Update: On further reflection, we're going to tentatively call this image a "rumor" for now, as we have no way to confirm its authenticity, but we have no reason to think these images are fake, either.

Finally, visual proof that unicorns do exist! Someone, somewhere, has leaked a shot of the upcoming Galaxy S II US market handsets headed for three of America's big four carriers (ATT, T-Mo, Sprint). Without further ado, here they are:


Where the image is from, we're not sure (pocketnow provided no details), but it could very well be a slide from Samsung's upcoming press conference to announce the arrival of the first US-friendly Galaxy S II phones. But where it's from, frankly, isn't all that important, right?

If you look closely, it appears all of them are "4G" - meaning WiMAX on the Sprint model and HSPA+ on its T-Mobile and AT&T cousins. It's no LTE, but as carriers continue to expand and improve their sort-of-4G networks, having a device which can access those networks has become a lot more useful in the last year.

What do you guys think - which model is best-looking? All of them seem relatively similar, but I'm liking the lines on the AT&T version.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Brendon

    No clicky home button? That is what I love about my SGSII

    • Tommy

      The US Samsung phones have never had a clickly home button. It always changes to the 4 capacitive buttons when its released here for whatever reason.

      • Vovicon

        My guess is that it's to prevent litigation from Apple. Without the home button, it makes it really hard to argue that they look similar as an iPhone.

  • engineerGA

    In title:

    Verizon should have a Galaxy SII, dangit. I don't care what better phones they have coming out. That's the phone I wanted specifically because so many have been sold, and I know it's not full of undiagnosed bugs.

    • David Ruddock

      Well, damnit.

      Fixed. ;-)

  • engineerGA

    I think the Sprint model looks the best. I like the lack of the carrier logo on the front.

  • Cole

    It's fake. it's photoshopped, they all have the same time. The at&t and tmobile one have an older version of touchwiz. look at the dot where it tells you which homescreen your on. it's fake, but not too shabby

    • David Ruddock

      Uh, it's a stock image, of course the times are all the same, and of course it's edited. This photo is likely a composite with the display images put on is post-processing, as is done on all press photos.

      As for the TW version, they all have different dot styles, I don't see what you're getting at.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        It's also possible that they're shopped - we won't dismiss that until we see the official shots.

      • Cole

        TW, the dots on the sprint and tmobile look the same. and the at&t version has older touchwiz dots lol

    • Cole

      It might not be shopped after all. idk though. i think its real lol cuz if you remember the video on youtube showed the the middle phone but it was at an angle and not straight. why doesnt the middle one have sprint branding on the front, like the other two do? i think it looks better without carrier branding on it.

  • cryogenic

    Ehh, tmo+att+sprint that is 3 isn't it?

    • UraNoob

      You need to play catch up son. VZW's is off the table.

  • aj

    Props to Sprint for not plastering their logo on the front of the device. The SGSII just keeps looking better!

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    Fake picture or not...The best device is and will be the SPRINT DEVICE. Sprint has KICKED CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG and the best is still yet to come. With current EVO 3D and PHOTON 4G dualcore monsters leading the way to go along with the Samsung Conquer 4g and Htc Evo Design 4g coming soon sprint has THE BEST LINEUP PERIOD.

    • boom1378

      Uh oh your evo 3d is third in line now yarrell what you gonna do since you said it would be the flagship phone all year?

    • J Rush

      Fail. Sprint HAS NOT KICKED CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG. I would say Verizon did that. And they're coming out with 4 NEW PHONES? OMG, THAT'S SO MANY! Right next to the 5 phones VZW seems to get every 3 months. And that's an exaggeration of course. VZW leads the Dual-Core revolution at the moment. Sorry pal. And best line up period? That's about right. Those are the only good phones Sprint has. Period.

      • RockingmyEvo3D

        Last time I checked VERIZON had nothing but OVERPRICED UNDERSPECED 2010 DEVICES that they were trying to pawn off to verizon customers. I guess plenty of fools purchased last years evo 4g in the USELESS BATTERY DRAINING Thunderbolt and another USELESS Lg Revolution..Not to mention an overpriced droid charge and late to the game very old iphone 4. All verizon can do now is HOPE AND PRAY for the new devices because as of today 8/28/2011 VERIZON HAS NOTHING WORTH TALKING ABOUT..You people on BIG RED amaze me with all those USELESS PHONES I guess you can at least make calls that's better than nothing..And please don't mention anything about some Droid Bionic because until that comes out knowbody will ever know what that will be like or how it will run on that battery draining network...SPEED IS NOT KING MY FRIENDS IT'S BATTERY LIFE and NO device on verizon has out standing battery life...

        • boom1378

          Ha ok dick yarrell go have fun with your worthless wimax. Hope you live outaide because you cant use iit in doors. I forgot your soup kitchen won't have it either.

    • squiddy20

      "Sprint has KICKED CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG"... except in the 4G arena where Sprint has lain pretty damn stagnant since December... Get a f**king life.

      • RockingmyEvo3D

        HA HA HA..Get a new phone my friend stop hating...Get in the technology game your so far behind

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    And that's not even including the iphone 4 and new iphone 5 coming in OCTOBER...

    • I Wanna iPhone



    • boom1378

      Sprint isn't getting the iphone 4. They may be lucky to get the i5 and have to pay for a special plan on sprint. Then your android offerings will suffer.

  • PickleJuice

    Ughh the T-Mobile version looks like a huge Nexus S. I rather get the AT&T version.

  • Drayon

    Now get a picture of the next nexus please =)

  • Perry Ahern

    The Sprint version is the exact same image that appeared in the recently released video from Samsung, that appeared at 0:47 in the video and had everyone speculating due to the 9/9 date, Kansas City weather, and Sprint Visual Voicemail app.

  • J Rush

    Looks almost similar to my Infuse. Sad Verizon isn't getting one. Guess they'll have to switch. Haha!

  • wackadroid

    Leave it to the uppermangement geniuses to take something that has sold millions worldwide and change it to bring it to the USA. Samsung fail.