Even though the HTC EVO 4G is now well over a year old, it holds a special place in Sprint's heart, and because of that (and you know, the fact that it's the most popular Android phone on the network), the company seems committed to providing us with timely updates. A new maintenance update with version number 4.53.651.1 and the following changes and fixes is next up for the OG 4.3" pioneer that changed the smartphone world:

HTC EVO Software Update - 4.53.651.1


- Integrated voice recognition accuracy with voice search and voice-to-text

- Image size issue with contact transfer over bluetooth

- Images cut off in Picasa

- Group contacts not in alphabetical order

- Out of memory, Unable to send SMS

The update should be rolling out over the next 1-2 weeks starting now. You can check to see if it is already available on your EVO 4G by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > HTC Software Update.

Important Notes:

- The new software version is: 4.53.651.1

- This update will be released in stages to devices over the next 1-2 weeks.  When manually trying to initiate the update, you may receive a message  that no update is available.  Please be patient and check back later, or you may wait until the update is automatically sent to your device.

- Refer to the HTC EVO Software Update blog for install instructions. 

Source: Sprint via @Sprint

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  • Jonathan Lee

    What if your phone is rooted?

    Running CM7

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Obviously, this update doesn't apply to CM7. This is for stock Sense.

      • TOMMMMMM

        And I heard that you will probably lose root if you apply this update using sense.

      • Matt

        Ha! I'd love to see Sprint release CM compatible updates.

    • Matt

      Then your problem is already solved.

  • kingsolmn

    Wonder if this update will fix the compass and restart on taking a picture issues, seems these two have been largely forgotten. I didn't get the last two updates for these reasons. Also I wonder about Sense, will we still be forced to deal with Sense 1? Guess wait and see is the best approach here.

  • James Boyd

    What about the largest issue of all? I am speaking of course about the issue of text messages coming through in the wrong order. Also, the directory to get to the update in the post is wrong.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      What's the right one? This is what it was back in Froyo - I'm running CM on mine now, so it's different.

    • http://ericcamil.com Eric

      I still don't get photo messages in the right order at times,and I'm running CM 7, but all SMS come fine through..stupid MMS..not a biggie though.

    • me

      In my experience that only happens when I'm roaming. I'll get the smaller texts before the larger ones.

  • http://GrantGarrison.com OMGrant

    Try Go SMS Pro (adding more characters because this post is too short -_-)


    Let's just be happy we are getting anything at all. They have more phones coming out and still they don't forget about the BEST ANDROID PHONE.

    • Edward

      Excuse me? If we weren't getting anything, it would be beyond unacceptable. Make your current products up to date with stable software before you go create another new piece of shit. The EVO was great when I bought it and every update has been nothing but garbage slowing the device down and using up more data.

      I really wish I could root but I haven't had a stable version of the software in ages; I would love to delete 80% of the cramware that comes preloaded on the device. Any help downgrading to froyo? That was the last time the device was stable.

  • RockingmyEvo3d

    The Granddaddy of all 4g android devices is still number one in a lot of people's heart. I will forever appreciate this device it started it all in the evo empire. I have moved on to the son the evo 3d who is the best member of the evo family but we all love the granddady and always will..

  • Kltsin

    Texts out of order for me was fixed by Go SMS Pro (free) , highly recommend it.

  • RCAZ

    Updated my EVO yesterday with 4.53.651.1.... now my 1750mAh battery completely drains in less than 5 hours... In airplane mode no less! Before the update, I could get 2 to 3 days in airplane mode before having to charge it. What gives? I thought this issue had been resolved.

  • amy

    Yay, these were all issues I was having, glad to see a fix!

    Thanks for the easy answer to my google search for what was in this update :D

  • sisko

    This new update has a lot of issues for me.
    Is anyone else getting the same txt msg over and over again? Also my internet speeds slowed down noticeably.
    However the battery life is better, before froyo my EVO lasted all day... Froyo was 3 maybe 4 hrs of battery life, gingerbread gives me an average of 15hrs which given how much data HTC sense uses is great.

  • steven

    Does a fix exist for Blue tooth address book in factory installed GM vehicles yet. When I allow my address book to be downloaded to blue tooth in my Chevy Equinox it kicks off and on randomly dropping calls etc. The temporary fix is to not allow your address book to load allowing Bt to function but doesn't show who's calling. Can anyone help?

  • Edward

    My SD card suddenly started saying like 300-200KB were free when I only used 3GB up with music. So I deleted applications in order of installation up until I even deleted all data on the SD card and then it said I had no free space. So I got a notice about this update...installed it.
    Yet after installing about 4GB of my music, it now says I have 0.00KB free space. What the F is doing this? Just a bad bug? Getting very fed up with this brick.

  • The Czar

    I think that this is all a plan from HTC?Sprint to get us to buy new phones.

    • http://www.yamomstho.com/ Kicko

      Exactly, this update has my WiFi reading Error and my 4G is unable to start. Sprint nor HTC were able to help me over the phone or lead me in the right direction to correct it.