This post is from a previous deal, but has been updated to reflect the new price!

If you're the corporate type and have had some issues with Android's default Exchange compatibility, then you've probably looked for a good alternative. Among the contenders is an app by NitroDesk called "Exchange By Touchdown," which allows for secure, encrypted Exchange synchronization.

You can only get this deal in the Amazon Appstore. It's still $19.99 in the Android Market!

Touchdown works with any Exchange Server that has ActiveSync enabled, all you have to do is enter your email login credentials. It offers encryption for email fields that may contain sensitive data, as well as calendar and contact entries. It also encrypts any file that is downloaded the SD card and renders the file unreadable if the SD card is removed and put into another device.

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Also included in the package is a remote wipe feature, which can either be initiated by an administrator, or, in the circumstance that you're not using ActiveSync or don't have administrative authority, via email.

Note: The remote wipe feature only wipes data associated with Touchdown, not the entire device.

There is also a thirty day free trial in the Amazon Appstore, so you can give it a go to make sure it works with your setup before you shell out the cash. Be aware, though, we're not sure how long this deal will last, so once you find out that it works correctly, you may want to go ahead and jump on it while you can.

Exchange By Touchdown Trial  |  Exchange By Touchdown Key

Cameron Summerson
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  • edd

    I really like Amazon, they're a great brand and I'm glad they're doing this initiative, but as a UK user its like being stabbed in the back everytime I see these offers. I get that its licensing etc, but the Internet transcends all boundaries and its about time that legislation/copyright etc catches up.

  • MushroomStamp

    I like Enhanced Email better, it's cheaper, 100% google code, supports combined inbox :)

    I own TD but stopped using it.

    • Cameron Summerson

      You were probably looking at the the trial version. The listing title is slightly misleading, as it doesn't specifically denote that it's a trial version.

      The full key is still $7.99.

    • Norbert

      How would EE differ from the stock CM7 mail app aside from bypassing Exchange password policy, widgets and other minor changes? You can always decode your stock email app to bypass password policy via apktool. CM7 stock mail app is faster than EE as in my experience. I bought Touchdown before because of S/MIME and encryption support which does not exist in EE and a very important feature in corporate policies.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Either way, the CM/AOSP mail program is garbage for Exchange users. I can't get it to keep checking my email reliably.

        • Norbert

          I was able to use it for months on our Exchange server without any problems at all. Calendar syncs well, email always arrives. Until we use S/MIME.

  • MushroomStamp

    EE supports encryption... But the main reason to use Enhanced Email is for the combined inbox. Can't give that feature up and TD is only for 1 email.

  • Norbert

    i still cannot see that EE can now do signing and device encryption as touchdown. also the ability to follow require encryption policy and ntlm. care to give the link?

  • MushroomStamp

    Encryption as far as what? EE supports SLL... majority of companies dont' need more than this.
    If your company requires more than that then that use TD. But for 90% of companies, SSL is all that is needed.
    Maybe if TD didn't have a gui that looked like 2003 and would support multiple accounts with combined inbox it would be more highly thought of, but it doesn't.

    I along with most other, prefer to use just 1 email client. I along with most others have more than 1 email address. Combined Inbox is a must have.