Hot on the heels of its acquisition of Motorola for $12.5 billion this morning, Google has announced on its blog that Android is now running on 150 million devices worldwide.

That figure is up a whopping 20 million on last month's 130 million, with the post also mentioning that an additional 550,000 units are being activated every day across 123 countries (though we already knew that).

With these numbers, there's no doubt that the growth of Android is as strong as it ever has been, and it goes without saying that the death of our favorite platform has been greatly exaggerated.

For more information on both Google's acquisition of Motorola and Android's latest figures, you can read the full post over at Google's blog.

Source: The Official Google Blog

John Thompson
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  • Steve

    My question is...out of those 550k activations a day, how many are just from someone flashing a new ROM and having to activate their phone again?

    • Carlos

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Zach

      very good point! i smell a conspiracy...

    • Jon Garrett

      the average users knows nothing about flashing a new ROM just like the average iPhone users knows nothing about Jail breaking their iPhone.

    • Yo-Yo Ma

      None I believe. Google addressed this point in the past. The phone must be linked to a Google account and they are tracking the number of new activations, not simply activations due to a rom flash.

      This author has proof of this assertion:

      • Matchstick

        I'm far from convinced by that article.
        I'm assuming that he include the picture of his market account to show that flashing a new ROM on a phone doesn't create a new registration for the phone, but the same Asus Transformer appears 3 times on my market account because of ROM changes.
        Obviously most android users don't change ROMs but I think the figures Google are quoting may be being skewed, at least to some degree, by duplicate registrations of the same physical device.

    • Skillit

      even if you are extremely generous with android owners hacking abilities and interest a doubt than more than 10% f thous would be from people flashing rooms

  • http://www.get-free-apps.com Richard

    Love live Android!

  • azumihk

    no activated u need new account with new imei number

  • Lee

    That number beats Nintendo who has sold 147.7 million Nintendo DSs, and is the top selling game system, at least according to vgchartz.com.
    Or I guess, as Steve suggested, it depends on what the numbers mean. The Nintendo DS number is probably just how many consoles are out there, some are probably just sitting arround waiting to be bought, others could be replacements for broken ones. Game sales are probably a better indication of active users.