Still holding out for the mythical (pun intended) Samsung Hercules, leaked via a T-Mobile roadmap a couple months back? While we don't have any pricing or release info just yet (though that September 26 release date certainly seems possible), TmoNews has gotten a hold of a few pictures of the device that confirmed it as the 4.5" Galaxy S2 T-Mobile variant.

These pictures don't confirm everything that is rumored about the phone, but they do have some good information in them:

  • The Hercules will officially be marketed as a Galaxy S2 phone
  • Runs Android 2.3
  • TeleNav GPS Navigator and Netflix pre-installed
  • 4.5" display
  • TouchWiz 4.0
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Four capacitive buttons (unlike the international version of the GS2)

Yeah, September can't come soon enough.


image image 

[TmoNews, PocketNow]

  • Chris

    Does that look like brushed metal on the back to anyone else? That would certainly be nice, since Samsung has been often criticized for the build quality of their plastic phones relative to HTC's metal frames.

  • William

    The front looks like a Nexus S a little bit with the exception of the placement of the front facing camera.

  • stan
  • Emu

    This looks like a better Google Nexus.

  • Deon

    Why does it have Telenav installed? Telenav is in bed with AT&T, I used to pay $5/mo for it.

    • jdm4u

      Probably getting ready for the merger.

      Wasn't this supposed to also have At&t radios just in case the merger happened?

      • SparklingCyaNide

        thats not true, its been installed on most high end phones lately, its even on my Sensation has nothing to do with the possible merger.

    • Jim

      root your phone and unistall it.

  • Brandon

    Nexus/Droid mash-up

  • L boogie

    There were rumors that Hercules would be powered by a dual core qualcomm processor instead of exynos, is the rumor true?

  • TBolt

    I think I missed something -- where is the evidence that the display is 4.5", please?

    I'll be happy if it's true; can't wait to see the Verizon version.

    Thank you.

    • SparklingCyaNide

      it's definitely a 4.5" display.

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    Looks similar to the Nexus S slightly.

  • Aatif Sumar

    Noooo. 4.5 inches is such a FAIL. I know so many SGS2 users who have gone back to the SGS as they found even 4.3 too awkward.

    • Tim

      Yeah right! People gave up the 10 times better GS2 and went back to the GS1 because the screen was .3 inches larger? Don't think so! Go troll somewhere else.

      • Aatif Sumar

        This ain't engadget. Stop being a typical US sheep turning everything into a flame war. In India, we have had the GS2 for 2 months now. Tons of people I know have upgraded to it. The 0.3 inches makes a difference when it comes to the way you grip it in your hand. Hit up Twitter user @Rakeshkhabiya if you don't believe me. He switched back to the SGS. Hit up @yogi_77. He upgraded to the SGS2 but wishes he had stuck with the SGS because of its awkward size. And remember, this isn't Engadget.

    • Jim

      What a troll! Yeah give up dual core with almost 5 times the benchmarks, more ram and less lag, better resolution, a longer battery life, and a thinner profile? You wish you knew someone with a SGS2.

      • Aatif Sumar

        A small tip: Stick to Yahoo.com's Technology section for your news. You aren't worthy of having your vermin of a digital footprint on real websites.
        Hit up Twitter user @Rakeshkhabiya if you don't believe me. He switched back to the SGS. Hit up @yogi_77. He upgraded to the SGS2 but wishes he had stuck with the SGS because of the SGS2's awkward size. And remember, this isn't Engadget.

    • CactusCat

      You're kidding right? An SGS2 user who went back to the original SGS? That's just plain silly. An SGS2 user would never make that trip. As a user of the original SGS, there is no possibility that someone would backtrack to that after using a slightly larger screen. That has to be the craziest comment ever.

  • james

    LOL hey kumar go ride a camel or something. You are outta your mind. Ouch dude don't call us sheep that's mean... Oh wait nevermind. Maybe you should stick to the India websites of go bomb a building or something terrorist.

    • Muneeb

      One can't compensate for your birdy brain's lack of ergonomics... The question ere is not bout Dual_Core power! No1 doubts that! Its bout convenience for everyday use... Hope your'e not one of those who just try phones at malls cause then it wouldn't make no difference to you.. Anywayz I own a Galaxy S2 and I agree to what Aatif says.. it is quite a task holding it with one hand and typing... The 4.3" size doesn't feel so comfortable... So 4.5" would be even worse... Y don't you try it before talking.. ayt??

  • Awet Ghebrihiwet

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