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With its $99 fire sale price, the TouchPad finally hit the sweet spot. Units have been selling like crazy over the past week, but it seems as though one new owner got a little more than he bargained for. No, unfortunately HP didn't accidentally send him 100 units for the price of one, but he did allegedly receive a unit running Android 2.2, rather than webOS.

Making its way onto eBay, the TouchPad has already racked up 8 bids and is sitting at $685 with over 2 days still remaining on the auction, so people are obviously interested in the device.

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There has, however, been a question over whether the device shipped with Android 2.2 or whether it was ported over by the user after he received the unit. It is possible, albeit not probable, that the latter could be true, considering a "Touchdroid" development thread opened on RootzWiki just five days ago with this project in mind. While it may have put the idea in place, TouchDroid has produced nothing of value at this point, so if it is a port, it was done independently. With all things considered, we're still fairly certain that this is indeed the real deal and is most likely a developer build.

The first and second YouTube videos below are from the eBay seller, with the second showing an Android Qualcomm benchmarks application being launched and run on the device. Another video, shown below the first two at the bottom of this post, has also been brought to our attention through Twitter and is from a different user, which shows a 16GB TouchPad apparently bought at Best Buy also running Android 2.2.

However Android managed to get on the TouchPad, the owner will certainly be happy with the interest - and money - that it's generating. We'll probably see the current bid rise significantly higher before the auction ends on Saturday, due to the fact that whoever wins will possibly be able to lay claim to the $2100 (and rising) bounty made available for a working Android port.

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  • Dennis

    I can't imagine paying that much for a tablet running Honeycomb 3.2 let alone Froyo

    • Jon Garrett

      I think people are bidding with no intention of winning just to drive up the price for the person who does win.

      $700 for a discontinued tablet that MIGHT be able to run an older version of Android OS.

  • Jaz

    Yeah. You'd be dumb paying for that when you can get a touchpad for $99 or $200 on craigslist and then just wait for android to be available so you can install on your own. One thing I hope can be done is dual boot webos and android. I'm really liking some features on webos that I would love to keep using. I hope webos devs keep on developing and it doesn't die completely.

  • smittens

    lol, someone else has alrdy system dumped this on rootzwiki. It's almost worthless now to buy it, let alone for 700 dollars.

  • Johnny

    The "bounty" that the author talks about requires source code, so I doubt the purchaser of this device will have much hope of claiming the prize.

  • Mark

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • Seth Daniel

    It's up to $860...wow, never thought I'd see a touchpad selling for more than a galaxy tab or asus transformer.

  • Matt H.

    There is a saying, "a fool and his money are soon parted". And I say what a damn fool! A few more buckss and you can buy two real android tablets one to poop on and one to wipe wipe with. If you got money like that. Even though I would never treat my tablet like that LOL