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When most people get a new device of any kind, one of the first things that they start looking for is good accessories. For tablets, some of the more sought after add-ons include keyboards for added functionality and cases to protect the investment, but the brilliant minds over at Logitech decided that it would be much more practical to combine the two with the new keyboard case designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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While we've already taken a look at the official Samsung keyboard for the Tab 10.1 both before and after the TouchWiz UX update, we were still left wanting more -- even going as far as to recommend waiting for the $150 Samsung Bluetooth keyboard/case combo. However, this new arrival from Logitech looks even more pleasing, both to the wallet and to the eye, as it combines an aircraft grade aluminum shell with a high-density foam padding that protects the Tab 10.1 when not in use, and a full Bluetooth keyboard into one sleek combo package. Pricewise, it comes in at $50 less than the official Samsung keyboard case will, costing only $99.

Expect a full review of this device in the coming weeks, but if you just can't wait to see what we have to say about it, you can pre-order it directly from Logitech now.

Cameron Summerson
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  • No matter

    These will be big sellers in the E.U.

    • Adam

      Not now when stupid Apple banned the tab in Europe.

      • Mesmorino

        Wait, what? Apple doesn't have that kind of power. The only thing they can ban is the sale of their own products, this is a Samsung device. And in EUROPE? What, ALL 50 countries?

        • http://www.podoco.net zach voss

          all sales were banned in the EU

      • No matter

        yeah, I kinda knew that...

  • Khaled

    this would be great if you travel or use across many location but i prefer the other Logitech Logitech Android keyboard/stand as it Android's Universal with many brands

    while a must have foe me the latest Android Logitech mouse

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    I really want one for the galaxy tab 7 :(

  • http://lankycyril.com/ Cyril

    It has an Alt and a Control key. Does/might it mean that they can be used directly in TeamViewer or any other VNC-like application?

    • NCX

      it uses bluetooth to connect to the tab, so i would assume it can be used with anything that can accept a bluetooth keyboard, including a PC, laptop, or smartphone even.

  • azumihk

    Where u get this idea from that europe has 50 countries ?

  • pdisme

    Too bad it looks like a cookie sheet; wish they had made it in something a little more attractive.

  • lily

    Oh! $99 is so expensive, i have got one via http://www.caseswill.com/wireless-bluetooth-keyboard-case-folding-protective-case-for-10-1-samsung-galaxy-tab-p7510-black_p1742.html for $41.99 plus free shipping,
    my favourite Case!

    • http://www.facebook.com/skillet68us Gina Leslie

      this one is good exept it doesnt detach

  • Santi

    I finished to buy Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Spain (Europe). Gallaxy tab 10.1 is not banned in Europe. You con be sure.

  • Eva
    • http://www.facebook.com/skillet68us Gina Leslie

      this case SUCKS i returned mine

  • http://www.crumpylicious.com Crumpylicious Blog

    how do you replace the battery when its life is over? Is it an easily replaceable lithium ion battery?

  • http://www.facebook.com/skillet68us Gina Leslie


  • http://twitter.com/dealsteady dealsteady

    Galaxy tab keyboard case is the best mate,yet the ZAGG and logitec keyboard is high in price,there are some keyboard case of a price less than $40,also works fine..such as http://www.slickfans.com/keyboard-dock-for-p7510-samsung-galaxy-tab-with-silver-stand_p1507.html