In order to combat weak signal-strength inside the home, T-Mobile will unleash a new program that offers signal boosters to its customers beginning on September 7th. The boosters will increase the available signal of T-Mo's 3G and 4G networks, but, like with most things, has certain downfalls:

  • Signal Boosters are not available in multi-family residence (i.e. apartment, condo, etc)
  • You must be able to receive at last one bar of 3G service anywhere within the house
  • The booster is T-Mobile's property and a fee of up to $500 may be charged if the device is damaged or not returned upon cancellation
  • The booster will require a two-year agreement with the associated line

Screen-Shot-2011-08-29-at-4.08.16-PMwtmk Screen-Shot-2011-08-29-at-4.08.36-PMwtmk

Despite the fact that a two-year agreement is required and the user is held responsible for any possible damages, the booster will not cost any additional monthly charges.

With all things considered, though, this is still good news for users who need a signal boost but aren't willing to ditch Team Magenta.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://tcfpodcast.tk/ John F

    What? It is their property? I hope they offer some kind of warranty or insurance.

  • http://none.com Kai

    Sprint offered these free a few months ago as well but without the "Non-Apartment" limitation and minus 4G. Looks like a good bet for anybody who needs one.

  • Joshua

    I'm actually setting up my free sprint one right now.

  • mike

    Fyi i'm on my 3rd sprint one :O FAIL

  • Did

    Why would you need that if you have Wi-Fi calling?

    I can understand if you have a phone that doesn't have it, but otherwise it's not very useful and the new agreement and other restrictions make it even more of a hassle.

  • charles

    I am really not feeling this, what's the deal, and how would this help me? I live in an apartment, what about when I a step out to the store.

  • PhineasJW

    I get a signal at my house, but only Verizon's signal is able to penetrate my workplace, which is a one-story building with plenty of windows.

    T-Mobile should be addressing this market. I know a lot more people in work would be considering other carriers if they could actually get a signal while sitting at their desk.

    So, I'm wondering if I can order the T-Mobile booster and bring it to work? If it's prohibited, how would they know?

  • Al

    For the person saying wifi calling is good enough. 911 situation and ur wifi or internet is down. Can't make a call ;)

  • http://www.cel-fi.co.uk Jay K

    These are similar in nature to Nextivity boxes and are effective on a small scale (i.e. houses, small offices)

  • http://www.gsmbooster.co.uk/?cPath=89_92 t-mobile signal booster

    Well, my experience with T-Mobile network isn't too bad and rarely I have faced signal trouble and bad coverage issues. Though, using a signal booster for improving signal strength of your cellular signal strength can be productive idea.

  • Todd Radel

    Too late. I (and my customers and coworkers) got tired of their deteriorating network and switched to Verizon.