Last Updated: August 25th, 2011

Let's get real for a minute, shall we? When I say real, I mean real -- let's talk about protection. We all know of it, and while some of us use it regularly, others go without it all the time. Not only is this a horrible practice, but it's just not safe for any of the involved parties. Think about it, if you will -- what potential consequences could you suffer from going without protection? It's time to start acting a bit more responsibly -- it's time to get safe.

Naturally, I'm suggesting that you get a case for that expensive device in your pocket (where was your mind?). That's not all, though -- let's address the issue of charging while we're at it. Charging is a mundane part of phone ownership that could easily be made a more exciting part of your day with the addition of a useful accessory like a desktop charger.

Thankfully we have an answer to both of these quandaries wrapped up in a nice little package just for you! Well, not all of you, but five lucky people are going to score a case and desktop dock, courtesy of Seidio.

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The Prizes

Winners will get a case and a desktop charger for one of the following devices:

  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC ThunderBolt
  • HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC EVO Shift 4G
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • Samsung Infuse 4G
  • Samsung Nexus S
  • Samsung Nexus S 4G
  • Nexus One
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Droid Eris
  • T-mobile myTouch 3G

To check out all the goodies they have to offer for your device, check out the official Seidio Amazon Store.

If you're device is on the list, keep reading to find out how to win!

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How to Win

Entering the contest is quite easy -- all you have to do is leave a comment with your device make/model, along with an answer the following question:

What is the funniest scenario you can think of for running out of battery?

Example: A text message conversation with the wife.

-- Hey, honey. I'll have to call you later, my phone is dying because I've been using it for power porn all morning.  <phone dies> Clearly, this is a case of autocorrect fail. That should say "powerpoint."

...and that's it. The winners will be chosen by the Android Police staff, so make your answer(s) count!


This contest is open to everyone across the globe and runs until August 26 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Winners will be announced here and notified via email.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Matt

    HTC Thunderbolt
    The terrible thunderbolt glitch where a dirty text message that's supposed to go to your girlfriend goes to your moms phone instead. Then boom, battery dead!
    ... Not fun at all. = (

  • Ryan

    Funny may be relative but I've had it happen before where my girlfriend and I were in a text argument/fight/discussion and my battery was running low. The pride in me didn't want to tell her my battery was dying in case she thought I was trying to "deflect" and the fight was resolving anyways. We made up and she had just texted me that she was going to sleep and that she loved me and as I turned my screen on and read the text my phone said "Powering Down" and shut off. I was out with friends and wasn't able to get to a charger for a couple hours.

    Lucky for me she fell asleep and barely even noticed ;-)

  • http://news.netapex.org NetApex

    While using the phone as both GPS and Spotify music playing, you are instructed to take a left down a lonely country road. The last song that plays before the car and the phone battery dies is the suddenly not so comical "Nightmare on My Street" from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.
    -HTC Sensation 4G

  • http://www.villainrom.co.uk mikecoffee

    HTC desire HD aka Inspire 4G

    mmmm lovely dock would be lovely, i can pretend its a asus transformer .....

    • Mitch

      Hmm. You forgot your story.

  • Mitch

    Think of one? Or have experienced one?

    So this actually happened:
    Some friends and I were going kayaking, and only one of us brought a phone (didn't want to lose them in the river). We were supposed to call another friend to let them know where we were going to end up so they could pick us up. The only phone we had died, and we hadn't noticed until we were almost ready to stop. We pulled ashore but there was nothing in the area, no towns or anything (We were in way northern Minnesota, Boundary waters) so we couldn't call to let them know. So we got back in and kept paddling, hoping we would get somewhere that we could call them. Well, after a few hours we knew there was nothing around, so we just sat on a part of the river where we could see a small road from. They ended up calling Police search and rescue, and a Police cruiser spotted us from the road we were in view of. When we were finally found, we were like 20 miles from where we wanted to stop, and we were on a completely different river. Haha. It was the worst.

    Hope I can win something to protect my new thunderbolt:) It's pretty naked.

    • Mitch

      OOPS. ^^^ I didn't actually say the make AND model. Thunderbolt, by HTC of course:)

  • Nick

    Probably running out of battery while stuck in gridlock after work while trying to enter an online contest on the day I leave my car charger at home as 4g quickly burns up what remaining battery life I have left. Oh, the joy of being a Thunderbolt user.

  • fluxgfx

    HTD Desire Z

    While I'm actually trying to make a bid to buy my partner his wedding ring and providing specification.

  • Leigh G

    HTC Hero.

    Uhm, hrm. I can think of bad situations, but. Funny? Hmmm...

    You miss a call about your spouse/significant other being in jail because your phone died after a long night of sexting (with or without them).

    You're told your parents will be calling and yourphone dies before they get to (oh wait, that might be a relief!).

  • http://documentintelligence.net Josh Carlson

    HTC Sensation 4G

    Using GPS on your phone while driving down the PCH at night and the battery dies. You know it told you that you had to make a turn in 100 feet but can't remember if it was right or left. In a hasty judgement call you turn right...
    Oops.. You just drove into the Pacific Ocean. Hope your car floats and you know how to swim... :)

  • nerdshowandtell

    Power dies during phone call when your significant other is about to tell you her parents came into town unannounced and are staying the night at her place, and for you NOT to come over after the bar closes.. WHOOOPSIE.. Phone dead.. .. Later that night.. you barge in her place stripping down and come face to face w/ her dad..

    HTC EVO 3D

  • duder

    HTC Incredible

    Dies in the middle of using a vibration app and then you have to wake up your boyfriend to finish the job.

  • http://www.secondpagemedia.com/blog aerojad

    Don't know if this is so much quick and funny, but it's nice to look back on and laugh now for me.

    A couple of months ago I was driving from Detroit to Chicago for some job interviews. I stopped at the Lake Michigan shore to stretch my legs. While getting out of the car I dropped my phone (Incredible w/CM6), shattering the screen. Obviously I needed a working phone so I was able to tether it just long enough to look up a VZW store near where I was going to be staying.

    The tethering subsequently caused the phone to overheat, with exactly ten minutes to go until a phone interview. Driving down I-94 in the middle of not much my options were rather few. I took the battery out of the phone, cranked my air conditioning as high as it would go, and wedged both the battery and the phone into the vent slots. Let that go for a good five minutes, put the battery back in, the Incredible worked like a charm - just in time for the phone interview.

    Good thing that went the way it did since the phone interview led to a face to face which led to the new job I now have. Incredible was a lost cause, but that's alright in the grand scheme of things. Now a happy owner of a Thunderbolt :)

  • April Johnson

    HTC EVO 4G.

    I ran out of battery because I accidently gave my phone a swirly (aka dropped it in the toliet).

  • Bill S.

    Nexus One! ^_^

    Relying on your fancy phone's GPS, you take your new awesome gf out for a nice dinner. After picking her up, your phone dies on the way to the restaurant, causing you to miss a turn .. and you end up in the local red light district.

    That wasn't intentional. Honest. No, it's not safe to look out the window yet.

  • Aphex

    HTC Nexus One


    Girlfriend: I love you honey.

    You: Love you too babe.

    And the battery dies.

    A couple hours later, you plug in the charger. You see a text from one of your friends saying "You are gross!"

    You: Why? How am I gross?
    Your friend: You said you love me.

    And you realize that your girlfriend texted you, but you replied to your friend. :D.

  • Jenny

    I am notorious for my phone dying at the bar, while I'm in the middle of drunk texting my best friend. I don't think she believes me that it is really dying!!

    HTC Thunderbolt

  • Gax

    HTC EVO 4 Giz

    Using my GPS in NYC to get around the city to the airport. well the story ends with our flight gone 1 1/2 hours ago.. Now to find a Hotel..

  • Landrovan

    Nexus One

    While saving a game. The save file become partially written (so corrupted). And you just lost all your game data.

  • jamie hooks

    HTC Inspire 4g
    This one really happened and really got me in trouble. MY ex is not a little woman, she is thick,big boned, whatever(and she has a complex about being fat) ....Anyway, i was out with my friends one night and she kept bugging me to talk all night but i couldnt, so she decided to blow my phone up with naked picture of herself. The pics were great and i ended up sending her a text ...it was supposed to say "Mmmmmmmmm!" like cambells mm mm good. Instead,the auto correct spelled out Mooooooooooo!! like a fat cow!but it was too late, I already hit send, and what do you know....my battery was dead!! I tried calling her back but she was so mad that she didnt answer.That was the beginning of the end for us.

  • Luke Woodward

    Texting a friend - can you organise a whorewhouse tour for me and a friend.....*phones dies*

    Obviously meant a Whitehouse tour

    HTC Sensation

  • wudini007

    Phone powers down as the girl you met at a club the month before is about to tell you the results of her pregnancy test!

    HTC Sensation (Its my wifes phone)

  • Alex Morgan

    Nexus S T-Mobile
    I can't think of a funny scenario, but I need a case, so i'll enter anyway

  • J Rush

    Samsung Infuse 4G

    When you're headed to a club to rap, but you text your girlfriend on accident: "I'm headed to go do some hardcore raping at the club tonight." You notice the error- but not in time to fix it.

    Your phone dies. And so does your relationship with your girlfriend.

  • manny

    Well we were at the county fair and we were going through the animal award tents. So we are going through and see all these award winning chickens and roosters. There is this rooster than won third place and the breed was called SILKY COCK. So I post this on face book and my friends thought It was another of my auto correct screw UPS which I am famous for. So to prove my point I take a picture and post it. Let's just say it generated some really funny comments. In the process of up loading my phone dies and can not reply and let's just say I got blasted on a lot of those comments and didn't realize it till I returned home and charged the phone

  • Ron

    Meaning to text your coworker about how boring and idiotic the CEO of the company is during a speech and you realize you picked the wrong Bob afterwards and that it was sent to said CEO and phone dies....(happened to a friend of mine)
    HTC EVO 4G

    • Aphex

      If the battery dies or not, isn't your boss gonna hate you? If you say, "whoops, meant to go to a co-worker" you still said it.

  • Derek Dudley

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Forgot to bring car charger
    Using GPS to get to cousins place
    Phone dies, lost
    End up stopping in front of her place to try and find where I am

  • SDL

    Worst situation I've been in was my wife was trying to call me while I was at the stripclub, and when I finally saw the call and answered the phone a stripper spoke to me and the battery died. I made it home three hours later. Needless to say.....the couch was sooooooooo uncomfortable that night.

    HTC Sensation.

  • Ian

    HTC Sensation 4g

    This is not that funny but...

    You are throwing a surprise birthday party for your best friend. You worked months to make sure everything went as planned. You are at their place with all the rest of your friends. You are putting the last few finishing touches. You call your friend to see where they are at. In the meantime you send everyone out of the room because you know your friend isn't coming back till later.

    You: Hello____, where are you? (you in the middle of changing in the living room to get ready for the party while frantically moving things around) YOu are standing next too your other best friend

    Friend: Hey, I'm at__________ (phone dies)

    Your friend walks through the door see's you changing holding a lot of stuff next to your other friend.....(the house is empty)

    It turned out to be more of a surprise party than your hoped it turn out to be...

  • Beaster1174

    HTC EVO 3D

    Honey, I was on my way home and I had a blowout right in front of the gentleman's...

  • Flippy125

    HTC Sensation

    Having a friend take your phone when you're out of the room and text your parents that you are under a severe depression and that you are about to kill yourself. Your phone dies and you don't realize the text sent until the cops show up at your place

  • Blair Mc

    HTC Sensation
    Once I took a trip to the mens room, intending it to be a long trip. Needless to say the phone died as soon as I closed the door. I was finished in about 1/4 of the time...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Hahaha - true story for more of us who would admit to it.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com DroidDuncan


    Possibly one of the funniest scenarios... was when I was attending a seminar and my battery was nearly dead and I needed to charge it but didn't have a cord with me. Another person with their laptop up and running had a cord that fit my phone, so they offered to charge my phone. I was so concerned with getting the phone recharged that I overlooked the volume settings. About forty minutes into the speaker's presentation, I heard somebody's cell phone playing my ringtone really loud, and just as I realized it was my phone, the guy with the laptop asked across the room how to turn off the phone. It is possible that the embarrassment could have been lessened had the ringtone NOT been "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"!!! LOL

  • betterwithroot

    HTC Thunderbolt


    I was streaming Pandora on 4g, and my friend says "You know that kills your battery, right?", to which I replied, "Yeah, but it's ok I got the Thunderbolt...it has great battery life"

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      And then it died 5 minutes later, right?

  • boardindude

    HTC Evo 4G

    My dad texts my mom, "Hey sexy, hows your day going?" His battery dies right after sending the text. Couple hours later after getting it on the charger, he has a bunch of replies, realizing he sent the text to a bunch of people, his uncle, cousin, several people he works with, myself and several other people. Yeah, he was rather embarrased!

  • Rotmann

    LG 2X or HTC Sensation

    You get so obsessed with your smartphone's crappy battery life so that you build a specific jacket and umbrella with solar panels and a micro USB charging cable on it.

  • Matt M

    HTC Evo 4G

    The worst.. You meet that hot hot girl.. You trying to setup a date and the battery dies. Never hear from her again.. It sucks.

    Also have had the horrible mis-pleasure of trying to get home after a trip. Forgot my car charger.. Battery dies half way home.. I feel so wierd stopping and asking.. How do I get here??

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    When you just got finished writing up a hilarious story and are about to post as a comment on Android Police to try and win a case and desktop battery charger, then your EVO 4G battery dies and the whole story was lost.

    True story.

  • http://tgbmusic.com Ryan Duncan

    Just last week I was trying to get back with my ex-girlfriend and things were going quite smoothly over a few text messages so I figured that I would simply lay everything on the line and tell her how I truly felt about her. I had my whole speech planned out in my mind and it sounded great. I was certain that it would work and cause her to fall madly in love with me again. I called her up and when she answered, I said, "Listen closely, because this is how I really feel about you." As you can guess, that was all she heard before my HTC Evo 3D died and left her with nothing but an amazingly rude sounding dial tone, as she was actually on a land line. I, having now knowledge of my battery's demise, went on extolling my love and devotion to a dumb hunk of plastic in my hand. When I was done with my poetic narrative, I thought I had rendered her speechless due to the silence from my phone! It was only then that I realized that it had died and I had no idea how much she had heard. The extremely inopportune timing of my battery failing me caused her to not answer my calls or texts for the next three days until I "happened" to bump into her at the bar (Thank you Foursquare!) and finally explain my situation. As it has turned out, we are happily back together now and my phone is charging as I type this.

  • Joshua Russell

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Aliens are attacking! I'm the first responder and I have to warn the authorities. My fingers begin to fly across the keyboard, sending blogs,texts, and calls for help. The military is mobilizing, the president has been taken to a safe room, and the nukes are about to launch. The alien lands, sticks his head out, and asks "Where's the chronic at? I hear you guys have the dopest dope ever smoked.". Before I can respond I realize this is no invasion! As I frantically try to re-alert the authorities, my phone dies. I look to the heavens and scream my frustration just as the nukes launch. Shit. Oh well, Guess me and the alien are gonna blaze one and watch it all go *BOOM*

    -Sleepin in CA

  • TA

    Android smartphones are fantastic little devices for use in the car. Before I got my first phone, I used to be printing out Google Maps directions and spending hundreds of dollars on dedicated GPS devices just to find my way to new places. But nowadays, I can just use my Evo for the same thing! Punch in the address, no need to write it down. Load up Google Maps, get turn-by-turn directions. Don't really need them for the long drive on a highway, but once I take an exit and start making turns, it's great to be able to glance at my phone and go "Okay, I turn right here, then it's about two miles before I need to turn left, then it'll be coming up on the right."

    Unless the battery runs out right before you need to glance at the phone to start navigating side streets. That GPS does wear on battery life, after all. Especially if I'm driving under a deadline, like a recently-fed baby that needs to be dropped off at daycare before it bursts.

  • Brandon

    While hanging out with your I-phone-fanboy friends one of them asks, "Is that the Thunderbolt? I hear those have terrible battery life. Android phones in general." Because he is a fanboy your immediate reaction is "the battery life is pretty good" - just as your phone flashes "powering down" because the battery is dead. You want to smack the smirk off his face.

    True Story
    HTC Thunderbolt

  • andrew

    Whilst having an awkward conversation with a family member and you use sorry I have to go, my phones flat when you know it is fully charged, only to find when you hang up its flat

    HTC sensation

  • http://cmsjr.cz.cc Craig

    HTC EVO 4G

    Alright you are dating this girl and want to propose to her. We are talking and I asked when she was to have her parents in town. (wanted to ask her dad for permission to do so). So she says yes they are in town. Well they will be going on a cruise and won't be in town or within cell reception for a few weeks and then they will be staying in some wasteland with like one phone in the entire town. So i get stuck at work with a emergency. So I call her dad to ask him for permission and as we are talking he gets to the part where he was to threaten me with my life if i hurt her etc (fathers you know the stuff you say) So he gets to the part and BAM!!!!!!!!!!! Phone dead....and * OH SHIZZZZZZZZ* Also while I'm typing this I'm thinking of what to say when I get home...I'm screwed....

  • meee

    Nothing, nobody cares because you have no friends!

  • Kurt Hoffman

    HTC Thunderbolt

    I had to go #2 and brought my phone to play games to kill time to find out that my battery was dead.

    Ugh! : (

  • http://gplus.to/thatyl3r Tyler McConner

    HTC Sensation
    My battery was dying, so it froze and I accidentally sent a dirty text message that was for my fiancé to my little brothers friends phone. He thought I was trying to get fresh with him, even though I'm gay; he likes me. ;(

  • Ray

    After trying to convince a friend I had no battery issue, I decided to show off the multi tasking skills of my HTC EVO. So I went into a game, and had him send me a text message. Of course the popup paused the game, I responded by testing him the instruction to call me. Of course I answered, and told him I wanted to share an article with him on Facebook when we hung up. So I used SwipePad to bounce on over to cracked.com, copied a page url, SwipePad on over to FB, and paste the link on his wall. With his mouth agape, I knew I had,him. Then just as I went to hit share, the battery died. I knew I was pushing it after the 5 percent warning, but man, bad timing. Not only did I fail to share, I also "proved" in his eyes the battery issues he heard about were true! And didn't even get to show him how I bounce right back into my game without loosing any progress... Needless to say I was nowhere near an outlet. And because I have no battery problems, hadn't brought a spare. Fortunately, I later convinced him to leave the walled garden for the Promised Land... But I sure made that harder.

  • Jeff

    Overseas for work, wife is in labor at the hospital, we're on Skype. The sex of the baby is still unknown. After an hour, the baby is here. And the doctor yells: "Congratulations! It's a beautiful baby... " The phone dies.

  • Frank

    EVO 3D
    About to reach the world's highest score in angry birds.

  • Will Holland

    Samsung Nexus 4G....

    Screwing around twittering and streaming music for about 6 hours. No home charger more pt My boss calls me

  • Beth

    HTC Evo 4G

    Worst time to have a battery die? When you're depending on it for music in the car. In the mountains. Where there's no radio reception. And the CD player in the car is dead.

    Time to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall...

    (And this is a true story, except I didn't sing 99 bottles of beer, I sang "this is the song that doesn't end" for a minute or so, until my husband pulled over and got the tweezers out to pull the stuck disc out of the CD player. XD)

  • jaythanc

    Hey there "Joe" umm you're girlfriend came over to my place drunk thinking it was your house and past out in my............Battery Dead........... That would be crazy!

  • Tyvand

    nexus one
    On the phone with your girlfriend telling her your going to a "gentleman's" club after work
    -Phone dies-
    Because your boss is giving you the promotion to lead on a big project and he isn't taking no for an answer.

  • http://www.gplus.to/KraigWebb xAndroidAddictX

    Nexus One
    -Sitting in the bathroom-
    *reaches for toilet paper*
    "oh crap there's none left"
    *pulls out phone and starts a text to wife/gf who is outside*
    *types* hey honey can you...
    -phone dies-

  • Will Holland

    Samsung Nexus 4G....
    Screwing around twittering and streaming music for about 6 hours. No home charger nor car charger anywhere. My boss calls me about a few client info that was immediately needed...needless to say my phone just crapped out not 30 seconds into the call. Well all the info is on my phone. After I ended up walking 8 blocks and finding a wall charger to buy so I could juice up my phone, I had quite a few voicemails, texts and emails from him explaining that I was on the verge of getting canned if I didn't get the info to him ASAP. Luckily I didn't lose my job...but 8 different messages explaining my employment status in a not so nice way is scary.

    sorry about the double post accidentally hit the publish button.

  • jaythan

    Evo 3D

    Hey "Joe" umm your girlfriend stopped over to my place drunk as a skunk thinking it was you're house, and....she past out in my bed. I was wondering if I could take..h..r...under...re...... Battery Dead.........

  • Josh

    HTC EVO 4G

    This might be a bit BOLD but...

    When you are PHONE-SEXING and your battery dies right when you both are about to finish! True Story .

  • Nocturnhabeo

    HTC Thunderbolt My girlfriend had a phone with an app on it that allowed her to use her phone as a vibrator. She would use it in class sometimes and one day it died mid... session(?) or whatever. It was a stressful day for me because she was suddenly frustrated in class and we couldn't do anything.

  • Phil

    EVO 3D
    I am getting married in 2 weeks and the honeymoon is in Hawaii. Enjoying the sites and sounds of Hawaii, I still can't give up my Android addiction. Between playing Angry Birds and watching NFL Sunday games all day, my new wife decides to end my addiction cold turkey. She puts her fresh Hawaii Kai Swizzle drink on the table, walks over to me and proceeds to throw the best smartphone on the planet into the ocean. In mid air the phone battery overheats and bursts into a ball of flames. The phone then lands in the ocean and sinks to a quick but painful death. EOL

  • Jennifer

    Having your phone die while your in labor and nit having a way to call anyone for help or a ride to the hospital....Needless to say I delivered an almost 10lb baby after 5 mins of finally making it to the hospital

  • Jennifer

    I forgot to tell what phone I have....

    HTC evo 4g

  • Jennifer

    I forgot to tell what phone I have HTC evo 4g

  • XiriX12

    So you are out at your friends playing Xbox. Your girlfriend gets home to not find you there. Girlfriend texts you to see where you are. You pause to quickly reply and tell her you are a little busy pwning all your friends when….
    GF: Hey babe, where are you?
    You: A little busy at Kyla’s playing (accidently hit enter and sends and powers off!!!!!)
    **NOTE** Kyla is your ex girlfriend, who you have been caught cheating with once before!!! You meant to type Kyle but since Kyla is much more commonly used on the phone it changed it to her name! Turns out she doesn’t like that idea too much and calls and texts like 20 times by the time you call her on KYLE’s phone to tell her what happened!

    HTC ThunderBolt!

    • Cameron Summerson

      Please tell me this is a true story.

  • floridapossum

    True story:
    My daughter killed her battery playing "Angry Birds" while waiting on a call from her boss. Irony at it's best!

  • AKAMartelle

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Trying to take a Photo of yourself while banging your best friends older sister.

  • floridapossum

    Oh yea, I have a Nexus S

  • Alan

    HTC EVO 4G

    My phone died while surfing the web, using GPS for walking directions, and making sales calls and visits in a foreign country where only the people I contact and visit speak English.

  • Vonlaserface

    Using my Evo 3D with a pico project on a sales visit for a new and potentially large contract. The focus of the presentation was how the newest generation of Android devices are excellent business tools, not just for games and movies.

    10 minutes into the presentation my phone went into power-save mode at 10% because I'd spent most of the morning playing Order & Chaos and watching Netflix.

  • Wuji

    HTC EVO 4G

    Used too much Motion Fart in a cushion all day long and the phone died without me even noticed. Then somebody actually farted on the cushion and I laughed at him thinking "I got you!" Then I found it is dead. A smelly phone!!

  • henry

    [HTC Sensation] I had to do an emergency server deployment. Normally this is not a problem but I was out of the office on vacation. I had the bright idea of using logmein. Understandably, the deployment took twice as long to complete and with 6% battery to spare I typed in the final commands to start the services... but my phone dies before I can send the enter key. Lets just say some expletives were said, money was lost, and there were many, many upset people.

  • Jonathan Lee

    A couple years ago, I was on vacation in Paris with my best friend and his family. We wanted to go to Amsterdam since it was like a 5 hour or so train ride away and well you know the other reasons. We told his family that we wanted to go visit London for a day and come back. So of course as soon as we got there we got baked. We went to the red light district and everything. We were told from a person in the red light district that there was a café called Dostress or something like that that sold really good herb brownies =). After walking around some more and getting more baked, we decided to go check out that café on the way back to the train station. I decided to ask this guy who happen to be a officer for direction. I noticed that my phone battery was going to die so I rushed and said into google translator [with it set English to Dutch}, “I am terrible with directions, can you please show me where DosTres is?” Because I was trying to beat the battery before it died, I didn’t read the translation and pressed play for him. When I checked what it said, it said “I am terrorist with depression, can you please tell me where daughters is?” Before I could finish correcting the message my phone dies…

    -HTC EVO 4G

    P.S. a funny thought

    You are rubbing one out. After almost an hour at it, you are about to finish and your phones dies...

  • Anthony

    HTC - Thunderbolt

    How about you are chatting up a pretty lady at a bar. Now she is very attractive and other guys are jockying for the chance to buy her a drink. You are taking pictures using the sweet camera apps, like paper camera, and wowing her. Only thing is as she is going to give you her number, but you don't have a pen, paper, or knife (to draw blood). She has the bright idea to type the digits in your phone but she wakes it up to see the power down message.....sadly the troll next to you has an extended Seido battery and quickly swipes the digits...Boo!

  • Mary Withrow

    Birth of a baby and missing the birth! Lol Not Funny really................
    Droid Eris

  • Elvis

    Samsung infuse

    When you see a giveaway contest on your favorite android site and are trying to type a story before you get cu

  • http://bliynd.com Mike

    Sitting on the toilet at work, downloading and flashing roms and kernels, backing up and restoring like a true addict. only to have my phone die, and not be able to call my wife when I'm done work to find out where I have to pick her up... She got over it
    HTC Thunderbolt

  • matt

    Running out of battery while using your phone as a flashlight in the bathroom going #2 when the power is out. HTC nexus one

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.balog John Balog

    HTC Sensation 4g

    Running CWM and battery running dead. Get home and charge for 1 day and still no battery juice.. Had to buy charged battery from friend so I could change the boot loader to one that will charge when powered off..

  • http:romrepo.info TechJeeper

    HTC Evo Shift 4G -

    I love it when I am at work, using Wifi tether and when the battery dies, I hear 4-5 people all "Sigh" simultaneously, thinking I didn't know they were tethered to me, caught red handed! :P I don't mind sharing though, alot of my co-workers are on T-Mobile, so I feel bad for them. Sprint Unlimited FTW!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Where do you work where so many people have no Wi-Fi?

  • Shaun Bergmann

    HTC Hero
    True story:
    One Friday afternoon after a particularly grueling week of work, I agreed to head to this new pub with some work mates to blow off some steam with a couple pints.
    The name of the place was "Nevermind".
    Well, a couple pints turned into three and I suddenly noticed the time on the clock. I was supposed to have been meeting my girlfriend at a different pub about 20 minutes ago.
    So I freak, knowing she's always very punctual and will most likely be 'somewhat perturbed' that I'm late...
    So I call her with the full intention of apologizing profusely, and then inviting her to meet us at this new place.
    Ring Ring ..."Where the hell ARE you??" She answers
    "Nevermind" I say, about to give her the address...
    Right then, my battery died.


  • https://plus.google.com/118214311157615027424/about Spencer Coons

    So, one day I'm checking my G+ stream and see an awesome new giveaway from Android Police. (Because my G+ is basically just an AP RSS feed) so I go and check it out and as I decide to enter it my battery dies.
    Short and True. :D
    My phone is a Nexus One. Usually a very reliable little device! :P

    **EDIT** I didn't actually read any other stories. *hopes he doesn't conflict* >.<

  • Charles

    While streaming the new pregame season on phone, battery dies during the best play of the preseason.
    HTC Inspire 4G

  • Nate

    "No, honey, I know the road is busy and I shouldn't be talking to you, but I wanted to..."[Low battery beep]"...CRAP!"[phone goes dead]

    HTC Thunderbolt (don't have it yet, actually, dumping the Blackberry for it in two weeks! Can't WAIT!)

  • Abhishek

    Well you asked for the funniest scenerio.....and here it is ! :)
    And yeah the notorious small battery of Desire HD aka Inspire 4G is the culprit!
    Happened today in office. We all were planning to do a prank on a lady colleague who is afraid of all scary pics and ghosts. :) and it was planned to have the scary whooshing music to play through my phone to build up the atmosphere and when all the prank started and i played the music - suddenly it came to abrupt halt and when i looked, the phone was glaring at me with the Low Battery Powering Down message. All erupted in laughter at that sudden change of atmosphere and the prank that has to be scary became jolly !!:)
    And yeah i was cursing my battery and myself for not checking the status and not charging it when on desk :(
    So i its would be great if i have that case & desktop charger...it will then never run out of battery as it will keep charging the phone and keep it ready for all the pranks ;)

  • mskks64

    HTC Droid Eris
    Just a normal day just got off work. As I'm riding the bus home it dies. Wife and entire family is calling to tell me that my wife is in labor. Bus ride takes a few hours. Missed the birth of my first child.

  • Robert

    HTC EVO 3D

    Well I tried to see my phone's 3D capability and make some home-made 3D porn with my girlfriend. I took a little video and some pics. Then I noticed Google+'s instant photo upload on the notification bar! My battery immediately died! When she noticed what I was doing she slapped the phone off my hands. Then, my battery wasn't the only thing that died. Along with my battery and phone, my bedroom privileges passed to a better life... :(

    • Robert

      P.S. 3D Porn Rocks!

      That is all.

  • bstag


    Boss Calls "hey we got a emergen....." phone dies.

  • Norm

    HTC evo3d

    forgot to charge phone overnight, missed call that notified me of a snow day (i'm a teacher) and drove through serious snow to get to work that was already cancelled

  • Jaymoon

    Not really funny for me, as it was embarrassing...

    Using a cheap extended battery for my Evo 3D, on day two I was ready to brag about my new battery life to my Apple friend.

    It was around 5PM after work, and I had just finished explaining to him that Juice Plotter estimated I had about 30 hours of battery remaining just a short while ago. Mind you this was after the phone had been on with casual use, all day long since it was unplugged at 6AM.

    I rubbed it in his face about how when you have a phone that allows for you to replace the battery, the freedom is nice if you don't mind giving up an extra inch of thickness.

    But that's when it happened...

    I pull my Evo 3D out, hit the power button... and nothing. Black screen. I hit it a few more times, when I looked up to see that iSmirk start to form.

    Only thing I could think of, other than my estimated 30 hours of battery remaining, was that since it was a 3rd party battery, maybe the 3rd party case wasn't properly fastened? I popped it off, took the battery out, and remarked again about how it "sure is nice to be able to do this to my phone".

    After a quick inspection of the seemingly normal extended battery, I pop it back in, and securely tighten the back plate.

    I then turned the phone around, and for the moment of truth, hit the power button, and... nothing. Again nothing.

    So please, a new Seidio case for my bareback Evo 3D (with the stock battery now) would be so awesome to win! :)

  • Phil

    It was a week after the Evo3d had come out I decided that I was going to retire my HTC Hero.. So the whole morning at work I was dealing with Sprint's online help with ordering a phone..
    It started with every time I had spoke to someone I got a different price.. and I ended speaking to 3 different people b/c the work's internet kept going out that day due to a storm.. ( pain in the ass! ) FINALLY after a couple hours of nonsense going back and forth with my account and getting it worked out.. I get the Evo3d purchased.. Great!
    So I go out with some friends to a movie and waiting for people to get out I get a bunch of e-mail from work and then one from Sprint..the price was doubled somehow on the phone and billed to my account and the wrong address.. So annoyed I call Sprint Customer Service and didn't realize how low on battery the phone was.. After some argueing and making things clear on the phone - we get to the point their putting information in and i'm just waiting.. phone beeps.. beeps again.. the lady comes back " Ok we.. " click the phone goes dead... i freak out trying to get the phone back on and battery dies again..
    Got home and made the call again after I charged the phone ( no car charger with me ) and they just wanted to say they got everything figured out on my account and got it squared away.. but a HELL of a time for the phone to die after 30 minutes of trying to figure out wtf happened!

  • Matt H.

    I have an EVO 4G one night while I was at the bar everyone was getting a little tanked someone thought it would be a good idea for the chicks to have a wet t-shirt contest. All the girls were lined up and my buddy got a couple of pitchers of beer he starts walking down the line of breasts pouring as he went the shirts were perking up. I start to video then I notice battery icon is in the red. Then the screen goes black. Would have been a great video, but now all I have is a visual image sucks not having a back up battery.

  • Michael

    Phone call between you and your girlfriend:

    GF: Hi honey how was work?
    You: Great, how was your day?
    GF: Oh it was nice are you on your way home?
    You: Yes i just need to meet jessica and give her back the makeup she left in my car first.
    GF: *Sarcasm* Oh you mean the one you've been cheating on me with? haha
    You: *Sarcasm* Oh hell yeah all the time baby, were gonna do it when i hang up haha
    -phone dies-
    GF: Haha very funny baby.
    GF: Are you there?
    -calls again, goes straight to voicemail-
    GF: That little b**ch

    ---An hour later---

    You: Im home!

    You: But baby my phone died.
    GF: I dont care about your lame excuses, GET OUT!

    The end.

    Oh and HTC Thunderbolt

  • bduran727

    HTC Inspire/ Desire HD

    Secnario: Wife comes home, You're about to show her your new dock and case.

    "Hey, Honey, guess what! you know how my phone always runs out of battery due to its puny 1230 mAh battery!?!? Well now I can charge it on my new cock! Woops, I mean dock!

  • Warner

    Samsung Nexus S
    - When a guy is proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of darkness wearing a black shirt that has a glow in the dark print saying "Will U marry me?" and while the guy gets the ring (without the case) from his pocket, the ring fell out to the ground. wow!
    Then he get his Nexus S phone trying to use the LED flash light of it to shed the darkness to find the ring and the phone runs out of battery.

    That is Funny right? :D

  • douglas

    bored at work so i decided to send a video to the boyfriend to perk him up but stupid me sends it to the wrong chris phone dies get some pretty bad texts from somwine i don't know come to facebook friends are no longer linked in contacts cursed thunderbolt

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    [Nexus One]

    I had this camp for University once and we were required to travel there ourselves. My friend and I decided to drive and unsurprisingly, we got lost.

    I used my phone for GPS and maps to get to the camp site (arriving hours late). Due to the many hours of intensive use, it died. So for the 2 days and one night, I had no phone (or any form of technology).

    I got extremely depressed and worried because I had no way of telling the time, couldn't call anyone in an emergency (there were no land phones there) and was hours away from civilisation.

    I ended up thinking of movies where psychos would come to kill all the students and many other crazy things that could of happened that night.

    I didn't sleep well that night @_@ Nor did my friend when I shared my thoughts of getting murdered and hacked to bits.

    • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

      Opps, I couldn't edit it, but its a HTC Nexus One :D

  • Heather

    HTC EVO 3D

    This one is scary, not funny.....sorry.

    One night after work, I got in my car in the back corner of the dark parking lot only to find a dead car battery. I had left the lights on all day. Sound familiar? Everyone was gone from work, I didn't have my jumper cables with me (husband has them in his car of course) and he was out of town. I have no family in town. No one was in sight in this bad part of town. I locked myself in and pulled out my phone to call my roadside assistance. I hit the wake up button and saw red, heard a beep and dead battery. I was terrified of being stranded at night in this neighborhood. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a security truck in the Mall parking lot across the highway, I got out ran out to the edge of the road and frantically jumped up and down waiving my arms to catch his attention, he saw me and made the trip over to help me out. I vowed, "Never again!" to let that happen.

  • Athishay

    HTC Desire HD aka Thunderbolt aka Inspire 4G.

    So you are in school showing off your Desire HD's awesome WiFi hotspot capabilities TO YOUR CLASSMATES, when BANG, battery dies and suddenly the teacher says "Why is the WiFi missing all of a sudden, my FaceBook isn't opening"


    • jamie hooks

      desire hd is not the thunderbolt dude...its american name is the inspire4g. thunderbolt is a totally different phone...just helping u out..

      • Athishay

        I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. Desire hd is the unlocked/global version while inspire 4g is the at&t version, and thunderbolt is the verizon wireless version. All three are essentially the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rohit3787 Rohit Kumar Singh

    HTC Sensation Z710e

    Its the night of cricket world cup final. The match was about a couple of hours away from the end. Me and my friends decided to go to a public screening so that we could celebrate our country winning the world cup with as many people as possible.
    Unfortunately only one of us new the route to the decided upon destination. V split into two groups. A couple of friends and I were following when I decided to show off my mobile (I had the HTC Desire HD at the time) & started the GPS. The battery was low, but I guessed it'd hold for the time being. I punched in the address & after a few minutes the GPS showed a right turn while the other car (in which the only person with d general idea of the area was) took a left. I decided to take a right anyway. We followed the GPS despite constant calls from the other car to turn back & follow then. It was on, a race, who'd reach there first?
    The battery didn't disappoint, we reached the destination according the GPS. It was in the middle of nowhere!! I'd chosen the wrong destination from the options, I guess!! As I started to update the address on Google Maps, the battery died! :O o.O
    Everybody was pissed at me & my "smart" phone. We not only lost the race but were also going to miss the final moments of a nail biting finish of the final match!

    But in the end it turned out well for us. Here's the rest of the story :
    It was almost midnight and the streets were empty, except for a guy walking his dog. I asked him for directions and found out we were not far from our destination. We not only reached there a good hour before the end and watch our national team win the world cup, but we also arrived before the other car and won the race.
    I also proved to my friends that my phone was the "smartest" phone around and it was a common error that had landed us a couple of kilometers off.
    Thanks to Android and Google!! :) :D

    Btw, I really do need that dock and case for my HTC Sensation.

  • Arpit

    HTC - Google Nexus One - (Proud Owner till date since Feb 2010)

    iPhone 4 & Nexus One had a race to decide who has better battery power.
    iPhone 4 wins by a hour!

    Because iPhone 4 was playing a movie
    while Nexus One was playing porn and quickly got very HOT.
    Battery dies quickly when its HOT. :D :D :D :D

  • Torstein

    Htc sensation

    You have just gotten your new phone and standing together with your iphone loving friends and bragging about how you just rooted it and installed a custom rom and kernel with an extreme overclock an extreme batterylife.
    So, you open setcpu and drag the slider to max and set it at performance, and as you are tapping on the most power demanding game on your phone, it shut's down. No matter what you do, it just won't power on, and you have to make an excuse that sounds fancy like "The phone won't turn on because I forgot to flash the newest radio and recovery" to cover up for the fact that you just ran out of battery.

  • aimz

    My daughter and I both have Thunderbolts. She was coming from work to take my Mom and I out to dinner for Mother's Day. She asked me to bring my USB auxiliary charger. Well I hadn't charged it and my phone was almost dead too. When we finished dinner I rode with her back to the other side of town to see my boyfriend, which is about 45 minutes from where I live. I was suppose to call when we got close so he could pick me up. I had no idea where his new place was. So we get in the car and her phone is already dead. I grab my handy dandy car charger for her to use. Neither cigarette lighter will work... Just about that time my phone dies. When we finally make it to the other side of town, I go into Ross looking for an outlet and plug my phone in so I can make my call. Here I am standing in Ross with my phone charging, which took an extra long time that day. I finally talk to the boyfriend tell him where to come get me. As I am unplugging my phone, the security guard for the store walks up and tells me I have to leave the store, not to ever come back in or they will call the police. Some great Mom I am LOL!

  • itai

    HTC Google nexus one

    during a phone call withe your parents before you start a track you tell them "well i am going to jump..." and your battery dies but what you meant to say is that you going to jump to a friend after the track and then get back home.
    and your parents think your going to jump over a cliff.

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    HTC EVO 4G.

    True story, Leaving for work, i looked in my rear view mirror and saw my cat get hit by a car. So i texted my coworker as my phone died. When I got to work she let me see the text.
    "running late had to turn around and bury my pot" i of course meant cat. but the fun of spell correction and dead battery. Luckily it was my coworker not my boss.

  • Marc

    HTC Sensation 4G

    After getting ready for bed, you decide to check on the kids before turning in yourself. Quickly tapping the flashlight app to help navigate the minefield of toys to see that they are sleeping soundly. Turning to sneak out, the battery dies just as your full body weight comes down (bare foot) on a random piece of Lego. Cursing under your breath, your child stirs you can hear Samuel L Jackson in your head reciting the "Go the F*ck to Sleep" as you limp back to your bed as quickly and quietly as you can.

  • Kevin

    I was visiting a humbum town in central FL for an event and as I was looking for a hotel using Google Maps my phone decided to die on me. It was late and I was beyond exhausted so I had to take a gamble and pick the first motel I saw. As I turned on the tv ready to relax before I fell asleep I was shocked by what was on, and even more shocked because it appeared to have taken place in the same exact room I was in. I immediately decided to leave my room but I was stopped by men wearing masks dressed in full black...Needless to say I had a VERY long night.

    HTC Sensation :)

  • Ashish Raj

    I was proudly showing off my new Evo 3D to my wife - explaining how it was faster and has more features compared to her iphone.

    Her question "Good, but how's the battery life?" My answer "Obviously, much......

    -- A "back to being humble" Evo 3D owner

    • T-Mo Fanatic

      Haha... Very nice.

  • David Hastings

    HTC Evo 3D

    This is not as exciting as some of the others, but it is true.

    Driving down the road from canoeing all day. I was elected to lead us home as we were unfamiliar with the area, and I had a GPS on my phone. We get in the middle of nowhere and my battery dies. No charger either. Needless to say, it took us three hours longer to get home...4 am...

  • Cameron

    Samsung Nexus S 4G

    Trying to complete my entry for this contest when ...

  • http://plus.psylink.net Psylink

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Being stuck at home with the kids while the fiancee is out with friends, getting some dude on facebook saying she is out with a guy on a date, try to call her and her phone is dead. anger and rage ensues.

  • Niall Mullins

    Nexus One

    Desperately playing the same level of Angry Birds over and over again on the bus home, striving for that glorious third star. Everything seems to be lining up. I've destroyed almost everything in the level, my score is higher than ever, I've still got one bird left unlike the last 100 attempts and that last little piggy is rolling toward a deadly drop. I can practically taste the victory! "Powering off"... my heart sinks, my eyes well up and before I know what I'm doing I've just shouted "son of a b*tch!" on a bus full of tired commuters trying to get home after a long day. By the time I got near home, I was so embarrassed I jumped off a stop early and walked an extra block to avoid the stares. True story

  • Bruce Freier

    My Thunderbolt from HTC, when I originally received it would die all the time... Disconected me while talking to a client and giving directions to my daughter who was lost. Hillarious... But a new software upgrade has solved the problem....

  • supr2nr

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Funniest scenario for your battery dying. You finally find get a job interview in this lovely economy. Your on your phone during the interview discussing your liability with your hopefully soon to be new boss, in the middle of trying to persuade that you will do anything for the company and work at all hours of the day your phone dies in mid-conversation.

  • http://www.twitter.com/GreetingsADM Greetings

    HTC EVO Shift 4G

    Watching the birth of my child at an airport across the country. Just as I hear the cry starting on Qik, the battery dies.

    • Cameron Summerson

      True story?

  • Greg

    HTC EVO 3D
    Headed to the bathroom for my daily "AndroidPolice Reading" of course, sit down for the stay, grab my phone and its dead. I obviously went to the bathroom for Nothing! lol
    My kids asked, "Are you OK because that was way to Fast?"

  • Alex Ng

    HTC Sensation

    Received a call from AndroidPolice informing me that I have won the giveaway. I was going to give them my particulars when my phone died.


  • Joe Cascio

    Samsung Infuse 4G

    "true story"
    I was at school texting my friend and she said she just fell on her face. I texted back "Your retarded" and before she texted me back my phone died.

    So I'm at school and there is no way I could text her back and the last words I sent were "Your Retarded"! I get home and on Facebook there is a post from her that says "You call me names and stop texting me...jerk" and all her friends replied to it. I got so much hate. But were cool now, she laughed!

  • Ankur Agrawal

    one night me and my sister were out bowling , sister was texting from my phone.

    so in the middle of the game she asked me to just reply to her friend that we were bowling and she would chat later.

    i send a text.

    "she is blowing , i thought she sucked but she is good at it."

    what i meant was.

    "she is bowling , i thought she sucked , but she is good at it.



  • T-Mo Fanatic

    You, being in an unfamiliar city for the night, and having forgotten your charger,
    use your smartphone to find a store where you can buy said charger,
    only to have it die before you can copy down the address.

    -HTC Sensation

  • http://www.androidpolice.com expert2020

    Late night you reach the home and there is all quiet.Electricity is off and you cant press the door bell.The main gate is locked by inside.Now you have to call a family member to get inside.You take out the cell phone from the pocket to make a call and....
    phone dies:-(

  • ArunaSena

    My Phone Model : Nexus One

    My Story :

    Multitasking on phone using it to bash up Apple Trollers on twitter and tech forums without noticing that I have been draining the battery.

    Here is the thing. I need to call my girlfriend to pick me up later and guide her to my location.

    Saw this quirky little monkey Apple Troll and was replying with this message :

    " Apple fools you do not know the might of the Andro.." ( shut down sequence appear and phone dies )

    Best of all I never made that call to my girlfriend and I am stuck at my location. Worst off cashless and walked to the nearest ATM machine to find it out of service.

    How did I get back? I made a call from this dude Iphone!!!

  • richard bastian

    Htc evo3d........
    I'm calling in to HP getting my order set for my new cheap touchpad when bam my phone dies, I waited three hours on th phone and they were out of stock when I got through again. Epic sigh..... True story

  • Ken

    HTC Sensation 4G

    "I know it's very warm in here and the footing is a bit wobbly, but this won't take long. Oh, and the little yappy dog needs to go out, but we'll take care of that as soon as we're finished here. So you just hold this up as high off the floor as you can while I go and cut the power - very important that the power is off before it moves! I'll give you a ring on your cell when it's safe to put it down, then you come around to where I am, OK? Shouldn't be but just a minute. OK, Fluffy, hang on just a bit more, we'll let you out soon! Just a sec ..."

    And at that moment, the battery dies.

  • Sanket

    Samsung Nexus S,

    I was flashing all the Possible Roms from XDA ...kept trying trying and Found MIUI the Best ... Bang , I cannot, Since My Battery is out of Order now .. :P

  • Hector

    At a buddies working on his car with him in a barn. He goes to get some parts we need. So I stay and chill doing some other stuff on the car. When all of a sudden the urge to use the bathroom hits. Barn has a bathroom so no problem. Go in do what I need to, then realize I'm out of paper. PROBLEM. I remember there's paper outside in the closet. Shuffle to the door pants around my ankles, try the handle. It's broken, won't turn from the inside. BIG PROBLEM! Figure my buddies got to be on his way back, so I call his cell. Turns out he left it in the house. His mom picks it up says hello. I say is ***** there. My phone beeps, I panic. I say in a panic voice " hey can you put ***** on the phone I have a serious emergency. I " and the phone goes dead. His mom freaks runs down to the barn and is screaming my name trying to find me. I finally have to yell that I'm in the crapper. She comes to the bathroom door and is frantic. I tell her calm down, I just ran out of paper. She starts laughing histerically. When she calms down enough from laughing. I tell her please open the door and throw some paper in. She quickly does, then closes the door and leaves. Before I can tell her to not close the door. I then have to sit in the bathroom till my buddy gets back with the parts. I hear him and yell for him to open the door. He opens it laughing like a crazy man. He stopped at the house first and his mom told him the story. He then informs me he forgot to tell me about the lock on the bathroom door. FML
    HTC EVO Shift

  • Louis

    Well this is a real experience that sometimes I regret retelling. My friend takes my phone while I'm at the bathroom and texts all my contacts with a very believable speech about how I'm "coming out of the closet and I finally had the courage to do so" with colorful (no pun intended) lyrics from queen's "I want to break free" and Diana Ross' "I'm coming out."my battery died and when I got home, my parents were waiting for me at the table. My father the strict macho that he is almost literally kicked my ass while my mom tried to contain him. That's not the worst part though, he also texted the girl I was trying to get with and she simply said " that's great! I've always wanted a gay friend!" Lets just say it took a while before my friend and I started talking again.


  • Dwayne K

    Your car stalls as your heading home, but you are able to coast into a Motel parking lot to get it off the street. You are on your phone explaining to your wife that your car broke down and you will be late for dinner, when a woman in the car next to you shouts to her boyfriend "Hurry up and get the key, I am horny". Then your phones battery dies.

    HTC EVO Shift

  • Collin Mikottis

    Your coming to a fork in the road the Phone says "turn..... [Phone Dies]" You freak out because now you don't know where to go so your stress level go's up you freak out have an aneurysm and die!

    Samsung Epic 4G

  • John S

    I always have this thought where my car is about to go under water and my Thunderbolt is dead. Not really funny but relevant.

  • John S

    HTC Thunderbolt
    Always think about my car about to go under water and I go to call 911 and my phone is dead.

  • Ryan O

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Me texting my friend:
    "Yeah, the evening didn't go too well. Girl was a horrible kisser, and when I got her clothes off, was pretty disappointing"

    Phone dies soon after at work, don't get to turn it back on for a few hours. Get back to my phone. I get a reply:

    "Looks like I won't be talking to you again. BTW, you have a small dick."

    The text went to that girl. We were supposed to meet up again that night.

  • Richard G

    Sometimes I'm OK with the battery dying because then the wife can't be calling & texting, interrupting my evening out with the guys! This has happened numerous times - who doesn't tweet/facebook/text/take photos & post em more after a few ales and drain that battery?! So I suppose I'd like my phone to stay alive so I can take more choice photographs, but the wife sure would appreciate more!

  • GeneWola

    HTC Sensation

    Texting at 4 am from California that an earthquake is happening...and then the battery dies before I can text.... "Sorry, my bad....just a trash truck."

  • Drizzzle01

    Nexus S 4G

    While in a middle of a $150,000 sale with a potential 3% commission on a luxury car (that's $4500). All of the sudden you shat yourself while making photocopies. You rush to the bathroom to see the damage done. Realizing that your pants MUST be changed. You then attempt to call someone from the bathroom stall. When the phone is finally picked up, you hear someone enter the bathroom. You then attempt to stall the person on the line. The unnamed person in the bathroom appears to wrap up what they were doing and exit. You then make the obvious said, yet the phone call is dropped because the battery has died. You then curse things no one should ever hear, and then a little chuckle is heard at the door. That chuckle was from one of the people that you were assisting.

  • Amont

    HTC Sensation

    You run out of battery because you have been addicted to playing angry birds all day when you should be actually baby sitting your niece and nephew.

  • GeneWola

    HTC Sensation
    Texting from Virginia that a trash truck is rattling by my house...and then the battery dies before I can text.... "Sorry, my bad....just an earthquake."

    • Cameron Summerson

      Clever. ;)

      • GeneWola

        More creepy than anything.. my previous earthquake post on here was at 10:21 AM PST, 30 minutes before the Virginia quake.

  • N1-n-Done

    Nexus One

    At a club get the digits, FB username and a flirty pic with a promise to hit you up. Spend all day checking FB updates, txt messages and making sure you didn't miss the call. She finally calls and you slide to answer as the phone powers down. FML.

  • Cliff

    HTC Thunderbolt (also the 26th is my birthday, wink wink)

    So you're bored one day at work right, and you find this diamond-encrusted dildo on eBay and decide, just for fun, to bid on it. As you're running up the price, your boss comes in with a bunch of paperwork that you need to fill out. You're making good progress on pissing somebody with a love of shiny phalluses (phalli?) off, so you half-heartedly do both at the same time, not really registering your phone or the papers, and an hour later you realize your phone went dead 20 minutes ago.
    The next day the headline in the paper reads 'Local Man Wins EBay Auction for $1.5M Dildo'

  • aaron

    HTC desire HD...

    i was drunk enough to think that my battery was my vodka and its almost finished.....(i had this big battery widget...)... and i was explaining about the amazing HTC vodka...and changing vodka colors to my friends(that i dint remember the next day...) juz happened a month ago...

  • Hatim V

    Happened today..right after the earthquake that hit maryland...i was texting my pregnant wife with my SAMSUNG NEXUX S 4G that was running on 10%< of battery from work...

    Me: Hey honey, did you feel that shake!?!?

    Wife: OMG, yes i was so scared...how about you?

    Me: Oh it wasnt all that bad, the whole building had to be evacuated so we got a good 45 min break

    Wife: Oh, was everyone safe? anything fall down?

    ME: Yes, everyones safe but can you do me one favor though.

    Wife: Sure, what is it?

    ME: can you give me a little heads up when you decide to do a Jumping jack again next time...

    *after sending this text i was going to send her a following text that said "LOL J/k i love you!" but unfortunately since the phone died i didnt get to send her the follow up text and well lets just say when i came home after work she didnt want to see my face and rather is still not talking to me .... :'( Be warned fellow men who have a pregnant wife..never send any text messages on low battery, especially when the wifey is having severe hormonal outrages...

  • Timothy Roberts

    I just picked up a free Scrabble game from the app market, I thought it be cool to play with others online....I took my turn, and waited so long for the other player to take his turn, that my battery died. I know thats not an exciting story, but you did say dumbest way for the battery to go out on you....and I'm not trying to dazzle you with BS,....it is a true story! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Scrabble = delete! Sent using my Droid x2

  • http://www.myandroid.com JAMES KEMP

    I was talking on the phone with a coworker and we both thought we hung up put the phones back in our pocket and went back to work. at the end of the day 7 hours later my phone was still connected to his phone 'WE WERE STILL TALKING TO EACH OTHER" MY BATTERY WAS COMPLETELY DEAD!!!! I was using my HTC hero from sprint at the time.

  • Rutherford Atlas

    Imagine, if you will, a long-standing feud between Motorola and HTC. And from the fatal loins of these two manufacturers, two star-crossed lovers take their battery life.

    Amidst the strife, these two lovers meet. But 'tis a forbidden love, and one that between the Bionic and Thunderbolt can never be.

    After pages of boring, musty dialogue, Thunderbolt downloads an app that makes it appear as though her battery is dead. Bionic, upon discovering her lifeless screen and unresponsive kickstand, discharges his battery forever. Upon waking, Thunderbolt realizes her mistake and, in a fit of agony, joins Bionic in eternal slumber.

    Well, I tend to think that most irony (yes, even cosmic irony) is funny, but maybe I overdid it.

    Oh yeah: HTC Thunderbolt

  • Timbo


    Phone dies while it is charging! Mine does anyway.

  • TheBigVB

    I was teasing that fella having that *cough* secret affair with. :P

    HTC Evo 4G

  • Judi Veitz

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Take the dog out at night and use the light from my phone to watch the dog do its business. Battery runs out...I don't know if the dog is done!

  • Dennis

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Driving along out of state using my google maps nav and about 1/2 miles from the next freeway on ramp the battery dies and I don't know whether to go north or south.

  • DarkDeviant

    HTC EVO 4G
    Happened a few hours ago actually, I was driving to change my car's battery cables (which were corroded) under a downpour when suddenly my car stops in the middle of the road. I see myself surrounded by a sea of musky water, to my disdain I turn on my phone to see about 1-2%, I called my mother and only got to say "Mom, water; it's everywher-"

  • Jaz

    EVO 3D
    Driving with the family to disney world and wife is nagging since I don't know the directions. So I use my phone for navigation and choose an alternate route thinking it would be shorter and the section where I have to choose east or west the phone dies and I'm stuck again with the nagging wife telling me I don't know anything.

  • Ethanmc12

    HTC EVO 4g

    "while showing all your fanboy 'friends' (I am using that term loosely) all the cool stuff your android powered device can do. Just as they are about to become a believer in the ways of the Google your phone dies showing them a fatal flaw with your otherwise amazing phone."

  • Mike

    HTC Thunderbolt

    Getting your picture taken with your all time favorite baseball player, like Luis Gonzalez. Your friend is getting ready to snap the picture and BOOM battery goes dead. Excuse me Mr Gonzalez can you wait a few minutes while I charge my phone battery".