The DROID Incredible has remained without Gingerbread while its successor, the Incredible 2, has had it for well over a month. A Verizon support rep is now claiming that the Incredible's long awaited Ginger-bump has been put on hold pending final approval from Verizon's product team - which basically translates to: we're not happy with it yet.


It could be a single bug, or wider user experience problems. This means the delay may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks - or more. We'll keep you updated if more information develops, but for now, your guess on a date is as good as ours.

Verizon via AndroidCentral

David Ruddock
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  • Scott

    Couldn't wait any longer for Verizon, very happy that I rooted and upgraded to CyanogenMod. Its been 2 weeks since I rooted with Unrevoked. Much better battery life and more stable than the stock Incredible.

  • oddball

    What a shock. First the droid 2 global and now the incredible. Verizon is trying to force good hardware into obsolescence so we upgrade. And then they wonder why we root and rom our phones

  • jgalan14

    Verizon is the worst carrier with upgrades my thunderbolt doesn't have gingerbread yet but the stupid echo from Sprint does ? Man this is a slap to the face

  • slavs06

    very disappointing. why get everyone excited and then pull this. makes no sense we have waited this long why not get all ducks in a row then release

  • L boogie

    Surprise surprise, for those still waiting for the gingerbread update, just root the phone already and run cm7, miui or whatever and enjoy the latest taste of gingerbread

  • Jack

    Complete this statement: If you didn't see this coming...