We told you about Rogers' plan to bring LTE to the Toronto area this morning, which included a mention of the LTE infused Galaxy S II. More information about this monster device has now surfaced, and it is chocked full of upgrades.

Aside from the inclusion of LTE connectivity, this device will be housing a 1.5GHz processor (most likely Exynos), NFC, and a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display, making this the most likely candidate for beastliest device of the year.

No exact release date is available just yet, only that it will be available sometime this fall. Congrats, Canada - I'm officially jealous.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Sleeepy2

    But the main question is will it be (easily) rootable

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      Samsung devices always are as they don't lock down their devices like their competitors do.

      • Elvis

        HTC is the best in that sense though.. Get it? Sense? Hahaha!

        • Chris

          On the contrary, HTC has been locking down bootloaders. They have only been making concessions recently due to widespread protests.

          Samsung and perhaps LG appear to be the most modder friendly companies.

  • Drayon

    Shouldn't the name be GS II LTE plus?

  • Elvis

    breastliest? Let's not discredit the prime just yet... I mean 720p.... :o

  • MannyLegacy

    @ Elvis.......That's EXACTLY what I was just thinking!!

    So my buddy that's an Engineer for the "Big Red" text me this morning,..."Just got a Nexus Prime to play with,....BADASS!!". He said it was running Ice-Cream Sammich BETA. He was looking to pick up an iPhone 5, but he might be thinking twice now lol

    • Flippy125

      Could you please ask him for a system dump or ask him to contact me on XDA? (Same username as here) Could we also get some more specs?

    • jack

      that implies that rogers will get the prime.
      ask him what is the battery life. and how long will it take in his opinion for rogers to get it

  • Ribbys

    I have a Captivate on Rogers and like how it will accept i9000/SGS international ROM's.

    Rogers's LTE network is pretty small so far, just in Ottawa so this is mostly a PR stunt IMO.

  • Tony