After Apple decided to sue HTC last month in Delaware for patent infringement, it seems the handset maker is preparing to put on a little bit of high-profile litigation of its own.

This morning, HTC filed a claim in the U.S. District Court in Delaware alleging three counts of patent infringement against Apple, seeking all the typical damages bells and whistles that makes it sound like the world as we know it is at stake. The lawsuit is a typical response in high-tech IP infringement cases, where both parties "posture" and square off to see who has the more robust patent portfolio.

HTC claims that Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac computers infringe on the patents in question, suggesting that HTC's patents cover mostly iOS, with probably peripheral relation to OS X's interaction with iOS devices. (Syncing, perhaps?)

The legitimacy of HTC's claims are unclear (we have yet to see the complaint), but this is a calculated strategic move - not a declaration of all-out war. Filing the suit may facilitate HTC and Apple in reaching a settlement, and will likely encourage talks between the two.

Reuters via AndroidCentral

David Ruddock
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  • Alex garcia

    I wish HTC all the luck and I wish Apple to burn in hell.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Here's what I am going to do
    Gather people who regret buying an iphone instead of android phones make a video of them creating a bonfire with the iphones and post it on every video posting site...............
    Obviously apple has shown it's true (I mean dirty......but what's the difference :p) face suing companies like htc........and it is good that the companies are taking steps for it.

    • Jon Garrett

      my wife and I have two iPhones we'd like to contribute to the bonfire !!

  • L boogie

    Sucks to be the worm-infested bastards

  • J Rush

    Apparently Apple's never heard the term: "When in Rome, do as the Romans!" And that's exactly what HTC is doing. If you want to sue, there is a chance you'll get sued. Power to HTC.

  • ABTBenjamins

    This is ridiculous. This sort of patent tolling is the exact same thing that you commenters are complaining about from Apple. The system works both ways, and HTC isn't any better for attacking Apple's patent rights.

    • kokopelli

      this is pro forma for patent lawsuits. If a pair of parties can not come to terms on licensing then either they ignore each other (unlikely) or one party sues (apple in this case). The other party will then typically countersue if they have applicable patents for leverage.

    • L boogie

      This started when Apple came out blazing on OEMs and now there's this counter strike by the very people they're targeting.... I'm all for protecting intellectual property but to seek the ban of competition or otherwise is downright wrong.

    • Alan

      I think you need to read what patent trolling is. I'll just mention this one company if you need a clue, Lodsys.

      Good luck to HTC though, Apple is getting just what they deserve IMHO.

      From what I remember, HTC have the backing of Microsoft, they have access to the patent portfolio that Microsoft have as well.

    • Supdawg

      So htc is supposed to just settle lawsuits in apple's favor or wait ages for appeals? Why shouldn't they counter sue?

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116131769809111015026/posts mike

    i hope HTC wins! im not a fanboy but i just cant stand apple going around suing EVERYONE! they make it seem like they invented the damn cell phone!

  • Jake the dog

    GO HTC!