Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

Back in April, before Toshiba had officially revealed the name of its upcoming tablet, one Babyfacemagee did some serious detective work to figure out that it would be called the Thrive - and ended up being dead-on. Fast-forward a few months, and we're hearing rumors of a new, slimmer, sexier Galaxy Tab-fighter from Toshiba.

While we've yet to hear (or see) anything official from the company, Babyfacemagee seems to have come through with the name once again. This time around, it seems that the tablet will (quite fittingly) be dubbed the Excite.

So, what do we have by way of proof?

  1. U.S. Trademark filings from Toshiba America Information Systems for "EXCITE" under the category "Tablet Computers."
  2. Domains like 'excitetablet.com,' 'excitetablet.net,' toshibaexcite.com,' 'toshibaexcite.net,' and 'thetoshibaexcite.com' have all been registered by Toshiba and redirect to a Toshiba site.

Add the two together - and the fact that this exact same method proved to be accurate last time - and you've got pretty compelling proof that this is going to be the name of an upcoming Toshiba tablet.

What's not clear, though, are further details. As this is the only active tablet trademark aside from the Thrive, it seems safe to assume this will be the name of the tablet we've already heard about, but there's still a chance it could be another tablet entirely. Similarly, if it's not the tablet we've already heard about (or if any of those details were wrong), then it's certainly possible this isn't going to be an Android tablet.

Still, with all that in mind, I have to say: I like our odds on this one.

[Thanks again, Babyfacemagee!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • L boogie

    Given the rumored specs so far about this upcoming tablet, the name fits the bill and if it fixes some/ all of the flaws from big brother thrive then Toshiba has a potential knockout here.

  • Roger

    Toshiba soured several consumers I'm sure with issues on the Thrive: Screen, SOD, and completely screwed up the sound, or serious lack thereof, I should say. I don't think they're going to find too many Thrive owners willing to be 400 dollar beta testers all over again or anytime in the future with their products. Especially if the issues w/ their recently purchased tablets don't get addressed and Toshiba just blows them off and moves on.

  • Borat

    Oh ho ho vedy nice! I am excite!