Penetration testers have long turned to laptops for all of the tools needed to get down and dirty with network security, but upcoming app Anti is looking to change all of that by bringing the most commonly used utilities to Android. Unveiled at Defcon, this app offers Wi-Fi scanning for open networks, finding potential target devices along the way. It will also expose the IP addresses of remote servers, as well as offer attacks like Man-in-the-Middle using exploits found in out-of-date software.

local-targets target

At the current time the app only takes advantage of a few known exploits in Windows, iOS, and Android, using those vulnerabilities to execute various harmless commands, such as opening the calculator on a Windows machine - a method commonly used to demonstrate remote control of a system.

The app has been well received among professional penetration testers at Defcon, with most emphasizing the sleek interface and ease of use.

Anti is set to hit the Android Market next week for free, with a $10 corporate upgrade.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Paul

    This looks awesome. I'd love to play around with this. Is there an unoffical APK floating around?

  • Sukha

    Will a root be required?

  • Aaron

    Yeah, would love to play with this on my network at home and work.....

  • Simon Belmont

    Another good reason to secure your network and not conduct private business on open Wi-Fi networks abroad. This type of app is a good way to show you the necessity to do that.

    Hopefully, people will use this app for good by poking holes in security for the betterment of it. You know, like a modern day Robin Hood, minus the stealing.

    • Sukha

      You mean "White Hat"


    backtrack should figure a way out a way to make an app that puts your wifi in monitor mode to use airmon aircrack

    • bobtentpeg

      Its called Passive, not monitor mode, just FYI

  • John

    OK, it's next week. I'm still anxiously waiting.

    • Scooter

      Same here. I've been checking the market for Anti (good luck if it's under that), Android network toolkit, and the dev, Zimperium, and nothing. I WANT THIS!