Samsung has an event coming up on Monday where the US Galaxy S II will finally be announced. We've all been waiting for this beast of a phone to hit US shores for some time, but word just broke that one big name will be left out of the announcement: Verizon. That's right, folks, Big Red will not be getting the SGSII.

It's rumored that VZW will instead be getting the Samsung Stratosphere, a QWERTY-slider along the same lines as the Epic 4G, as well as the Nexus Prime. If that's the case, then I say it's a worthy tradeoff -- the Prime is going to be one device to be reckoned with. On the other hand, if the Prime doesn't come to VZW, then I have a feeling that Big Red is going to be some very unhappy customers on its hands... myself included.

[WSJ vis Droid-Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://facebook.com/themulligansska Drewsipher

    The prime is what I want most, to the point that if I get it I may not root it... for a while.... but if we don't get the prime or the sgsII then my incredible stays in my pocket. COME ON verizon... wtf

  • TriadX1

    Boo VZW. It's know wonder why you are on a downslide. Although personally I think the whole concept of "carrier phones" a joke. Who would have allowed your ISP to decide what brand/model of PC's you could buy?

    • Joey

      I agree about your carrier phones comment. It's incredibly stupid. Especially since it just makes the manufacturers create "variations" on their models. It's kinda lame, really...

    • chuck diamond

      Let's not forget that, sadly, there are still some ISPs that mandate which modem you can use.

      • engineerGA

        Exactly what I was thinking. AT&T only lets me pick between two models - a TI crappy USB modem or a 2Wire wireless gateway (for more money). They are subsidized.

        They don't support any others and no one seems to sell any that work with AT&T DSL. If they did, it would cost me a lot more to buy one, since AT&T would not be subsidizing it.

        "Carrier" phones are guaranteed to work with the network. They are subsidized (on contract), so they cost less and sell better. They are supported by the carrier's technical staff and get updates that are guaranteed to work with the carrier's other products and services.

    • TA

      PCs aren't the same as phones, though. There's a matter of wavelength - to have a phone that worked on all four major carriers, you'd need to put four radios in it, bulking it up and killing the battery.

      • TonyTwoToes

        couldn't a simple solution be to use one variable radio that tunes to the correct frequency when you select the carrier you're using?

        • engineerGA

          Yeah, if everyone used the same protocol (not CDMA, GSM, etc.). Let's say all carriers magically switched to LTE for voice (VoLTE) and data. Those tunable radios would probably still cost a fortune versus one that is set to the specific carrier's frequency.

  • http://www.dailyplunge.com mdhenshaw

    The Prime is vaporware and won't see the light of day (if ever on VZW) until Jan./Feb. Where does that leave someone who wants a Samsung phone now?

    • http://www.twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Wait- what? What about all the leaks? THE LEAKS! :O

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Got something to back this up with?

      • J Rush

        I heard that. I want to see some proof.

      • Kevin

        The official Verizon roadmap that was leaked at Engadget showed all smartphones coming up until December. The Prime was not on there. Proof enough?

        • John J

          Not to be picky, but isn't “official leak” an oxymoron?

        • engineerGA

          I am not sure that was an all-inclusive list. Did the "official leaker" leak if that was all-inclusive or not? LOL

  • veryangry

    Well.... **** you verizon. Sprint looks better everyday.

  • ocdtrekkie

    I was planning on getting a Bionic in the first place, but the SGS2 was a possible replacement. Guess it'll be the Bionic after all. ;)

    Two years, many Androids, still have never had a non-Motorola device.

  • Elvis

    My theory is that they don't think it's smart to have two products that are do similar, one Is better, but they are the same price... Do they decided to take the nexus prime and drop the gs2 ;)

  • oddball

    I really don't understand why Verizon is so opposed to having GOOD phones but that being said if the prime comes to Verizon I will be thrilled. Also having a slider available means that the next phones we buy won't HAVE to be Motorola ( the wife can't use virtual keyboards). What confuses me is that big red is acting like people don't have choices in provider. Sprint is coming on strong and upgrading their network aggressively. Once lte comes to them they will have a pretty decent network with a decent backup if lte goes down

  • ocdtrekkie

    My bet is that Samsung wasn't going to put LTE in the SGS2, and Verizon has decided to stop promoting and releasing new devices that aren't LTE capable.

    • The Truth Squad

      I think you hit the nail on the head. I wasn't going to get the SGS2 if it wasn't LTE anyway so I will just have to look at something else. There are phones in the pipeline that will be just as good or better. Afterall, the SGS2 has been out in Eureope for six months already.

      • L boogie

        This is absolutely true though there was rumor of a 4g/ lte version then again, isn't it coincidental that this announcement comes a few days before Samsung's Aug 29th event and why would verizon want to skip out on the money they could make from this phone?

  • L boogie

    isn't that just wonderful..... But if I hold out for the iphone 5, ze dimwits at verizon would be more than ready to provide me with one, might as well wait for the vigor or nexus prime (april 2012, actual launch date)

  • MetalWych

    I am looking at either the Nexus Prime or the HTC Vigor (they have the "exact" stats) . No GS2, no biggie! There are some truly awesome phones coming out in October...

  • Chris

    IMHO Samsung messed up waiting so long to bring the SGS2 to the US market. Yes, I would have snapped up an LTE version (if they made one) in a heartbeat way back when LTE came out. But today I'll keep my Thunderbolt until the next generation phone comes out. SGS2 is old news now, move along....

    So if the rumors are true about Google releasing Ice Cream Sandwich in October they surely will bring a Nexus with it and if that is the Nexus Prime on Verizon then that's what I'm going to be very happy to get. In any case my next phone will be running ICS. With Samsung's upgrade track record I don't think I would even think about a Samsung phone anyway on the heals of the ICS release in October or even if it's in December.

    I think we need to show Samsung to not wait until the phone is 6 months old before bringing it to the US and NOT buy any of them on any carrier.

    • Shamalama

      They've made the comment that negotiations with US carriers were the reason why it took so long. It wasn't really Samsung's fault, blame people like VZW.

      • L boogie

        This is absolutely true, u.s carriers play a role in why its customer base takes longer to get new phones or timely updates or faster data speeds simply because they're concerned about money they would spend rather than keeping the customers that bring in the money happy

  • Qurtyslyn

    Son of a diddly. My phone is going downhill, and I was hoping for this one.

    Come on Verizon, I wont leave, you better give me something good soon.

  • Michael

    Cameron you don't need these lowbrows, at least kill their childish posts.

    I think anyone hawking the iPhone is afraid to push the uber successful GSIi. Might piss off Apple. I was hoping it would come to ATT so I can ditch this iPhone.. It's dependence on flaky iTunes is driving me bonkers.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Killed them and banned the rude ones.

    • L boogie

      It's coming to ATT under the name attain, it's verizon subscribers that are screwed from getting this phone because of their "impressive" portfolio unlike the other carriers' portfolio.

  • Medekerr

    A lot of comments and not one adressing the issue here: all carriers should offer the same phones, or better yet, one should be able to boy whichever phone he wants and then, machine in hand, negotiate the contract with a carrier.

    This subsidized crap has to end. If you buy a SGII unlocked in Europe, it costs around 500€. That's the price of a friggin' laptop, for God's sake. This price is artificial, there's a backdoor deal with the carriers that prevents manufacturers to sell their phones at competitive prices.

    At least in Europe every carrier sells subsidized the same phones, but the ownership price remains outrageous.

    It's a scam situation.

    • NYC_Dave

      ...WHich is why i wait until all the sheep flood the market and get my deals off craigslist. I don't mind being late to the party. My current phone is a Nexus S 4G bought new in box off CL for $170, $170!! by the time i get on the SGS 2 badwagon, it'll be going for less than $200.

  • luigi37

    I agree with the earlier carrier phone comments. I'm on ATT, and this news still sucks because that makes it more likely that Verizon is getting all "primed" up for the Nexus prime instead of the SGS2...and us other carriers won't see that beast of a phone :o The Nexus Prime and the HTC vigor make the SGS2 look like a piece of paper with a phone drawn on it...VZW could potentially be amazing soon, so don't be too distraught at this news!

  • J Rush

    I'm not even on Verizon and I'm pissed. I actually wanted some good ole' Verizon folks to get the phone of their dreams. As for Nexus "Prime", I actually hope AT&T gets it. Of course, that's my biased opinion. If I ever switch, it'll probably be to Verizon anyway.

  • Rob

    I have this feeling the only reason Verizon won't get the Galaxy is because of all the claimed copyright hassle the phone is getting from Apple. I get so weary of the way mega companies like Apple go around trying to squash out any little bit of competition that crops up! It is BAD for the consumer.

  • Rob

    I have never liked Apple because of their proprietary strangle-hold. If possible, I avoid Itunes and anything Apple. LONG LIVE OPEN SOURCE! Of the people, by the people, and for the people!

  • Paul

    Samsung's making an announcement in New York on August 29th? That's a day or two after Hurricane Irene is scheduled to make a visit. I don't know if New York will be any condition, post-hurricane, for such an event and announcement.

  • RockingmyEvo3d

    Screw Hurricane Irene and Verizon. Sprint RULES THIS SPACE....

    • squiddy20

      Says the trolling moron who can't seem to keep his mouth shut, even when the article has nothing to do with you.

  • ORION15

    Squiddy, you sound like the moron. I take it this article has something to do with you? He's right, if anyone is going to get the Nexus Prime it probably will be Sprint and not Verizon. Why would Verizon get it now?