Samsung's NYC event may have been rescheduled for August 30th, but that doesn't mean you'll have to wait till Tuesday to see the US versions of the Galaxy S II. We've already gotten a sneak peek at the visages of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint's editions of the phone, and now (once again courtesy of Pocketnow) another press shot has been leaked:


This is, of course, the Epic Touch 4G - Sprint's version of the device. It looks like Big Yellow has done thankfully little tweaking of the GSII: unlike most modern smartphones, there's no logo on the front of the device, and the handset appears to be just as svelte as its European counterpart.

Now if only TouchWiz UI were optional...

Source: PocketNow

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Matteo

    Touchwiz 4.0 is beautiful!!!!

    • Alex

      Touchwiz is horrible.

      • enik


        • ben

          He's not a troll.
          Touchwiz is atrocious.
          It's the reason I'm not buying this phone and waiting for the nexus prime.

      • Jon Garrett

        Why is Touchwiz horrible?

        I'm new to Android coming from iOS and all I ever hear is about how horrible Touchwiz is but nobody ever bothers to explain why.

        • Bacon_Hat

          Its because Google didn't poop it out. I though Android is all about customization and "skins". It not cool because its made by a corporation not by some college kid killing time before he wiener heals from a jerk off session.

          If you like how it works/feels/functions then it doesn't suck. The only real reason people mod is to get the latest OS build.

    • rain

      yep! Luckily, I got mine for just $0.01 at http://bit.ly/spdMCX Penny-Pincher Promo. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

      Btw, you should check out Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone 4S droptest on youtube. Guess which phone got shattered! =)

  • Sazkion

    I'm still mad that it isn't available for Verizon. I've been waiting to upgrade for months (have a Verizon Galaxy S (Fascinate)) for this phone and now it's been pulled from beneath my feet. Now I'm not sure what phone to get.

    • iSlackerz

      I would suggest taking a good look at the Droid Bionic due out on Sept. 8th. If you can wait, Samsung is rumored to have a device comparable to the GS II out on Verizon this year. Could be the Nexus Prime or a variant of the GS II.

  • iSlackerz

    2 weeks until this is in my hands. I can hardly wait.

  • wraedeohed

    Wish they would've kept the physical button!....Boo

    • syncope82

      im glad its gone

  • Ryan

    aaaaaaaand meh.

  • azumihk

    touchwiz 4 is super cool
    dont know why they complaining,
    people there dont even have the sgs2 yet and say its bad, its totally differnt then 3.0

    • Benny879

      I agree TouchWiz 4.0 is much better almost a re-do over 3.0. I have the 4.0 launcher on my tbolt and its one of the best launchers I've used.

      • http://themaxwellpost.com Alex

        You have touchwiz on your thunderbolt? Care to link me?

  • Matt

    I've been using it for a few weeks now in China, great phone!

  • Ralfie

    I also like TouchWiz

  • Col

    I like touchwiz4 . But you know what, if you don't like it you can install any other launcher from the market. Get the stock GB launcher if you like vanilla android.

  • Ben

    That's a lot of bezel for a 4.5" phone...
    Hopefully the Nexus Prime will be smaller due to lack of hardware buttons.
    Looks pretty good, though.

  • Jaz

    I am an htc fan and have only had HTC for the past several years but this phone does look nice and I have heard that the new touch wiz is decent. Either way, this phone should be rooted pretty quick and once it is,those who don't want touchwiz can remove it. All I can say is this phone is going to be smooth. My 3d is smooth even with htc sense running. Imagine it with just a blank canvas to work with? All i know is that samsung phones are looking good. I just hope they get the updates out faster. Reason I stuck with htc.

    • RockingmyEvo3D

      I agree with Jaz I applaud Samsung and there overall effort to maintain competition with Htc they are driving one another and because of that we as customers of both manufacturers are clearly benefitting. I support HTC/QUALCOMM/SPRINT THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE so all my purchases have been HTC Evo 4g June 4th 2010, and Evo 3D June 24th 2011 and I can't wait till the next iteration of EVO BRAND in August 2012 people haven't seen nothing yet. Sense 3.0 is number one on the market NOTHING IS BETTER but I give Sammy some credit but they could NEVER COMPARE TO HTC in the UPDATE GAME that is where you seperate the men from the boys...HTC supports there devices SAMSUNG supports the next new device and leaves all there old devices abandoned with NO UPDATES...

      • J Rush

        I absolutely hate it when people say one brand is better than the other. You are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. No one manufacturer is better than the other. I don't see any HTC Phone making INTERNATIONAL SALES. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there are some I wish people woukd KEEP TO THEMSELVES.

        P.S. EVO 3D is old news, and yes, you can continue to rock your outdated phone.

  • asaf

    I don't like to touch wiz. Will sprint have hotspot feature?