For those who have been waiting patiently for an update to the popular game Angry Birds - the wait is over. Angry Birds Rio received an update today that brings 15 new levels in an episode titled "Airfield Chase."


If you haven't already, fly over to the Android Market and grab the update!

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Terepin

    Why you used screenshot from Beach Volley episode?

  • Ben

    This episode was way too easy!
    I was *im*patiently waiting for this update and now I'll be impatiently waiting for the next one.
    Rovio should just release the rest of the game so we could get it over with and get on with our lives...

  • http://angrybirdsaddiction.com Pat

    I agree with Terepin, screenshot should have airplanes or something.
    Anyway, I feel bad for us Android users wherein we always get left behind on the updates.
    Hopefully, next time the updates for every platform are released on the same time.

  • John

    The amazon appstore has had this update for a couple weeks now

  • xxx

    Thats right, you are a couple of weeks off. Perhaps you will get the next update on time!!!

  • jfbgjfjn
    • gosa

      That's just got to be one of the silliest blog posts I've read in a long-long time.
      (no I'm not talking about you "jfbgjfjn" - unless the blog post was yours)

      I suppose anyone can read anything into anything if you really want to, but that one... woahh!

  • spikey

    I downloaded the update on my Iphone 3G--but level still doesn't open. Did anyone have this problem?

    • Andrea Rich

      Yes me  gutted

    • Tara

      I can't open it either. I have an iPhone 3

    • James

      Yep , it's a real pain . Had it in updates for four days now and it won't download.

  • Gigi

    I came on here because I had the same problem, I turned it on and off 3 times and it still won't open the Air Chase level just added

  • Doris

    Same thing happened on my iPad.

  • AGaddict

    I didn't get the new levels with the update either (iPhone 3GS). I wondered if it was because I unlocked Golden Beach ball or some bug, so I deleted the game and downloaded it again. Still no joy, and I have to start over after getting all the fruit and near to 3 stars throughout. Gutted.

  • Latinpapi909

    Yeah I got the update too and nothing.

  • Danii

    iPhone 4 updated but nothing ... Very :(

  • Danii

    Re sync with iTunes problem fixed :)

  • Gigi

    Idid a sync, twice and its still not updating, anyone else do a sync and still nothing updated?

  • Noser

    Turned iPhone 4 on and off several times. Synced with iTunes. Will not open new levels. Major bug!

  • cutiepatutie

    I have a wp7 phone n I was playing angry birds n then all of a sudden I can't play,it says updating but its been updating for 3 days. I also downloaded chicks n vixens n it says the samething. Are there updates going on does anybody know? I miss my birds. When will the other angry bird games be on wp7?

  • cutiepatutie

    I'm assuming its a wp7. Its sa.sung focus with windows 7.

  • Peg8059

    Rio birds airfield.... Will not load level 10 airfield.... What can I do to move on?

  • http://yahoo dragon

    had no problems with airfield on droid! When will it be available for pc???

  • greenybaby

    When will they add the other 15 levels to airfield chase, I have 90 stars in each category but only 45/90 in airfield chase :(

  • Taboomosquito

    I have installed so called uodates to Rio AT LEAST 5 times and there's no updated levels!! I hope this isnt the end of Rio for Android Market...or a plot to kill Android phones. Why else would the app show updates available, download the files and you're still stuck on previous level? Too bad..I will probably remove Rio and all other versions from my DroidX. Bad Rovio!

  • http://N/a Kaylene sundquist

    When I did the update for angry birds rio I last the 3 stars that I had on my ipad2 and IPhone. Now I am getting really high scores and I'm only getting 1 star. Please help

  • barb b

    I tried to download to my Android Inspire mobile phone, and it says "downloading"- for 3 hours now. Had no problems with the Rio itself,.just the new part. What do I do? Stopped and started a couple of times thinking it was the connection, but apparently not.