It seems HTC has made good on its commitment to begin unlocking the bootloaders of its recently released handsets, starting with the European version of the HTC Sensation. You can find the instructions at HTC's developer portal, here. (You may need to log in). Also, here are the scary things you'll have to disclaim before beginning:

warr terms

So, as long as you realize that your warranty will/might be voided all or in part, get cracking. HTC's instructions are several pages long, and pretty in-depth. You'll have to get the Android Device Bridge (ADB) up and running, as well as HTC Sync (for Windows users) and the latest version of Java. Essentially, HTC has you retrieve your unique device "token" and submit it to them, at which point you follow additional instructions to complete the unlocking process.

Again, this is only for European Sensation users at the moment - your T-Mobile Sensation will not unlock by these instructions at present. Let us know how it goes!


David Ruddock
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    What a Monday!

  • Adam

    I hope these aren't stupid questions, but does this also provide root access to the device? And if so, can we expect more pages like this for other HTC devices like the Desire or G2?

  • Goddy

    What I don't get is this "void all OR parts of your warranty" part. Why the 'or'? I mean, does it depend on the device or is there some deeper meaning?

    • TomRowly

      Maybe a part of the warranty covers something that doesn't depend on the state of the bootloader, so that part of the warranty would still be valid with an unlocked bootloader, but others may not be.

    • https://plus.google.com/112562624243055818615 Sean

      Ambiguity so if you need HTC to repair your device, they'll decide on the day whether or not they want to repair it! :D

  • the

    but there is tmobile in europe will they be unlocked?

  • Dan

    @Adam: Root access can be easily obtained once the bootloader is unlocked. Unlocking the bootloader enables you to flash a custom recovery image, the most wildly known is "ClockworkMod", and using that you can flash the SU bits which gives you root access.

    @Goddy: It's a loophole.
    First, they remove liability for any software malfunction that may occur by installing 3rd party operating systems, which is legitimate since those have not been tested by HTC.

    But here comes the tricky bit - hardware warranty. If they can prove that a hardware malfunction was caused because of a custom ROM, they will charge for repairs.

    For example: A broken screen will probably still be covered by warranty, however if your CPU has melted due to irresponsible overclocking - you will have to pay.

    • Goddy

      Yeah, was thinking about that but yeah, the "or" part is confusing.

      As far as I know, back at Nexus One times, they still warranted the hardware.

  • Mike Ysstog

    What about the Canadian Sensation, which is from Bell? Is that just a rebranded T-Mobile or is it the rebranded UK one?