Earlier today it was announced that the Droid 3 had officially been rooted. As previously stated, the process doesn't look all that difficult as long as you have ADB set up and ready to go. Now this process is even easier, though, as a 1-click solution has become available! That's not the best part, either -- P3Droid seems to think that this method should work on all Moto phones running Gingerbread.

This is designed for use on Windows machines only.

Update: Linked to version 7 of the script, as version 5 could potentially cause some issues.


  • Install Motorola drivers
  • Download and unzip Droid 3 Easy Root Script v7
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)
  • Plug your phone into the computer and select "Charge Mode Only"
  • Run "Click to root your Droid 3.bat" in the Droid 3 easy root folder
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and unlock the phone after each boot.

It's as simple as that. Enjoy!

[Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • mastermind26

    is this true for Droid X?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Not sure yet - I pinged P3 on Twitter to see if this works on the newest DX OTA, but haven't heard back yet.

      • tim

        it didnt work on my droid x. tried this morning.

  • mastermind26

    Cool. Please keep me updated! :D

    • tim

      just tried again and nothing happened, phone still works but no root

  • Asphyx

    P3 says this rooting method should work on all Moto Droid phones running GB including D2,DX and D2G.

    Not sure he was talking about this one click though just the exploit being used.

  • http://www.podoco.net zach

    one more great reason to buy the droid 3! i saw a commercial with a kid playing with the droid 3 the other day then at the end, the commentator said "buy the new Droid X2 at a verizon store today!"...

    why no advertisement?

  • http://www.psouza4.com Peter Souza

    Please link to v7 of this script... v5 can potentially have issues.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Updated. Thanks.

  • http://www.geeknik.com/ geeknik

    I know the root process for the Droid 3 works on the OTA Gingerbread Droid X2, so I assume this one click works as well.

  • mastermind26


    (won't let enter a single word as a valid reply :/ )

  • Petey

    Droid x 602 rooted using the 1 click method here. Absolutely flawless.

  • Immolate

    Rooted my D3 in 5 minutes with this. Ran root checker and yup, all good. Sweet!

  • Tony

    Worked on the leaked GB build for the D2G...

  • Paul

    Please link to v7 of this script... v5 can potentially have issues.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Link? Nevermind - found it. Updated the post with the new version.

  • Sumpter Carter

    Now how do I remove it? I can't update an OTA release with root right? I couldn't on the OG droid to 2.2.1

  • shopy

    works for Defy+ too! thank's!

    • srk

      Could you tell me the steps ? While running step 3, it gives error

      Running exploit step 3 of 3 (adding su, busybox, and superuser.apk)... FAIL!

      ERROR: adb could not be granted root access via local.prop method

      Try again from the start, but if the problem continues, check your version
      of Gingerbread -- hopefully you don't have a version where this exploit
      was fixed.

  • Thom

    Perfect on Defy MB525!!!

  • Phillip Perkinson

    What are the risks of this on a new phone? Once I root the phone what will I loose and what will I need to reinstall? Thanks.

  • defy

    defy+ MB526
    dosen't work ((((

  • snsdm

    defy  does't work