Shortly after the HTC Sensation was released, we covered a seemingly random issue with the touchscreen. Not all Sensation owners experienced this issue, and it's still relatively unknown what the exact cause of the problem is.

However, one of the theories formed on XDA is that it's a grounding issue on some devices. On others, though, the issue seems to be completely software related. If you can easily solve the problem by rebooting or a factory reset, then the fix outlined below will not work for you. If, however, this doesn't remedy the problem - even temporarily - then you should continue reading.

Android Police will not be held responsible for any damage done to your device while attempting the below fix. Proceed at your own risk.

So, what's the issue?

The problem seems to lie with the grounding pin, which resides under the back cover. There are two relatively simple solutions that can correct the issue -- but again, it may not work for everyone. Let's have a look.

The Fixe(s)

Both fixes serve basically the same purpose, just offer different methods of achieving the end result. The first one involves pulling out a tiny metal pin on the device itself that sits just below the back cover:


Once you locate the pin, simply slide something under it - a safety pin, small screwdriver, etc - and gently pull it out. Keep in mind this should be a very subtle movement, as you could easily break the pin. The goal is to have the pin come in contact with the opposing metal plate on the inside of the battery cover, thus alleviating the intermittent touchscreen issues.

Like I said, the second fix revolves around the same basic principal: to create a better connection between between the two components. This time, though, instead of working on the phone itself, you're going to be working with the battery cover.

Firstly, if you haven't already, remove the battery cover and find the small metal plate:


Got it? Great. Now, grab some aluminum foil and fold it over a few times and place it on top of the square, ensuring good contact between the two. Once finished, carefully put the cover back on, making sure to leave the foil in place (or else it defats the purpose).


The second solution will work as a good trial run without having to physically alter the device in any way. Once you confirm that it works, you can then perform the other action if you choose. For a more permanent solution, you could drop a bit of solder on the square plate, also allowing for a better connection. This, however, is something that I wouldn't recommend, especially if you've never worked with solder before.

For more information, check out this thread on XDA. Good luck!

Thanks, Brian!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Joris

    So it has te be a hardware issue?
    Because recently HTC has released the software to unlock your device and nothing has changed since?

  • http://ps-udad.blogspot.com/ Luke

    I completely believe that this is a grounding issue. The only time that I have touchscreen issues is when my phone is plugged in; and then, only sometimes. Grounding makes perfect Sense(tm)

  • Craig

    Out of interest - if this was a grounding issue, shouldn't the problem go away if you connect the phone to an earthed desktop PC via the USB cable? I'm not suggestion this as a solution, but as a possible test?

  • Phone Guy

    Its definitely a grounding issue. If I plug my phone into a Motorola made charger, the phone charges fine, but I can not get responsiveness from the screen. If I plug the phone into the official charger, it doesn't respond about 1/3 the time rather than almost 100% with the wrong brand.

    Now, if my phone is in the rubber case I bought at T-mobile, eventually it stops responding on the screen. To answer a call, I must pull the phone out of the case and then boom, the screen suddenly becomes responsive.

    If I have the phone plugged into the power charging case that I bought at T-Mobile, the second case I bought, its the same thing until I pull it out of the case. However, since the new update to the newest software, even out of the case or not connected to the wall, I am getting the problem more and more.

    I have gone ahead and moved the pin just slightly and will report back later to see if that helped with the grounding issue.

  • mk1

    This didn't help for me even one bit. This is my second Sensation (returned the first one because of the unresponsiveness/grounding issue) and I'm pissed to run into this problem again. Fucking lame.

    • fh1

      Htc is a worst phone because of its touch screen problems. I am facing the same too.

  • http://android.3xforum.ro Bogdan

    I am getting this problem more and more

  • TeeGee

    OMG... this sucks (the Sensation I mean...no puns here).
    So HTC is ignoring this or something? Shouldn't they make a recall of the Sensation? Thank God I stuck to my SGS (with no GPS issues ...GPS works well,albeit sometimes takes 30s to lock-on in urban areas,but it really depends on how I configured it :) )

  • http://www.httpsocial.com James

    I think the problem is solved by buying the updated version, the XE.


  • Cormac

    Getting exactly the same issue on a Wildfire S, which has an all plastic and glass case, so nowhere for an external ground connection to be made.

    The android update combined with this leaves me unable to answer about 80% of the calls I get. Before that I could answer the phone even with the poor screen response.

  • Phat_mallon

    Ive been having trouble  all day with my touch screen not working but i just pulled the tab out some and know its working fine with cover on or off. Thank you saved me from having a 600$ pager 

  • Bener

    I had the same issue, running ARHD rom - changed to Cyanogenmod 10.1 and my problem was gone.
    I tried the pin fix but it didn't work.

  • ACD

    The aluminium foil trick worked a dream. Thank you.

  • MickeyAsamoah

    Would this work on the HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 4G? Because i am having touch screen issues. When using the phone, the touchscreen just becomes unresponsive until i lock and unlock the device then it begins to work. It used to happen once in hours but now it keeps on happening in minutes.

    • Taylor

      I seem to be having the exact same issue on my HTC Sensation. Weird. Different device - same manufacturer.

  • Dani

    I have the same problem but with an HTC Sensation XL and i can't find the grounding pin. Does anyone know where it is? Thank you!

  • Rehan Ali Khan

    I am Rehan from Pakistan, I have Sensation XE IT has the same pin as shown in the pic but in battery cover it doesnt have any square in battery cover, if I place aluminium foil in back cover would It will work, help me as soon as possible..........!!!!!

  • Derek Brinkmann

    I have had my sensation for a while and it just started to acked up but not just with the pull ring. I tried the above mentioned fix and it worked like a charm. Funny thing is that after i viewed the second photo I dont beleave mine ever had the small strip.
    Oh well! The fix fixed my broken phone.
    Thank you.

  • Thilina Wimalapriya

    This was very very helpful for me. Thank you very much for sharing this info with us. Thank you again.

  • jim

    I have a htc desire and at times when I touch the screen nothing happens what could it be?