It looks like Sammy has some big news for us in the coming weeks -- we already know we're going to hear about the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note at the IFA conference beginning September 1st, but now we're hearing rumors that Sammy will also unveil LTE versions of the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 8.9, both rocking upgraded specs from their non-LTE counterparts.

The LTE Galaxy S II is said to have a larger, 4.5-inch display along with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor (no word on whether it's an Exynos, but we assume that it is) along with the first ever LTE/WCDMA/GSM multi-band radio. An 8MP rear shooter, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 1850mAh battery round out the rest of the specs for this monster device.

It's also rumored that Sammy could announce an LTE version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 as early as next week at its event in NYC, where the US Galaxy S II will finally be unveiled. Like the LTE S II, the LTE Tab 8.9 is also getting a little work done under the hood, as it should be coming equipped with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, but we're not sure who the chip maker is at this point. The other specs for the Tab 8.9 are the same as the non-LTE variant: 1280x800 display, 3MP rear shooter, and Android 3.2.

So, despite the fact we won't be hearing about a Verizon branded GSII, there is still quite a bit of good news coming from Sammy's camp in the coming weeks.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • b00sted

    Fu Verizon :(...


  • Mgamerz

    This thing around like old computer... Its only six years old! Technology these days... My new desktop will be outdone by a mobile device soon....

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Hrm, if Verizon is not getting the original SGS2, maybe they'll get this upgraded version? Otherwise, is the LTE version meant for AT&T?

    • engineerGA

      I hope it is for Verizon. That would rock. AT&T has been on a real "we're getting LTE soon* in like one market" bender lately, though. It could be for them.

      But would their version need to handle CDMA at all? Maybe for roaming in China? LOL

      • Matt

        WCDMA is an ATT band, along with GSM

  • RBI411

    It's probably the Celox that was floating around the internet a few weeks ago. I think I read the LTE bands were for a South Korean carrier.

  • luke

    sounds more like a verizon nexus prime to me (;

  • rahal

    Im still waiting the result of the giveaway#5...

    I can't wait anymore..lol :D
    Any news please?

  • Drayon

    Verizon aint getting a variant on the SG2, they get one of the GS2 LTE.
    It's difrent :p

  • Elvis

    so the specs for vzw pretty well... That's the phone I'll be getting if they end up being real and on VZW. Looks pretty amazing. No word on the res of the screen?

  • L boogie

    So I was right about the lte version I heard about and considering verizon is constantly launching lte markets all over the place lately, what excuse do they have for not having this phone? Oh my bad, they have an extensive portfolio that caters to all...

    • Elvis

      Lol yeah I thought that sounded like one of the dumbest excuses I've heard when they quoted that

    • engineerGA

      Wait, didn't you hear they had the Droid Charge? That should keep you happy for now, right? /s

  • wackadroid

    im confused. is this for verizon or not?? will they release this in USA as Nexus Prime?? This is annoying.

  • olof

    What does LTE mean?