We've seen the Sony S1 tablet randomly show up over the last several months, showing off everything from its unique form factor to custom interface. Some formerly missing details have now surfaced that suggest we could see this tablet hit the market sometime within the first two weeks of September, which falls right in line with previous rumors that pre-orders would begin in the UK on September 1st.


The S1's official retail name has also came to light today, and it will be known simply as "Tablet S." Unlike previous reports suggested, the tablet will ship with Android 3.1 intact (not Android 3.2) with an expected upgrade to ICS when it becomes available. Tablet S looks to have the usual accessories by its side as well, including a bluetooth keyboard and microUSB to full USB adapter.

20110823-08562017--sonytablet14 20110823-08562017--sonytablet13

There's no word on pricing at this point, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

    10.1 inch or GTFO :P

    • Dan

      Your comment made me laugh. :D

  • Falco

    Ainda prefiro o Tab 2 :)

  • Elvis

    Now Samsung will sue them for use of the letter a in a tablet lol

    • bob vance

      This is where Apple will sue...they will photoshop the 9.4in screen to be 9.7 :P

      • Jon Garrett

        I wouldnt be surprised if they did but I doubt very much that apple would go after Sony. if they did Sony would pull all music from the app store and go with the market place.

  • Tuck

    Apple will sue them for using S.

    There was actually a comment thread on Slashgear where a poster was arguing that the S in Samsung's phones (Galaxy S, Nexus S, etc.) was a clear indication that they were stealing from Apple (as in 3GS).

  • one

    This pad will FALL. Sony have no idea how to sell pad. THey design really a crappy pad.

    • Jon Garrett

      It will only fail if it has Sony VAIO-like pricing.

    • gooks

      Thank you for your insight.