It looks like Facebook is putting its purchase of group messaging app Beluga to good use, as it just announced Messenger, a mobile app for Android and iOS that acts as a sort of extension to Chat. In addition to the aforementioned group chat ability, Messenger's goal is also to simplify all your conversations, whether it be through Chat, Messages, email, or text. Photo and location sharing options are also available.

Messenger is not yet available, but should be launching today, so we'll make sure to let you know as soon as it hits the Android Market. The app is now live in the Market, hit the widget below to grab it. Now, lets hope Facebook has the time to put some thought into its regular Android app.

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Source: The Facebook Blog

  • slmd2g

    wasn't this called google wave?

    • ddp

      You clearly have the two very confused.

      • Olly

        they have in common that they'll both go into history as major fails. (whilst Wave at least was a great concept)

  • AP Reader

    Open this link on your phone and you'll be able to get Messenger: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.facebook.orca

  • heartbraden

    They're scrambling to get their shit together now, aren't they?

  • Ryan

    As usual Facebook screws up privacy. Location is set to ON by default. Just a heads up because most will want it turned off.

  • http://www.owentech.co.uk Tony

    US only for now ... agree Facebook appear to be sh*tting themselves. Don't think this will help them

  • TDC

    Someone post the apk, it's apperantly not released over here in Norway.

  • Rotmann

    Available in Germany but not installed, don't need it. For Facebook chat I use yahoo messenger because I need it also, 2 in 1.

  • Olly

    I can't see how using ANOTHER app to simply chat is gonna make things more convenient for anyone...

  • Simon

    Yeah, not available in the uk either, but I guess that isn't wise yet over here, what with riots. Too bad if that's true about it only available in the us. Facebook have outdone themselves yet again in the facebook sucks fan club too bad, as I wanted to try it. Anyone care to post the apk please?

  • TDC
  • Simon

    Hey, thanks TDC ;-) let's see if it blocks itself, if it knows I'm in the uk mwehehe. Will report back if it works ;-)

  • JLishere

    Heads up: Facebook decided to turn on location sharing by default, on all conservations. Turn it off in "Settings". Thumbs down, Facebook.

  • Simon

    @TDC, confirmed as working. Many thanks again for uploading. It seems to work nicely enough. Facebook should, looking forward, just build it into the main facebook app. Perhaps it's just a separate app for now,to see how it's working ok .well thanks again. Will spread the word and apk to anyone else I know who wants it ;-)

  • https://plus.google.com/105887166849542421561 WallenDiaz

    like Google+ Huddle app.

  • http://abhiii.com/blog Abhi

    its a shame it doesn't works in India yet :/
    When will they realize that India is a potential market already...

  • http://haha $omator

    not for poland either =)

  • RJ

    ..or Australia -1

  • milind

    Piz download them