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Users of the Motorola Flipside have had to be a patient bunch whilst waiting for their Froyo fix; since making its debut on AT&T in October of last year, the device has been running Android 2.1 with MOTOBLUR software. Fortunately for those users, they can now upgrade to a newer version of Android through the Motorola support website right now!

According to the update page, you will need to have at least 40 MB of internal free space on your phone and 100 MB of SD card space available before getting your hands on Froyo, but the whole process seems fairly painless. You will have to manually download the update through your PC and copy it to your SD card before installing. All the information that you will need is on the support page.

If you're a Flipside user, be sure to let us know how you get on with the update and whether or not you run in to any problems. As this update is coming from the official Motorola website, there shouldn't be too many issues.

Source: Motorola support via Motorola support forums

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John Thompson
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  • jgalan14

    Just 10 months after the phone was released and just a year after froyo was released, talking about timely manner updates

  • Paul

    The Flipside? Really? That was AT&T's FIRST Android phone, De-Google'd, stripped down, horrible specs, and loaded with AT&T's bloatware. It was such a disappointment.

    • Rohit R

      that was the backflip, flipside came after. i have a backflip(going to get a thrill 4g the second it drops) but i have CM7 on it, so its a lot better. very little lag in everyday use.

    • sonichobo

      actually the backflip was the first droid from att (the one with the mouse on the back of the flip out keyboard). terrible phone. the flipside is a little better, but still subpar compared to other carrier choices. i just got the upgrade by losing my phone and having it replaced by insurance. it's prettier, a little more user friendly, but still loaded with att's bloatware. so far, it seems to be an improvement, though.

  • vaskess


    Do you know whether this update will work on the Motorolla Filpout? It seems that it should...


    • paul4tA

      It does not. Though they have extremely similar hardware, the screen orientation and size are not the same. On top of that, the Flipside update comes with a new bootloader and other hardware-specific and manufacturer-signed files, so even if the update didn't fail, there's a good chance you'd brick it. Motorola has already officially announced that they will not be updating the Flipout, so if 2.2 ever comes, it won't be through the official channels.

  • Mika

    So... there is a light on the end of Charm's tunnel?... Fingers crossed...