While the US variant of the Motorola XOOM recently received Android 3.2, the European version has been patiently waiting to leave version 3.0.1. That wait is finally coming to its end, as the official Android 3.1 OTA has started rolling out in Europe, according to Motorola EU's Facebook page. Of course, this is a staged rollout, so it may be days - or even weeks - before some users actually see it hit their device.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Mike C

    Ah yes, the joy of being treated as a second class customer. Motorola spend THREE months delivering Android 3.1. Europeans (and probably everyone else but the US) feel cheated, because we thought we bought the Android 3.x launch device, where we would be first with updates and avoid Motorola bloatware. Well, we were last with 3.1 and probably also will be with 3.2 (and word is that 3.2 will be targeted at enterprises and get bloatware to support it).

    Non US customers should look elsewhere, as Motorola in europe is late and has zero support.

    • greenlink

      Last!? Canada still doesn't have 3.1. you guys aren't 'last', we are

  • PIG

    Yeah, but this behavior is noticed and will be recalled once there is time to choose new tablet model. Motorola, you can only rape my asshole once.