The original Elixir, developed by Tamás Barta, is a powerhouse of system information and control, giving the user quick access to an ocean of information about their device. Earlier this week the same developer introduced Elixir 2, a sizeable improvement over an already handy app.

The most practical improvements in Elixir 2 are the enhanced system info tools, allowing the user to get a quick look at a comprehensive list of system information, including hardware, software, sensors, status, services, etc. The app also enables customizable widgets that display the most pertinent information on your home screen, including toggles for several functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

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Elixir 2 also offers the ability to view and test all of the device's sensors from one screen. The array of app information has also been upped, allowing for the user to view sub-processes, size, resource usage, and the ability to move to SD or uninstall quickly and easily. For advanced users, Elixir can also check Logcat and Dmesg logs.

The Personal and Admin Addons for Elixir 2 are also handy. Elixer's Personal Addon is an additional app that works with Elixir 2, allowing the user to edit default actions and behaviors for contacts, SMS interactions, and emails. The Admin Addon allows Elixir the control of functions that require administrative privileges, in the same way many security apps require admin privileges to push and pull information from your device.

If you are the type of user who wants complete control and knowledge of their Android device and you weren't already a fan of Elixir, now is the perfect time to check out its latest iteration.

[via Addictive Tips]

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  • owoios

    I'm pretty sure it's "Elixir", not "ElixEr". Great app, though:)

  • Ray

    Is it recommended to remove the original elixir? I have so many widgets already created. Will I be able to import the data from those? Will there be garbage left behind if I don't clear app data first? This article should have addressed these questions. So too should the app description.???

    • Marco

      Just redo your freaking Widgets it's a free app jeez

      • Ray

        If you don't know the answer to my question, kindly shut up. I didn't complain, I asked a question.

        • Marco

          Well your ??? at the end confirms you as a whiner and in the time it took you to reply you could've downloaded the app and get a response to all of your "questions"(whines) Anyway have fun B-)

    • Tamás

      >Is it recommended to remove the original elixir

      No, you can use them together

      > Will I be able to import the data from those

      No, the two version of not compatible

      • Ray

        Thank you. I appreciate the information.

  • Ray

    Again, if you don't have an answer... You don't even have a useful comment.

  • xnifex

    Man the new widgets look ugly compared to v1! I'll stick with the first version

    • Tamás

      Then you can't use the new features.

      By the way you can download icons from version 1 or other packs or you can customize as you want.

      • xnifex

        oh snap, really? didn't see that option. I'll play around with it a little more tomorrow.

  • gussy

    wow, anyone bother to have something worthwhile to say? get over yourself Marco, for a moment I thought I was at XDA. I have both Elixir 1 and 2 at the moment my one thing with 2 is I dont see a way to export the widgets which is very handy if you flash a lot of roms. Ray the info wont carry over from 1 to 2, at least not that I've found.

    • xnifex

      I have something nice to say: Elixir rocks whether you're using v1 or v2!!!

    • Tamás

      Export widget:

      in the widget editor screen you can click on the "Backup" button or the right arrow icon in the header and select "Backup widget data" or "Restore widget data". It is easy.

      • Ray

        Ah, that's awesome. Thanks for all your helpful answers.

    • Ray

      I knew eventually someone would come along with the answers. I have taken to being hesitant to install/reinstall apps for little or no benefit. And I've found that 'new' doesn't always mean better. Especially when I'm very satisfied with an app in the current incarnation. No export on the E2? That's surprising. I imagine they will want to revisit that going forward. Thanks!

      • Simon Belmont

        Yeah, and guess who came along? The guy who developed it!

        Very dedicated developer. Thanks, Tamás.

    • Tom

      "...get over yourself Marco,..."

      You've got that right Gussy. Marco seems to give new meaning to the term "douche bag".

  • Leonid

    Can anyone tell me how to edit (i.e. add/remove icons) an existing widget with v2? In v1 there was a "toggle edit mode" icon that one could place on a widget. Either i'm missing something or it is (yet?) not implemented.

    • Tamás

      Launch Elixir Widget application, select the widget you would like to modify, modify it and if you finished click on the "Save" button. Easy.

  • Michael

    I found Elixir 1 to be much more useful in some ways. For example, in Elixir 1 there was the really nice graphical representation of all the volume levels. I found that I can get the percentages in Elixir 2, but the "at a glance" aspect of Elixir 1 seems to be gone. Did I miss something?

    • Tamás

      Have you seen the Device information screen / Audio row / Change volume?

      • Michael

        That's what I was looking for! It is a lot more effort to get to though-- in Elixir 1 it was right on the front screen, now I have to go Information -> Audio -> Change Volume instead of just scrolling down the front page. Then again, I also have access right there to change the volumes without additional steps.

        I think what I'd like to see is the ability to choose a start page. When I run Elixir, usually I want the device information screen. If I could set the app to open that screen by default, that would be awesome!

        • Tamás

          You should add a shourcut to your home screen instead of application and you can select any of Elixir's screen. So you can add a "Device information" shortcut to a widget or the home screen.

          In the next version there will be a shortcut to volume settings screen and a volume widget icon. Using them you could change volume without starting the app. I think it is much easier.