If you have the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and keyboard dock, there's a chance that you've noticed the dock's built-in battery draining quicker than it should. This is a problem quite a few users are experiencing, and a member of the Transformer Forums by the name of ASUSFAN001 set out to get an answer to the issue directly from ASUS itself.

As it turns out, ASUS is completely aware of the issue and will discuss it openly with customers. The root of the problem is a specific chipset that is installed in certain units and not exclusive to a specific model number. The chipset in question doesn't support the latest firmware update released by ASUS, so regardless of whether or not "MobileDock Battery Saving Mode" is activated, the keyboard will never actually enter sleep mode.

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If you're unsure whether or not you have an affected unit, it's quite easy to find out. Make sure that MobileDock Battery Savings Mode is enabled in the Settings menu under the Screen category. Once enabled, put the tablet into standby mode and press any button on the keyboard. If the tablet turns on as a result of the keypress, then you have a defective unit.

Once you find that the unit is defective, there is a solution, but it requires sending the dock back to ASUS so the faulty chipset can be replaced. The estimated turnaround time for the fix is between 10 and 14 days from the time that the dock is received, so, depending on where you are in the country, you may be without your dock for up to a month. I realize that this probably isn't the ideal solution, but at least ASUS is doing something to correct the issue.

In order to return your device to ASUS for repair, simply contact ASUS Support and let them know you're experiencing the battery drain issue. They'll set you up with a return authorization, and you're good to go.

[via Transformer Forums]

Cameron Summerson
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  • hldc1

    Thanks for the tip. I never noticed the battery saving option before, but I'm glad it works. I sent my dock in last month for an unrelated battery issue (when docked, the tablet would charge, but the dock would not charge)and perhaps they changed out the chipset then (if it was defective).

    I'm glad to see you're a fan of the Transformer. The Android blogosphere doesn't give it the love it deserves. Maybe it's because it doesn't have a "big-time" brand name on it that some don't even give it a chance. It's a well-made product and has replaced my laptop on all of my non-business travels.

    Thanks again for providing this little tip. I hope to see more of them. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.droidninja.com Neil Lund

    Be sure to request ASUS to provide you with a shipping label. If they don't mention it and you don't hear from them about it, you'll be out the cost of shipping your keyboard to them.

  • Apogee

    Is there a way to check a unit before its purchased to see if its affected?

    • Cameron Summerson

      I don't think so. :(

  • Marc

    so if i press the power button for second, i'm in standby? if that's the case, then i must have a faulty keyboard since any key pressed will bring the tablet to life. what is causing the discharge? because it wakes up too easily? does it lose battery when the tablet isn't plugged in? Thanks!!

    • Cameron Summerson

      Yeah, hit the power button to get into standby.

      It's not that it's waking to easy -- it's not going to sleep at all. That's where the discharge is coming from.

      • Richard

        Maybe a stupid question but just to be sure: on my pad, pressing any key does not wake up the system BUT touching or pressing buttons on the touchpad does - is that all right?

        • Martin Westra

          I have that too... But I don't know whether it is "defective" or not...

  • fares

    why they don't update the firmware to a version that supports this chipset ?

  • Marc

    Since my keyboard is still pretty new, I'm thinking about returning it and getting another. Are there specific model numbers to look for or is it random? Thanks, Cameron for replying to quickly!!

  • JAF

    I just received my dock and i was afraid i would have problems with it but i just did a check and it works fine. thank you for the peace of mind!

  • Toto Usa615

    hey im having trouble with my keyboards mouse pad, the pointer arrow will not apear on screen & i want to know what i can do to repair it ? the tablet is a asus Eee transformer with the keyboard dock

  • @Toto – Cl0ttERS

    Press the disable/enable touchpad at the top left

    First key is back, then WiFi, then Bluetooth, then the Touchpad toggle key, press it, and the pad/mouse should work

  • Mifta Nur Rahmat

    im having trouble with my transformer keyboard QWERTY. i can't use it. since i bought. but the others function working (charging, transfer file, etc) ... maybe you can help me guys?

  • Mark Simko

    What's the fix for the keyboard docks that have smoke coming out of them and shut down the tablet part. Mine went back for repair right after I bought it. It is now 10 months old and it has happened again. It is the TF301-T. Others have had this problem too.
    Asus says I can send it in for repair that I'll have to pay for, and can't tell me how much. I want my dock to work, but don't want to have to send it back to Asus every 6 months for repairs at unspecified cost.

  • calvin

    Hello, I think my dock is not defective. the tablet doesn't turn on if after I pressed any button after I put in in standby mode. however it seems the dock will always consume battery if when not used? cannot it be shut down permanently to save battery instead of sleeping mode?