Nope, Verizon still hasn't changed its mind about skipping the Galaxy S II, but if BGR's latest exclusive proves to be true, Android fans on Big Red needn't be disappointed. Indeed, the carrier is said to be launching the Samsung DROID Prime - likely a rebranded version of the long-rumored Nexus Prime - as early as this October.

The DROID Prime's primary claim to fame will, of course, be its operating system: BGR says it'll be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device on the market. The blog didn't list any specs, but if the DROID Prime (or, if you prefer model numbers, SCH-i515) and the Nexus Prime are in fact one and the same, you can expect a 4.5-inch HD AMOLED display coupled with a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU.

Unfortunately, it will reportedly remain a Verizon exclusive for some time, leaving Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile customers in a cold, dark world with no Ice Cream Sandwich to speak of. A terrible fate.

Source: BGR

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • Joey

    If this is true, then for the first time since the beginning of the touch-screen smartphone era, I am actually happy to be on Verizon!

    • Elvis

      + 1 to that Joey... Short of the Droid 1... Which got pwned by the nexus one after not to long lol

  • Bo

    Besides ics, in what way is it putting GSII to shame? Will it be missing an SD slot like Nexus? The way I see it, GSII might have the advantage in hardware, just not immediate ICS.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Well if the previously rumored specs are true, the Prime will likely have a larger display and a faster CPU than the GSII variants. And having ICS out of the box will be a huge advantage, especially if other manufacturers are going to take their time releasing an OTA.

      • Elvis

        Not to mention vanilla Android and not touchwhiz

  • Cryogenic

    Now, here's to hoping it is actually a NEXUS device and not just Verizon taking the Nexus device, locking it down and throwing a ton of bloat on it. The fact that they're calling it the DROID Prime and not the Nexus Prime worries me a little bit. Thankfully, Samsung's usually pretty open with their bootloaders.

  • http://donothaveone.com Ben

    I cannot see that being an "exclusive" for very long because most of all the Nexus line of phone come to multiple networks fairly quickly. Also it would get away from the Google naming of the "Nexus". I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • Drayon

    As long as the nexus is released at the same time in Europe. Then I don't care over what carrier you guy's have to fight.

  • Firelight

    If anything it'll be exclusive for like a quarter (90 days) - so VZW will get a bump with it ... except there is no indication this will have LTE either!

  • bishop

    I was going to post basically the same info today. I talked to a friend over the weekend who works for Samsung in their promotions department Andy said the prime with be Verizon and should have an Oct release. He says it is a bad ass phone and can't wait for it himself

    Ohh its LTE too much to my dismay. I don't need the speed and don't want to pay for it but man do I want this phone

    • http://androidpolice.com jselt

      (Andy's boss quickly calls him into their office and wants to know how his name ended up on a droid forum.) ;-]

  • http://www.psycho.ziggy471.com psycho_maniac_

    totally agree with Cryogenic, Hoping this is a true nexus device. The Droid naming here scares me.

  • Bizzell

    Droid Prime if not vanilla with updates direct from Google will make my head explode & likely leave Verizon. I do nit want a new phone every 1 or 2 years, I want one for several years I don't have to jailbreak,. Need it powerful enough to absorb future updates with relevant future tech like NFC.

  • Tim

    It's just the supposed name change from "Nexus" to "DROID" that worries me as well. I was waiting around with my Droid X still for the next Nexus device because I wasn't settling for anything less. I don't want this to be released as the supposed next Nexus device then in about 4 months have the actual Nexus Prime released.

  • truth

    i find it hard to believe that google will allow a "Droid" to be the first phone with ICS and not a Nexus

    • Scott

      The original Motorola Droid was a flagship device for Eclair, and wasn't a Nexus. I realize that each new OS version flagship after the Droid was a Nexus, but Verizon seems to want to do things their way. I think the naming of "Droid" is their way of differentiating Android phones from iOS and other smartphone platforms, so maybe Verizon will get flagship phones but never call them Nexus?

  • Esgar

    Are you serious ? Puts the gs2 to shame.! Not even

  • L boogie

    If it's a 2ghz dual core, exynos/ ti omap 4470 running cpu, 2gb of ram, superb battery management, 2100mah battery, 32/64gb of internal storage, quality 12mp/4mp rear/ front facing camera, 1080p hd
    capabilities, HDMI, timely updates etc all wrapped in a sexy package that's how the prime would beat the galaxy s2 or maybe I just described the prime 2/ galaxy s3/ incredible 3d/ evo 4d/ bionic 3, who knows.

    • Esgar

      Now you talking

      • L boogie

        Oh yeah, LITTLE TO NO BLOATWARE AND NO BING..... Heard the reason for verizon not picking up the gs2 was because it wont be able to compete with the iphone5. Funny because unless verizon was in the dark over the last several months, the gs2 has been a runaway success all over the world except the u.s and giving the specs of this sexy powerhouse, don't know how they came to that conclusion (well besides the legal battle issue, not going there) but lets see what droid (nexus) prime would bring besides android 4.0 & ice cream and hopefully, the eventual fall/ extinction if fragmentation

        • L boogie

          Fall/ extinction of fragmentation, hopefully..... What about the 4g/lte aspects as well as nfc or google wallet? Between this, Vigor, bionic and upcoming super phones, looks like vzw finally saw the light

  • Noel

    HOLD IT EVERYONE...i see NO WAY that the said Droid Prime (i515) is the replacement for the real new Nexus phone. Lets remember earlier rumors stated there will be other ICS branded devices to be released simultaneously with the new Nexus. The Droid Prime is Verizons ICS flagship device and not a Nexus. There is NO WAY Google will forgo their NEXUS moniker bcz of Verizon wanting an ICS device..common ppl lets use some common sense here. I can maybe see the Nexus coming to Verizon but it will never loose the Nexus moniker. I am not in the know at Google but i can guarantee there will be a real Nexus phone coming out in a cpl of months..probably made by Samsung or HTC. Before we go jumping around that the Droid Prime is the actual Nexus phone..let's not forget that there is another 4.65" 720p Super Amoled HD screen ICS device by Samsung (I9250) which i think might be the real Nexus..that is if Samsung is the chosen OEM by Google. On the other hand just maybe another OEM like HTC might emerge as the one called upon by Google to do the honors. I will bet my bottom dollar that Droid prime ain't no Nexus 3. Andy Rubin and co..have a shinny new NEXUS some where in the basement of Google campus waiting to be outed. That's all he said folks.

    • L boogie

      Good analysis Noel, there is a difference between sch-i515 & i9250 specs wise but not by much hopefully it runs vanilla android 4.0 very smoothly with exynos or omap 4470 unless htc designs the nexus and creates a supersonic version of the nexus one with the latest specs to provide the best of vanilla android.

      • Joel

        "supersonic version of the nexus one with the latest specs to provide the best of vanilla android."

        Do want.

  • Waazzupppp

    And if the Charge was $299 at release, this puppy is going to be $399 w/2yr and $699 off contract...

    Does look like an impressive little monster though...

  • Ian

    4.5" and 4.63"??? Ummmmmm isn't annoying worried about actually fitting these GINORMOOOUUSSSSS phones in there pockets? I could imagine a chick carrying these in her purse but almost 5 inches is beyond impractical in my opinion.

  • Pete Thomas

    Can anyone compare and contrast this phone with the Droid Bionic, due out in a couple of weeks, apparently? Both 4G, but how do they compare, otherwise? What do we get with our "Ice Cream Sandwich?"