering the contest is fairly simple: leave a comment (reply) on this post - but be sure to include your email address in the "Mail" column so that we can contact you should you win! If you don't include your email, your submission will not count! The comment doesn't have to be anything special, as the winners will be chosen at random. The contest will run until September 8 at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be chosen shortly after.

Once again, this contest is open to everyone in the world!

Good luck!

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Samir Makwana

    Have an app idea... wish to win this book to make it quickly for android.

  • April Johnson

    holy cow lots of posts... hopefully I get picked as one of the lucky winners!

  • http://electrojelly.wordpress.com Emmanuel

    Android is the manifestation of the Google philosophy: Keep it public, keep it free and don't be evil.

  • Derek

    So my girlfriend doesn't like how im addicted to technology. She said the day you actual make something for everyone to use, I wont care how much you use technology. With this book, maybe I can finally be "free" and prove her wrong because she believes I will never be able to make an app. Come on Android Police, help out a dear reader.

  • huntinwabbits

    pick me pick me

  • aijay

    Amazing, love android. nice to have book to get wide knowledge about it.

  • Joel LLanos

    Yeah, I wanna win that book!

  • Felipe

    Really great !!!

  • Chong Jeunn Hao

    I so want to teach myself how to develop android stuffs... Huge thanks to Android Police for giving me the chance to be able to do that

  • Lance Feldman

    I am reading the First Edition of this book online at SafariBooks. It is a nice tutorial with an excellent example program that you develop as you go through each hour (chapter) of the book. I'd love having a hardcopy of the Second Edition.

  • Clayton Chu

    As a starving college student, I'm devving for Android to make a little side money. This book would be super useful to help feed me :)

  • Piyush Shah

    Awesome ! ! ! ! I'd love to have it.