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US Cellular released an update today for the Samsung Galaxy Mesmerize that brings a number of enhancements to the device, including Android 2.3.4. For those unfamiliar with the Mesmerize, it's a Galaxy S phone packing some modest specs:

  • 4-inch 480x800 Super AMOLED display
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2GB storage
  • 5MP rear shooter, VGA front cam

2011-08-30 12h38_58

With the addition of Gingerbread, Mesmerize owners will be able to rock all of the latest-and-greatest that Android has to offer, including improved power management, speed and UI enhancements, more control over running processes and applications, a better keyboard, and a lot more.

This update will erase all user data from the device, so make sure to perform a backup before proceeding!

For more information, head over to US Cellular's Software Update page, or to get straight to the goods, go here. Enjoy!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Marco

    That's nice. Damn where's the update for the Epic? :(

  • William Aleman

    I'm still waiting for the Gingerbread update in my samsung captivate.

  • Reid

    Doesn't delete all your data like they say. It's actually really quick and painless besides downloading the 400+ mb update program. It left all my apps, widgets, homescreens, and everything in place the way it was. Just updated the look of everything. Pretty killer.

  • Aaron

    Mes does NOT have a front camera!!

  • Phil

    Glitch I noticed...After you answer a voice call and hang up your phone tells you that you have a voicemail when you really don't.

  • Becky

    Having issues with the simple upgrade tool. Will not give me the next button on the first screen.

    • Mark

      Becky, I have the same issue. Does any one know how to get a good download

    • Gordon

      I am having the same issue. I am running XP sp3.

      • Bob

        I am having same problem, windows 7 home version :(

      • Harold

        I am having the same problem!

  • angie

    Also has a glitch with email. Says there is 1 in the in the inbox when there is 0. Tried deleting email account and readded but same result. Says 1 but is 0.

    • Tasha

      If you haven't done so already, You might want to check your other labels cuz it could be in your spam folder

  • Oneredeemer

    Mes does have a front cam but samsung wouldnt let us cell use it for some reason.... Have some friends that updated and now having problems....

  • Rachelle

    Things I have noticed since my upgrade...touchscreen not as good (when i make a call, several #s missed, doesn't always pick up the phone on the first swipe) - camera sucks now - cannot bluetooth files to my husband who has the same phone (which i could before the upgrade) - random freezing

  • Tasha

    I recently got the gingerbread update and so far I am only having one problem, and I can't seem to figure it out.
    When I do a google search, it shows the top ten, I choose one, read it and then close the window to try and return to search results. Here is where I have the problem, How do I get it to return to search results instead of backing all the way out of search completely?

    • Joseph

      actually I have that problem pre-update. If you do a search and then hit the search button on the Google page (effectively redoing the same search) then it's OK. I think that was a Google mobile site mistake not the OS.

  • Mo

    So I'm currently downloading the gingerbread update as I type this reply. My mesmerize has been doing this weird thing where it will delete every single text on it and then later "try" to "recover" them but it recovers old texts from months ago. When its trying to recover them, it runs my battery down and runs the phone really slow as well as basically not letting the phone work at all. It just freezes up and blacks out. My question is basically: Will this update fix this problem?

    • Tasha

      My phone was actually doing the same thing BEFORE I upgraded the software. When I took it to US Cell. to be repaired, they said it was a software issue and they could not attempt to fix it until I got the update, and since the update that problem has been fixed but the phone does seem to be slower...hope this helps : )

    • Tasha

      My phone was actually doing the same thing BEFORE I upgraded the software. When I took it to US Cell. to be repaired, they said it was a software issue & they could not fix it until I got the update, and since the update that problem has been fixed but the phone does seem to be slower...hope this helps : )

  • Danielle

    i just got the update about 10 minutes ago and i am already furious. for some reason i cant receive any texts or even open up my messages, it goes straight to force close. it is very slow and my phone keeps restarting every 2 minutes. i am not sure about what i should do...

  • chelsea

    Does the newest mesmerize not have a front camera? I know the difference between a camera and a sensor and that's a camera on my phone...

  • Tracey

    I'm just wondering how do I get to my bookmarks I have established. I have Mesmerize and upgraded to Gingerbread and now I can save bookmarks, but can't find button to retrieve them. Help.

  • http://www.uscellular.com herb


  • Jennifer Niles

    Updated to the latest OS 2.3 Gingerbread. issues I have is...
    1) I cannot bluetooth to my computer, force close (GRRRRR I'm emailing myself the photos what a pain)
    2) With my Ford Fusion, there are issues receiving the call through my hands free bluetooth, I'll hit OK/Green slider on my phone and the caller is there briefly then drops the call. GRRRRR
    3) The screen capture feature is really hard to get working, when I get it working then I can't seem to turn it off! I had to reboot phone to get rid of that.
    4)My autocorrect is ticked on the keyboard feature but it is not showing up when I'm texting? I really miss that autocorrect, made texting much quicker.
    5) I turned off the vibrate keypad pressing, seems to make typing slower with that on?
    I sure hope they make these fixes ESPECIALLY the Bluetooth issue!! That is the whole point of having a smartphone using it with bluetooth devices!

  • B-rad

    Since my upgrade my keyboard is slow and fakls to type in all the letters. When I manually lock my phone it locks and turns on the music player. The word equilizer is is spelled "equiliser" in the musjc player p

  • Jason Rotruck

    Update made browser unstable, battery seams to drain even faster than before. It will jump from 20% to dead in a second. Crashes allot & google maps freezes up everytime. Samsung Mesmerize.