If you've been waiting for the chance to "feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere," then you're in luck - EA Sports has just released Madden NFL 12, the first Madden game to land in the Android Market. Bringing impressive animation, smooth controls and a host of real NFL teams and players, this game promises to bring everything you love about EA's Madden line to the palm of your hand.

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Madden NFL 12 also brings playbooks, stat tracking, and the ability to play through a 16-game season or seasonal playoffs. At $6.99, Madden 12 is a bit on the high-side, but at least it adds one more entry to Android's selection of quality games.

Liam Spradlin
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  • shaneledford

    not supported on G2x or transformer... wtf ?

  • Zack

    Galaxy Tab isn't supported either.....wtf?

  • ogtnasty

    Not supported on Toshiba Thrive Either..WTF?

  • young

    Not supported on samsung intercept. So does that mean I will get my money back for downloading it just to find out it doesn't work on my phone?

  • http://unknow craig

    Not supported on Herotab X5A, I want my money back too

  • http://ywah turtl3

    Yeah it just let me buy it on my Bionic and it let me download it for a few days and now I can't even download it because it says my phone is not supported I want my money back that's theft!

  • jman

    Lets me download, but does not let me play on my G2...WTF

  • Johnj6966

    Why advertise it and get everybody all excited then not put it on g2x or anything.....plus I would love to see ncaa football on my g2x